A Chamber Perspective

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After tonight’s Elimination Chamber PPV, WWE laid the ground work to the direct build on Wrestlemania 30.  I’m not going to sit here and tell you all about the PPV.  That’s the job of WNW people.  However, I can share what I took away from it.  The PPV itself was off the hook.  The crowd was in to every match except the Divas match (I’m sorry but those don’t belong on PPV just yet as the current Divas are super green) and the O’Neil/Young match.  Those were both very good matches, don’t get me wrong; but neither set of wrestlers stepped up and gave a PPV quality match.  Makes me sad when great talents like Cody Rhodes and Goldust get preshow booking when Young/O’Neil are on the main card.  (I love Young and O’Neil but not on PPV).

The crowd ate up the PPV.  The Shield/Wyatt match had “This Is Awesome” chants BEFORE anything happened in the match and before the bell rang.  Jack Swagger and Big E stepped up in a huge way and the fans were in to it.  Fans were in to the Batista/Del Rio match but just to boo Batista (Bootista was trending on Twitter) and to cheer when Del Rio hit him…a few times.  The EC match had the crowd hooked until the VERY end when Randy Orton with assist from Korporate Kane retained his WWEWH Belt.

What I’ve already seen online whether in comments on wrestling sites, Facebook posts, tweets and even text messages; people are so mad at WWE for having Orton go over at Chamber.  Because of that moot decision (remember you don’t actually win championship belts) people are letting that ruin for them what was truly a great PPV.  We had top notch story telling, state of the art wrestling and heck, even the various members of the Wyatt family did suicide dives!!! There was never a scenario where I saw anyone but Orton winning the match.  I did think for a second Bryan might when he kicked out of the first RKO…but the plan has been set before Batista came back for Orton/Batista at ‘Mania.  Now, with the horrible reactions to Orton and the completely abhorrent reactions to Bootista (it’s catchy, eh?) I can see them putting D-Bry in a triple threat at ‘Mania.

My only concern right now is that with the WWE Universe more vocal now than ever before, is WWE going to let their own egos about Triple H’s best friends get in the way and RUIN Wrestlemania main event?  Despite Undertaker stealing the show and being the real main event; the championship match is still the main event.  WWE has the universe in the palms of their hands so no doubt they’re going to milk this Bryan thing.  In the back of my head, I’m almost scared for him to win the title.  What if they give him the belt and it ends up getting old?  I like drawn out hunts for titles.  Jim Ross tweeted that wrestling fans need to learn patience and I couldn’t agree more.  We still have well over a month until Wrestlemania so as long as the crowd keeps up the way they are and WWE listens; we will have a different main event in some way.

It’s also fun to say that although these people hated this finish; these were the people who swore off WWE after the Royal Rumble and still watched Raw and ordered this, lol.  WWE fans don’t give up and I like that.  The Network launches in 8 and a half hours as of writing this and the wrestling industry will forever change.  Hopefully Raw will provide clearer answers but for now, let’s just shush and enjoy the ride.  As a wrestling fan, the Elimination Chamber was an 8 out of 10 PPV and extremely exceeded my expectations.

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