Part Timers EARNED Their Spot


There seem to be plenty of people who are upset with the “Part-Timers” that make appearances on WWE television during certain times of the year. We’ve seen The Rock come through and work 3 straight Wrestlemanias, Batista come back recently at this year’s Royal Rumble, and our beloved conqueror of The Streak, Brock Lesnar. People despise these guys for their status and reason it by saying that they’re “taking opportunities away from guys who are there full time.” I find it funny how quickly we forget when it comes to our beloved WWE. Do you remember what these guys did? Let me see if I can jog your memory…
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Evaluating The First 2 Months Of The Shield Split

Shield article


June 2nd is a date that every Shield fan will always remember and yet want to forget. At the end of a fast paced Raw and just 24 hours removed from Payback, Seth Rollins broke the hearts of many when he attacked Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose with a steel chair. With just a few swings of said chair WWE had broken up one of the, if not  the most, popular groups it had ever assembled and built from scratch. Debuting at Survivor Series 2012, costing Ryback the the world title match, The Shield were presented as a dominant force. Exempt from the usual start/stop booking WWE showed fans what it really could/can accomplish when creative set there mind to it. Fast forward 20 months and with Seth Rollins stood over his beaten down former brothers, The Shield were no more. Now much has been written as to why WWE made the call to break up the trio and still to this day many fans are still wondering. Here, just after the 8th Raw since the split, I am going to take a look at how all 3 members of the former Hounds Of Justice have handled their first 2 months as singles stars in WWE. [Read more...]

Battle Of The Eras: CM Punk Versus Stone Cold Steve Austin

cm punkstone-cold-steve-austin


In my latest addition of Battle Of The Eras, I will talk about two of the most outspoken and most loved wrestlers to ever step inside of a squared circle. These two guys are none other than CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin. As far as fantasy matches go, this is the one everyone wants to see. The magnitude this match would have is a mystery, yet I know this would be a match of the year candidate. What would be the build up to the match? How would the match go and where would it take place? Well now I am here to tell you how I see this mayhem going down. So without any further adieu, let’s get started!
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Terrible Comment Or Bad Timing



The Battleground pay-per-view has garnered the WWE some heat when Lana made a comment that at least alluded to the recent tragedy of flight MH17. Her actual comment was “You Blame Russia for the recent current events when in fact you Americans should be scolded for your warmongering in Afghanistan and Iraq. You Americans should be insulted and afraid.” Her comment, of course, could have simply meant the notion that Russia was supporting the recent Ukrainian uprising in some form; if that were the case her comment may have been glorified for bringing great heat. Sadly the most recent current event was the MH17 tragedy, making her comment horrible and insulting the deceased families. [Read more...]

The Future Of Kurt Angle

He’s the only legitimate Olympic winning gold medallist in sports entertainment history and one of the most successful and popular WWE superstars of all time. For the last few years Kurt Angle has not been a part of the WWE family and has been working for rival promotion Impact Wrestling since 2006. While he was a major star for TNA during the early years of his arrival it seems Angle is now used less and less on air, meaning that Kurt has a decision to make regarding his current employment options; does he stay with Impact or does he attempt to return to WWE for another run in the company? [Read more...]

Ultimate Los Angeles


I recently wrote my Ultimate SummerSlam. Since 2009, SummerSlam has been in Los Angeles.   Other pay-per-views have also been in Los Angeles. So why not do an Ultimate Los Angeles. Besides the last 5 SummerSlams, 3 Wrestlemanias (part of 2, VII and 21), 2002 Unforgiven, 2004 Judgment Day and 2007 No Way Out were in Los Angeles. [Read more...]

Why Wrestling? Alex Barie


For years I have been visiting, realizing early that it was the number one place for wrestling news and there was no where else that I really needed to go. When WWENews and TNANews were created I started reading all the articles. Some I agree with, some I disagreed with, but all of them I enjoyed. I learned the names such as Kendra and Alex. A couple of times I had seen that each site needed writers but at the time I knew I couldn’t contribute on a regular bases.  This year changed that. I sent Alex an email to start writing for TNANews, and I started with a bang! One of my first articles got so much attention, be it negative, but it drew for the site. From that point conversations with Alex grew. We talked about wrestling, the shows we’ve been too, what we want to see, and probably my favorite topic, how to make the site better. What I loved is that all my ideas Alex welcomed. He saw the passion I had for the industry and no matter how much negative attention my articles got Alex was always right there supporting his writer. So the question is, why? Why would Alex dedicate so much time to this industry and support and create a place for others to as well? Well his answers are here. If you were ever wondering, Alex now answers Why Wrestling! [Read more...]

Top 5 Best & Worst – TNA Stars WWE Should Sign

What a crazy scenario regarding TNA and Spike. I am one who personally doesn’t watch TNA much anymore, but that doesn’t mean I want them off the air. That just means one less place for talent to go and find decent work within the business. If TNA does go under, where do you think these guys should go, better yet, who should WWE grab for their growing pool of talent. Seeing as this will be a highly debated topic, let me add some restrictions. A good star to sign has to be capable of working the full WWE schedule, improve the company in some aspect, and can be molded into the company’s model easily. A bad choice does just the opposite of everything I mentioned earlier. With the restrictions established, let’s kick off this countdown with #5 Worst.

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Why Wrestling? Zeppelin Mayers


Welcome back to another installment of Why Wrestling! Like I have said before and probably in every article in this series wrestling creates an instant connection with people. Zeppelin was one of the first people that I really started talking more about wrestling with. When I created the first ever cross over article for TNANews and WWENews he was the first one to step up and do the article with me. Since then Zepplin and I have worked on other articles and have other projects coming up. Through this we have started talking about other things besides wrestling, which is great and just proves my point. Because wrestling is such a big part of my life it is a special bond that between wrestling fans. Yes, I bond over other things with other people such as sports, music, or video games, but when it comes to wrestling the bond you create over that is something different. It always feel like its something  bigger than anything could ever connect us. With that Zeppelin will explain Why Wrestling!  [Read more...]

TNA Out: Not Best For The Industry


March 2001, the Wrestling World was shocked to see Vince McMahon on WCW Nitro, the same show that had been trying to put him out of business years before. I was 13 at the time and I knew this was a big moment. Actually I thought this was the coolest thing I ever saw. At the time I didn’t know what McMahon being on Nitro really meant for the industry other than he had bought WCW. I was hoping that Vince would keep Nitro on the air not completely understanding what it was that was going on. Back then we didn’t have anything to go off of. The closes thing to this was Vince buying all the territories but that was a different time and different circumstances. What started as excitement for me quickly led to disappointment when I watched weekly program take a decline. Now the question is “What does Vince buying WCW have to do with TNA?” [Read more...]

The Five-Count: Battleground Fallout, New Faction In WWE, Naomi’s Losses

The Five-Count

Battleground is behind us and we are now on the road to one of my favorite pay-per-views, SummerSlam! I’ve always loved SummerSlam since I started watching wrestling four years ago. We now know what the main event will be and we also have an idea of what else will be added to the card in the coming weeks. I’ve always viewed SummerSlam like the season finale to a television show. WWE sort of resets in away as we prepare for the last quarter of the year. It’s always an interesting time and things are heating up, so let’s get to The Five-Count! [Read more...]

Is John Cena a draw? A historical analysis (part 1)

John Cena the money manJohn Cena

John Cena is the undisputed face of the modern WWE.  His image adorns the posters; his voice can be heard on the radio announcements and his face seen on the TV spots to promote the live shows and PPV’s.  He sells more merchandise than anybody in the company (some estimates put it at five times more than his nearest rival).  His recent Wrestlemania programme with the Rock generated 2,256,000 buys at the box office, which equals over $135,247,000 in PPV revenue, alongside a combined attendance of 159,039, generating around $21,200,000 at the gate. He often delivers the highest rated segments on Monday Night Raw, and the house shows that feature Cena as the headline act and main event almost always outdraw those headlined by other talents.  For example, John Cena and Daniel Bryan were the marquee names for their respective live event crews on the road to Wrestlemania.  Live events headlined by John Cena averaged an attendance of 6200, compared to an average of 3500 for Daniel Bryan.  If both appeared at the same live event, the attendance averaged around 7800.  Every time the WWE gets into a spot of trouble, they increase the burden on Cena: it is why he is a 15 time WWE Heavyweight Champion.  John Cena is the man.

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What If Nations Combined?


You might be wondering what the title of this article means. I’ll just jump straight to the point, watching Battleground had my creative juices flowing, and one crazy idea I had was the formation of a new tag team between Jack Swagger and Rusev. It is a very far out idea, but trust me, your Connoisseur of Creative (Yes, I am officially making that my title), has a logical and awesome direction for this. [Read more...]