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The Hurricane_1

For every wrestler who appears on TV today, there are hundreds of talented pro wrestlers who never receive that opportunity, and dozens of talented pro wrestlers who have received that opportunity, but for whatever reason, just wasn’t utilized correctly to foster a long lasting career. Gregory “The Hurricane/Shane” Helms is one of those talents who had that opportunity, but because of the fairly recent steroid abuse concern of this millennium, injuries, interest issues, and his smaller size, he just hasn’t been able to capitalize on that opportunity. I don’t believe that he would be a John Cena or a Roman Reigns, but he could have been a upper mid card fan favorite for quite a long time. [Read more...]

I’m A WWE Fan And I Have Cried

wweThe Four Seasons said Big Girls Don’t Cry. But sometimes it’s ok to cry. Tim McGraw says in his Grown Men Don’t Cry song, “I don’t know why they say grown men don’t cry.” Now what does this have to do with WWE? Well some moments in WWE have brought a tear to my eye. I would like to go over some of those moments. I’m not saying I cried like a baby, but some of these moments gave me a tear in my eye. I was inspired to write this after a couple things from last week which I’ll get to later. [Read more...]

The Five-Count: Jericho In Action, NXT Taking Over, The Bella Twins, Sin Cara/Justin Gabriel

The Five-Count

 Superstar of the Week: Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho put on two good performances this week. Jericho kicked off Raw and went under to Bray Wyatt in a Steel Cage Match. Just a few nights later on SmackDown, Jericho teamed with Roman Reigns and they beat Randy Orton and Seth Rollins. Chris has showed us from the start of his return in 2012 that he still has that magic touch in the ring. He’s put in a lot of time and work to put guys over and we should all be appreciative of this. Wyatt really needed the win on Monday to bounce back from some odd booking this summer. Teaming with Reigns on SmackDown was beneficial to everyone and I really enjoyed the match. [Read more...]

Sean O’Haire: Gone But Not Forgotten


Yet again this week the wrestling world was met with sadness when another former professional wrestler tragically died at a young age. On September 10th former WWE and WCW wrestler Sean O’Haire was found dead by his father. All reports are that it was suicide and indeed that O’Haire had been suffering from depression. Indeed this is case is extremely tragic as when one looks back over the career of O’Haire it truly is mystifying how he never became a singles champion in the big leagues. Having wrestled for both the major 2 US promotions I am going to take a look at the career of Sean O’Haire and pose the question of why things never went the way they should have done. [Read more...]

NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way Review (9/11/14) – Neville Forgets The Breeze, Acts Like A Kidd, & Makes Sami InZayn?

NXT Takeover

NXT once again had another two-hour special live on the WWE Network. ArRIVAL and Takeover both delivered awesome matches that told some awesome stories. The trend continued into last night’s latest event. It seems WWE is sticking with the ‘Takeover’ name, which is actually cool. One thing I do want to talk about before getting into the review, is the NXT tag team match that happened on this week’s Raw. I was amazed and so happy that they did this to promote the show and it’s main event! Awesome, awesome, awesome is all I have to say about it. But enough of this introduction, let’s get down to the review! [Read more...]

NXT Really Should Takeover!!

NXT Takeover


Lets get the plug out of the way from the off, if you haven’t seen NXT Takeover 2 yet then please GO SEE IT NOW!!!! I cannot stress enough how every wrestling fan should watch a show like this. It literally had everything from elevation of talent, to a debut and finishing off with a scintillating main event. It really is quintessential viewing for the wrestling fan……….now note I said wrestling fan, to me that covers anyone who watches WWE programming. Sure WWE is classed as sports entertainment but I am still very much of the opinion that only a wrestling fan tunes in to watch. In other words while fans may enjoy the soap opera aspect of WWE it will always be the rope opera that makes them pick up the remote and that is where NXT really excels. [Read more...]

Progression Of The Ladder Match

Being known as one of the more entertaining matches in the professional wrestling, the ladder match has had a lot of revisions to it over the years. What started to just two men facing for a title have led to matches with four, six, or even eight guys at one time. Some being tag matches, others being every man for themselves, but all of them being nothing short of entertaining. Fans love it when these matches occur, because they are so unpredictable and even unstable at times. Whether you are an old fan, or a new fan, you will enjoy this trip down memory lane and the progression of the ladder match.
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Countdown 550 Update: 52 Weeks Remaining

 Countdown 550 Update: 52 Weeks Remaining

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I have taken some time to reformat my channel and organize a schedule for videos. Did that require 8 weeks of time? No. I was lazy and tired, get off my back. Despite this, I’ve been slamming the weights in the iron jungle getting them a little better before I started up again. My numbers went up quite a bit, my sleep schedule has been mangled and my desire to disappoint the masses has been starving for far too long. Allow me the opportunity to end that craving with the following update.

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Ring Of Honor Newsletter – Briscoe Is Champ, Cesaro’s Road To WWE, ROH Recap

ROH Logo

Welcome back to another edition of the Ring of Honor Newsletter! In this weekly article, I go through any ROH news from the last week, I will write up another story of “From ROH To WWE”, highlighting the careers of former ROH stars who have found success in WWE, and lastly, I will recap the latest episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling! [Read more...]

NXT Takeover 2: Nursery Rhymes

nxtI started writing for in February.   My articles, always usually end with a nursery rhyme. Unless of course the whole thing is one. Like when I do a preview for shows like Wrestlemania and SummerSlam. I didn’t do a nursery rhyme preview for NXT ArRival or NXT Takeover, but I decided to do one for NXT Takeover 2. [Read more...]

Triple Threat Discussion: How Can WWE Fix Raw?

WWE-Raw-logo (1)

Today I am joined by fellow writers Logan Howell and Zack Krasney to bring you a triple threat article with our thoughts on how WWE can fix their most important show: Monday Night Raw! This article was written following last week’s Raw, and we are here to express our frustrations. [Read more...]

Why I’ve Stopped Watching WWE

Since the age of 6, I’ve pretty much watched WWE continuously. Even when on holiday, I found a way to watch, whether it would be online, or scouring through television channels to find any kind of programming. I remember sitting in a hotel on July 1st 2008 when CM Punk cashed in his first Money In The Bank. I’ve fallen asleep at 3 in the morning watching numerous PPV’s and Raw’s. I’ve taken numerous holiday days to recover from watching Wrestlemania’s, Summerslams and every other kind of PPV over the past 8 years of my working life.

But over the past 12 months or so, my interest in WWE as a product has slowly been declining. A different job means I cannot, and don’t really wish to stay up for Raw and PPV’s on a regular basis. I have no real desire at the moment to go through different avenues to get the WWE Network, and even when it comes to the UK in the next few weeks, I am undecided as to whether I would use it enough to justify whatever price tag it holds. I cancelled Sky Sports, a subscription service that costs upwards of £250 per year, with the additional cost of 8 PPV’s at £16 each. Economic reasons aren’t the main reason why I don’t care anymore.

Let me explain:

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How to Restore the Mid-Card Titles

One of the biggest problems with Brock Lesnar as WWE World Heavyweight Champion is that as a part-time talent he isn’t around much. This means the Mid-card titles which at this time are worthless need to be featured more to make up for the missing main championship. How can they do this when no one cares about the titles? WWE needs to change their thinking about the mid-card titles and how they book them. These are things they need to do in order to restore the titles to their former glory. And I’m talking about both titles not just the Intercontinental or United States.
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WWE: Something Is Definitely Missing



Regardless of what anyone thinks when they read the title of this article or indeed what anyone thinks of my writing, we can all agree that no matter what that we are WWE fans through and through. The majority of us love the company and have done so, probably like myself, from the fist time we clapped eyes on WWE programming. Wrestling in that respect is generally unique as it really can be love at first sight. With that love/passion also becomes a want, a want to see the best possible show each week. Granted that places WWE in an extremely tough spot as how do you please everyone every week? Well simply put you cant, wrestling fans are so varied in what they like that no show will eve please them all. What WWE were always so great at was gearing their programming to their target audience. Unfortunately though, recent Raw’s have even failed to that, it seems that since the post SummerSlam Raw, WWE creative have been on a hiatus. Something has not been quite right the last couple of weeks and now where in a situation where the question is no longer “Is WWE missing something?” but “What is WWE missing?” [Read more...]