Tribute To The Troops – A Most Cathartic Moment

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I expect a number of people in the IWC to get up screaming and yelling about the Tribute To The Troops, and while saying all the right things about the United States Military, our Armed Forces, and the men and women who give their all so that we can have the freedoms most of us in this country take advantage of everyday, they will pick apart one moment of the show until the bones of it are left laying out in the sun with nothing left on them.

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Ultimate 2014

wwe2014 is almost over. WWE has held 12 pay-per-views this year. We began with the Royal Rumble in January and ended with TLC in December. I have done articles in the past called Ultimate Something. Something is sometimes a pay-per-view like Wrestlemania. Something is sometimes a country, city, state or stadium like Madison Square Garden. This article it’s going to be a year. The year is 2014. I will not include the NXT specials in this. So I present to you the Ultimate 2014. [Read more...]

The Sean Waltman Story – Part 1

While there has been a plethora of podcast interviews I could have covered over the last few weeks I have been saving myself for this special little gem. When Kevin Gill revealed a few weeks ago he would be having former WWE Superstar Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman on his podcast I knew this was going to be something special and something that I had to cover. Kevin Gill has interviewed many former and current WWE Superstars (Check out the back catalogue on KevinGillShow.Com) including Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Greg Valentine, Kevin Steen aka Kevin Owens, and the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley. But what makes Waltman different from all these past and fascinating guests in his life story and his journey in the wrestling industry. We’ve all heard the stories about Waltman’s antics in and out of WWE, and who better than the man himself to tell his side of the story. [Read more...]

TLC Nursery Rhymes

descarga-1Tables, Ladders and Chairs (and stairs) is here.
The last WWE pay-per-view of the year.
We’ll see Tables, Ladders and Chairs.
This year, we will also see stairs.
There are a few things that you should know.
It’s the third straight WWE Pay-Per-View show.
That the WWE Championship won’t be on the line.
But it will give other guys a chance to shine.
So who is excited for TLC?
The last 2014 pay-per-view in WWE. [Read more...]

TLC (2014) Fantasy Card


I swear it feels like I go from loving WWE booking, to hating it almost every week. Let alone every pay per view. I hate half of this card, because none of it makes any sense. So I intend to correct their mistakes by giving my version. As always I will not use any inactive or injured superstars, and I must go based off the results of the last pay per view. Let’s get booking.

Pre-Show: Adam Rose vs. The Bunny

Adam Rose has been hinting at a heel turn, so why not do just that. Let’s end this feud, and turn the man heel. Another big reason for this match, is that we can bring up a rising superstar when Adam Rose reveals who is in the bunny outfit. This way we get a new superstar and a neat way to end this stupid feud.

Winner – The Bunny

Match #1: Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship Ladder Match – Kofi Kingston & Big E vs. Goldust & Stardust vs. The Usos vs. The Miz & Damian Mizdow (c)

All this match is going to do is turn the solid match up at Survivor Series, and crank it up to 11. I also substituted Los Matadors for New Day, because why not. The match would be an amazing opener, and an easy way for the Hollywood duo to retain without looking too strong over any other team.

Winners – The Miz & Damian Mizdow (Retain)

Match #2: Ryback vs. Big Show

Now we are at my first big complaint of the original booking. Why is Erick Rowan fighting Big Show? Why is it in a Steel Stairs Match? What is a Steel Stairs Match? Can anyone give me a credible answer? No, because Ryback should be facing the traitor Big Show. Ryback was the one on the fence the entire time, so why wouldn’t he be upset at the man who almost cost him the job he wasn’t willing to risk before. Big Show almost ruined his life, and if Ryback is truly team Ryback, he would have the biggest grudge to hold. Plus, Big Show would be a great opponent for Ryback to take out to help build towards his push. It would be more of a big man fight, but both men could make it brutal and entertaining. With a win over Big Show, Ryback would be set on a great journey going forward.

Winner – Ryback

Match #3: Intercontinental Championship Match – Erick Rowan vs. Luke Harper (c)

Harper vs. Rowan is the logical feud to go into after Survivor Series. Rowan turned his back on his family. Why shouldn’t he feud with his brother. Put the Intercontinental Championship on the line, and you have a great title match in the making. I would have Luke Harper go over in the first encounter, but just barely. A competitive title match would be a great start for this feud.

Winner – Luke Harper (Retain)

Match #4: United States Championship Elimination Tables Match – Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger vs. Rusev (c)

I have always loved the Tables Match that involved multiple opponents. Swagger seems like a perfect opponent for Rusev, and Cesaro needs something to do, so he can easily be injected into this match. The big outcome for this match would have Cesaro forming an Anti-American alliance with Rusev. Thus, Cesaro would be the first one eliminated, but would come back to help Rusev eliminate Jack Swagger. Now Rusev can add another layer to his character as a partner and a leader, while Cesaro can ride the heat wave of Rusev and Lana.

Winner – Rusev (Retain)

Match #5: Divas Championship Match – AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella (c)

This is just a standard rematch. AJ Lee would get screwed, and the Bellas will continue holding onto the belt until WrestleMania 31.

Winner – Nikki Bella (Retain)

Match #6: Chairs Match – Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose

I never agree with using a TLC Match, and not having something to hang above the ring. What is the point then? These two just need no restraints, and a Chairs Match does just that. Give them the time they need, and let these guys loose. Besides, most of the fun stuff they have done in the build towards this feud has involved the use of chairs.  I would give Dean Ambrose the win, because the man desperately needs a big win. Afterwards, Bray can give a promo on how this is just a small step in his inevitable future plan for the WWE. Essentially, this match and promo would end the feud, and set the two on a separate path leading to royal Rumble.

Winner – Dean Ambrose

Match #7: Seth Rollins vs, Dolph Ziggler

Dolph should not be fighting for the Intercontinental Championship. His performance at Survivor Series proved his power as a main event talent. Him and Seth would steal the show, and as the man who eliminated The Authority, he would naturally feud with Seth Rollins. The end result would have these men fight it out all the way to the back, and end in a double count out. How cool would it be to see these men destroy each other in the back before we go to our main event.

Winner – Draw (Double Count Out)

Match #8: WWE World Heavyweight Championship TLC Match – John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar

Brock should be defending the title, hands down. This should be the main event. A brutal contest that would keep either man from burying the other, but also allows for a natural gimmick match to take place. So the match would be the most entertaining, and brutal of the four. I would book the match to have Cena just about to win, but Rollins and Ziggler battle their way from the back. Ziggler accidentally costs Cena the match by knocking the ladder over, and dumping him through tables. Lesnar runs in, and hits Ziggler with the F5 before claiming the title. With some celebration, Rollins hits Lesnar with the briefcase left at ringside from the match before, and finishes him off with a curb stomp on the chair. This way Rollins gets a huge win, Lesnar remains strong, Cena isn’t buried, Ziggler is relevant, and we get a massive main event finish in the process.

Winner – Brock Lesnar (Retain)

Winner – Seth Rollins (NEW Champion)

What did you guys think of my Fantasy Card. With the formation of a new team (Cesaro & Rusev), the end of feuds, and the rise of a new champion. Do you agree with my card, or would you make another change? Let me know in the comments below. This is your Commissioner of Creative signing off, have a good day.

The Controversy Game

In the last 2 weeks CM Punk has appeared on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast to discuss what really happened with his WWE exit. One of the comments to come out about his final days in WWE was Punk’s dislike for Triple H and the revelation that Punk received a text from Triple H two days before he received papers by FedEx to say he was fired on his wedding day. This nugget of information sparked controversy across the internet leaving many fans feeling outraged and upset. But why are we surprised Triple H did something to cause controversy? After all it’s not like this is the first time he has been involved in controversy during his WWE run. Lets take a look back at some of his most infamous controversial moments. [Read more...]

NXT Takeover: R Evolution Nursery Rhymes

NXTIt is time to do Nursery Rhymes, an NXT one.

This is for NXT Takeover: R Evolution.

The fourth NXT special this year.

And the end of the year is near.

So I did it for NXT: Fatal 4 Way.

Now NXT Takeover: R Evolution, I have a few to say.

I’ve done this many times.

It’s time for some Nursery Rhymes.

So let’s take a look at what’s in store.

For the NXT special number four. [Read more...]

The Big Event of 1986

Once again I managed to come across an event on the WWE Network I have never seen before. There is very few and far between parts in terms of WWE programing I have not seen yet and this was the perfect opportunity to watch another show from when I was growing up. The event was held in Toronto, Canada back in August 1986 in front of a then record crown of 74,000 fans. The main event promoted on the card ended up being a battle between the WWF Champion at the time Hulk Hogan, and ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff. The Big Event was one of the earliest WWF Pay Per Views from back in the early days of the company and was a show I enjoyed from top to bottom of the card. [Read more...]

CM Punk Joins UFC!!


So at UFC 181 the news became official as CM Punk confirmed in an interview that he would be stepping into the Octagon in 2015 under the UFC banner. No doubt this is a great move by the UFC as there is always interest in how WWE performers would actually fare in a real fight situation. Punk on the other hand will more than likely do very well financially out of this as UFC deals can be very lucrative for the top drawing fighters but realistically how well will Punk do in a real fight situation? After all there is a massive difference between performing moves that have the cooperation of your opponent and stepping into a cage where your opponent legitimately wants to hurt you.

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The Five-Count: The Usos Chasing Gold, Ryback Rules On SmackDown, WWE TLC

The Five-Count

Superstars of the Week: The Usos

After a few months since losing the Tag Team Championships to Gold & Stardust, The Usos are back in the hunt once again for the gold. The Usos managed to win a number one contender’s tag team turmoil match on Raw after pinning Adam Rose and The Bunny to officially earn a shot against The Miz and Damien Mizdow at TLC. Miz started to make things interesting when he approached Naomi backstage which led to Jimmy Uso scoring a singles win over Miz on Main Event. Jey Uso wasn’t as fortunate as Jimmy, as The Miz managed to get a win over him on SmackDown. While it may seem random or boring to some fans, I’m glad The Usos aren’t being put on the back-burner since losing their titles. [Read more...]

Ultimate Starrcade

starrcade00To WWE fans, late March or early April means Wrestlemania season. To NWA fan, late November and December to WCW fans meant Starrcade. Starrcade originally started in November, but moved to December because of the Survivor Series. Since we are in December, I felt it was fitting to do an Ultimate Starrcade. [Read more...]

3 Matches I Want To See At WrestleMania 31


It seems WrestleMania season starts earlier every year. TLC hasn’t even approached us yet, and ideas for WrestleMania 31 are already stating to form, or at the very least being speculated. So I decided to give my thoughts on the 3 matches I would love to see at this year’s WreslteMania. With my chosen three, you will notice I left out obvious picks like Sting and Brock Lesnar who will undoubtedly be on the card in a main event caliber match. This list is for other superstars who will be on the card, but their role is less certain. With that, here are my three matches I want to see at WrestleMania 31.

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FSPW: 5 Notes Leading Into Holiday Slam


Holiday Slam is approaching fast, so I felt it was time to make mention of a few key notes to think/remember about going into the huge December event for Fire Star Pro Wrestling here in Greensboro, North Carolina. Just as a warning, these are not things that will happen, or broad points of speculation. I am merely listing 5 things to think about going into Holiday Slam based on the events that transpired during, and after Extravaganza. I hope you enjoy.

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The Stone Cold Podcast – Hell Yeah? Or Hell No?

It was the podcast billed by the WWE Network as an exclusive, can’t miss show in which Stone Cold Steve Austin would pull no punches and ask the chairman of the board Vince McMahon the “hard hitting questions” live on his Stone Cold Podcast. Well that show has now been and gone and most of us have now heard that Vince had to say and the questions Vince was asked to answer. Austin managed to get in some questions that we expected, some we didn’t, and perhaps didn’t venture into some areas we hoped he would and sometimes did not push Vince hard enough on subjects. In this piece I am going to give my thoughts on some of the subject matters raised and one answer I would have liked to have heard Vince asked. [Read more...]

The Stone Cold Podcast with Vince McMahon: AKA That Was Fun!

First and Foremost, wow was that fun. Austin brought his A Game and really let him have it. Vince was honest for the most part and showed that the Evil Mr. McMahon is really just a character and there is much more to him, that there is a actual human being behind all the bravado and ego. There were times that Vince and Steve were funny, serious, or silly. But one thing that for sure could not be said was that this podcast was boring. If WWE would do more of these kind of things with the network more often, the Network would be better seen and more successful.
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