Ultimate TLC

As we head into December, the year is almost done. That means we have only one WWE pay-per-view left. That event would be TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs. An event where you can see a Ladder Match, a Tables match, a Chair Match and all three together in the TLC match. So before WWE airs WWE TLC on the WWE Network, I present to you the Ultimate TLC. [Read more...]

The 1985 Wrestling Classic

Last night for the first time in a long time I was stuck for something to watch on the WWE Network. I’ve watched a lot of the stuff like Legends of Wrestling, some original ECW, the Beyond the Ring stuff, and felt like I needed to watch something a little different. With the wealth of content on the Netowrk I decided to try and watch something I haven’t seen before. I searched through the Pay Per Views and found a little known event back from 1985 called The Wrestling Classic. I realise I may not be the only one who has never seen this event so I thought I would use this as an opportunity to expose you to some lesser known events you should know and may also enjoy. [Read more...]

Signs WWE Is Turning Around


This past Sunday at Survivor Series was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. It inspired me to write something positive about WWE. Yes, I said positive about WWE. In fact, if they keep performing to this level, Survivor Series could be the true turning point for WWE. These are my three reasons why:

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Survivor Series 2014 – An Iconic Night

Last night saw the 28th annual Survivor Series take place live at the Scottrade Centre in St. Louis, and was described before the show by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon as a night that the fans will never forget. While most of the action was perhaps the opposite of this there was of course one huge moment that many wrestling fans never thought they would see that perhaps produced one of the most iconic moments in wrestling history. We saw some moments of shock, some moments of disappointment, some moments that made us cheer, and one that just darn right made most of us mark out. I’m going to break down my high points and low points of last nights show. [Read more...]

The Five-Count: Luke Harper Rising, Dolph Ziggler Falling, Survivor Series Main Event

The Five-Count

Superstar of the Week: Luke Harper

This was a big week for Luke Harper! Harper officially joined Team Authority and went on to beat Dolph Ziggler to win his first Intercontinental Championship on Raw. Many fans were shocked by Harper winning a title before  Bray Wyatt, but why should they? Harper has proven he can go in the ring and his opportunity was just there. Wyatt has plenty of time to win championships. I’m excited for Harper and hopefully WWE stays consistent with his push. [Read more...]

Stipulations Are Now Meaningless

Survivor Series


I appreciate I am going back over 20 years but who remembers Wrestlemania 7? For those of you that do and watched it as it happened or within a few days on tape delay will no doubt recall how huge the Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Macho King Savage career ending match was. Why was it so huge? Simple answer because fans believed the stipulation was legitimate, fans were able to suspend their disbelief enough that they could resonate that one man’s career was coming to an end. Fast forward to 2014 and the upcoming Survivor Series main event between Team Cena and Team Authority (apparently Seth Rollins isn’t a big enough name to oppose the almighty Cena) and does anybody believe in the stipulations set? Short answer no and WWE have no one to blame but themselves. [Read more...]

Survivor Series Nursery Rhymes

Survivor SeriesAs we head into the Survivor Series.
I’m sure you have many queries.
Like will this be the end of the Authority.
If so, who will be in power in the WWE?
But there is one thing that I must do.
Give my Survivor Series preview.
I have done this many times.
Here are the Survivor Series Nursery Rhymes. [Read more...]

Reflecting On – Survivor Series 2013

This Sunday sees the twenty eighth Survivor Series take place and as always I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the show we saw last year. Survivor Series over the years has gone from being a night based all about elimination tag team matches to almost being like any other card over the years and it’s such a shame to see the way this isn’t celebrated so much any more by WWE. Granted the format is probably a little out of date compared to what modern fans would enjoy but WWE ought to celebrate such a special show in a bigger way. I hope that when it comes to the thirtieth show it will have a more traditional feel. But with this Sunday’s show just around the corner lets take a look back at some of the matches we saw in 2013. [Read more...]

Survivor Series (2014) Fantasy Card


Survivor Series is finally upon us. I for one am really hyped about this pay per view. Which means that my Fantasy Card is less of a finger point at the terrible decisions of creative, and more of  a celebration by offering an alternative version to the event. As always, I won’t use any superstars or divas that are inactive or injured (but I will bend that rule just slightly for this entry). I also have to go based off the results from the last pay per view, but I do not have to follow the events that have transpired on raw after. Let’s get booking!

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The Five-Count: Ryback Rules, Awesome Triple Threat Match, DQ Finishes

The Five-Count

Superstar of the Week: Ryback

Last week was Ryback’s third week back and he was quickly put back in the main event scene. After playing the babyface role, fans became concerned when Ryback attacked Cena on Raw. Of course, Ryback went on to lose to Cena in the Raw main event by disqualification, only to attack The Authority after the match. Ryback beat Kane by disqualification in the main event of SmackDown. Ryback was certainly the most controversial wrestler last week after becoming the biggest “free agent.”

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Finding Hulk Hogan Work

HulkHoganOver at Wrestlingnewsworld.com, you will see this headline: “Hulk Hogan Training Like He’s Going To Main Event For WWE.” At 61 years of age, Hulk Hogan still wants to wrestle. His opponent of choice is John Cena. If Hulk Hogan wants to stay in the spotlight, he should find another way. Let’s look at other wrestlers, who’ve succeeded outside of wrestling, but stayed in the entertainment business. [Read more...]

Damage Inc.

DamageInc A couple days ago one Gesus Oliver shared a meme on his Facebook page asking who you would keep, fire, and push out of Curtis Axel, Titus, and Justin Gabriel. For the most part there was an agreement that Gabriel be ousted, Axel be kept around, and Titus get a push. The next day as I drove to work a classic song, Damage Inc. by Metallica, came on my iPod and it got my mind racing. We’ve seen factions come back to the roster recently with it being primarily three man groups, as I sat in the car in between head banging sessions at red lights I stumbled on an idea that I think could be quite interesting. The purpose of a faction is usually to elevate at least one member, and in a great group you can elevate everyone. With that in mind I figured sometime in the next 6 months we could stand to have another faction come to the forefront, as a way to elevate one worker to a potential main event spot while also breaking in some young guns on the main roster. As Damage Incorporated played through my speakers I envisioned a group of guys who were pure power and destruction tearing through people as their legend grows. Think The Shield and the Wyatt Family, but amped up to the highest degree. [Read more...]

Ultimate Missouri

st. louisSurvivor Series will take place in St. Louis, Missouri. So I figured I’d do an Ultimate St. Louis. Seven WWE pay-per-views have taken place in St. Louis. Four WWE pay-per-views have taken place in Kansas City. So, I will combine the St. Louis and Kansas City pay-per-views and do the Ultimate Missouri. [Read more...]

Five Modern Day Wrestlers That Could Thrive In ECW


The WWE Network is a magical thing. For a young wrestling fan like me who’s trying to learn more everyday, the WWE Network is such a valuable network! This week is ECW Week. Since I didn’t really know anything about the original ECW, I decided to stay up and watch ECW Exposed after Raw last night. The live special was of course hosted by two legendary names, Paul Heyman and Joey Styles. [Read more...]

The Five-Count: Dolph Ziggler & The Authority, Rollins vs. Orton, Cesaro

The Five-Count

For the last several weeks, WWE has been okay. Some things are awesome, some things are average and predictable, while other things are just terrible. Last week was awesome. Raw was actually a great show, Main Event was exactly what Main Event is supposed to be, and SmackDown featured two Steel Cage matches worth watching! [Read more...]