Taker’s Not Going Out Like That

The last time we saw the Undertaker, he was walking up the ramp after suffering his first loss at Wrestlemania ever. This article is not about The Streak, enough has been said about that already. This is about the next time we see The Undertaker on WWE television. I could care less about The Streak at this point, it’s in the past. The best thing about the past is it’s in the past. In an article I wrote earlier this year, I asked “What does it mean?” when talking about The Streak ending and the common thought was that it was “The End.” I say it’s not because if I know Taker, I know one thing… He’s not going out like that.
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Countdown 550 Update: 60 Weeks Remaining

Countdown 550 Update: 60 Weeks Remaining

It’s been busy these past few weeks. I have gotten some time to workout, but not much to actually edit the videos. I’d say it’s equal parts being occupied with other endeavors as it is my own laziness. However, this past week has really been focused. I promised myself the next time I make an update, it will be something important; so reaching some of my weight goals is just that. I surpassed my squat personal record by 30 pounds, while I increased the volume of my deadlift and bench press records.

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The Five-Count: Will Sheamus Unify Titles?, Swagger/Rusev, Battleground Predictions

The Five-Count

Battleground is tonight! I’ve stated over the last few weeks that they should’ve left this pay-per-view out and do the usual build to SummerSlam. It’s left WWE throwing things together, but I will say it’s looking to be a better show than I originally thought. Not only that, but I think the first big encounters between Jericho/Wyatt and Rollins/Ambrose should’ve been saved for the biggest event of the summer. I’m staying hopeful and we should see a good show tonight. Well without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the last week in WWE!

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Mid-Card Mess?

It’s no secret that WWE are in one of the biggest states of evolution that the company has ever seen. With the gradual passing of the reigns from Vince McMahon to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, a lack of depth in terms of Main Event ready talent, and the continual rumours surrounding the success of the WWE Network, it seems as though that the WWE are in a position where anything is possible in terms of future growth.

One thing that seems to be lost in all of the concern at the upper echelons of the company is the ever lasting problem of what to do with a large number of mid-card talent. As recently as Sunday morning, we saw on this site a thought provoking article by Jonny Goldsmith on why he thinks Dolph Ziggler isn’t Main Event worthy, some of the points in which were perfectly valid. It is not just Mr Ziggler who finds in himself in a state of WWE Limbo at this time. Many others, such as Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, Sheamus and R-Truth find themselves vary rarely flirting with the Main Event scene they were once frequent members of.

With it now clear that WWE are looking to keep just a single World Champion for the immediate future, it once again raises the question of what WWE can do with a ever changing mid-card scene.

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A Champion Should Never Lose In Under A Minute


There have been some amazing title matches in WWE over the many years that I’ve been watching wrestling’s finest collide. The matches that immediately come to mind are ones such as Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 14. That match cemented Austin as a main eventer and started one of the greatest eras in wrestling history. I think of the “I Quit” match between Mankind and The Rock and the emotional roller coaster ride that match took the fans on. That was a match, for good or for bad; I’ll never forget due to the beating that Foley took. While these matches stand out for positive reasons, there are some that stand out for negative reasons. The three matches I want to look at today are matches where a title has changed hands, in such a short match that it almost tainted the victory. Let’s take a look…
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Reflecting On – WWE Battleground 2013

With WWE Battleground taking place this Sunday I thought that it would be really good idea to start reflecting on past Pay Per Views whenever one is due up. To kick off the reflecting on series I thought the best place to start was Battleground 2013. This was the very first WWE Battleground Pay Per View and the card have a total of nine matches, one of which was a pre-show match between Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow who at the time were two superstars the WWE Universe wanted to see more of and probably would have been a great match for the main card at the time, but sadly for both men they would be placed onto the pre-show and have been lingering in a realm of nothingness ever since. In this piece I am going to look back at the matches on the card, the two main events from the night, and my pick for the best match on the card. [Read more...]

Donning the Proverbial Crimson Mask

Since the emergence of the PG era we have seen the evaporation of bleeding in the WWE in order to create a more family friendly product, or at least that’s what a lot of the internet would like to believe. The measure was also taken in order to clean up physical product, in that the higher ups in the company probably wanted to avoid the potential of a blood disease being spread among the wrestlers; possibly costing a career. The biggest problem with this idea however is that professional wrestling is a savagely beautiful art and sometimes as a fight and feud have reached their emotional peak, somebody is logically bound to be split open. What is even more upsetting to someone like myself is that while I can begrudgingly come to grips with the fact that the WWE is never going to script someone to bleed, when it actually happens naturally the first thing that everyone wants to work on is getting rid of it. These two competitors have put in such a tremendous performance that one of them gets split open due to the physicality and intensity put forth; then for that effort they get punished by having their match’s flow stopped completely to close the wound.


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Kids Need The WWE Network


If you look at the youth today, they have access to so much more than we did fifteen years again. Back then, you couldn’t go on the internet and watch any kind of video you could possibly dream of. You couldn’t even read an article without having to buy a magazine or a newspaper. With the availability of all this technology, children are able to view pretty much anything. So as wrestling fans, I believe they need to have their parents order the WWE Network. They would be able to watch wrestling from different eras, compare and contrast them, and even get to watch some of the best ever in their prime. For the parents that are reading this, I encourage you to buy your child the WWE Network. They will thank you for it.
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NXT Review (7/18/14) – Clash Of The Canadiens


The Vaudevillains def. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady (2:25)

The tag team division in NXT is finally coming alive! It was great to see Enzo back with Big Cass after nearly eight months. The Vaudevillains are gaining my interest each and every week. It was a short match, but we seen some decent action. Sylvester LeFort and Marcus Louis caused the distraction, allowing The Vaudevillains to get the win. At this point, it looks like NXT has around six or seven tag teams! Hopefully we see longer tag matches and new contenders for The Ascension. [Read more...]

Why Do Fans Still Chant for CM Punk?

Ever since CM Punk has left WWE the fans were not willing to accept it.  There has been a general refusal to let the idea that Punk is retired go. This reflects really obviously in the fans constantly chanting his name at live events. Some people love to do so, some people thinks its absolutely ridiculous. [Read more...]

Why Wrestling?

If this means something to you then you know the answer to WHY Wrestling?

If this means something to you then you know the answer to WHY Wrestling?

I have come to realize, that when you are a wrestling fan, a real wrestling fan, you understand the business and meet someone else who understands the business, you instantly connect. There is an instant bond between you that no one else can understand. There is no other thing like it. Most people watch the NFL or the NBA and yes people can carrying on a conversation for hours with a stranger, but it doesn’t connect the same way it does as wrestling fans. Maybe it’s because we appreciate the sport and the art of professional wrestling more than any NBA or NFL fan could ever with basketball or football. When we talk about our favorite wrestler it means more to us than just some favorite sport team. When your favorite wrestler finally wins the World Title, it touches us more than when your favorite team wins the Championship. This is my basis for this series. I know that wrestling holds a special connection to all of us because we all take the time from work, school, even our families to watch and write about this amazing thing that connects all of us. I am looking forward to hearing from all of my fellow writers on the topics below to understand more Why Wrestling…

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WWE 2K15 as 7.14.14

At this point in time, I truly wish I had more information to share. Normally by this time, more news about an upcoming WWE game would have been revealed by now. I assume because this game is somewhat being built from the ground up by 2K, that a presentable product is not yet ready. Alas, a small amount of information has been released to the public. Here is what we know about WWE 2K15…

John Cena on the cover of this years game.

John Cena is on the cover of this year’s game.

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What Defines Being Buried In WWE?

WWE Buried

We as wrestling fans do love our own jargon don’t we? Using words such as pushed, face, heel and snug always makes us feel like were on the inner circle…were in the know. Another word that fans have branded about for sometime now, though more recent than normal, is “Buried”. Social media and forums are filled with endless messages about certain talents being buried on screen and backstage but what exactly does buried mean? [Read more...]