A Look at The Miz Vs Wade Barrett at WrestleMania (Pre-Show)

I believe I am one of many people who think The Miz Vs. Wade Barrett WrestleMania Pre-Show match should certainly be on the actual WrestleMania card. Both men should be in the World Title picture, yet quite frankly I’m actually happy seeing them fighting for the Intercontinental Championship, I feel it brings a lot of credibility to the belt. Both men are going to give a 5 star performance and perhaps that is why they are being placed on the pre-show, as the final push to buy the PPV, this match will probably be a good selling point. Good solid pro wrestling, nothing too ridiculous, like Tons of Funk & The Funkadactyls Vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins, which I feel a lot of people, including myself, thought was going to be put on the pre-show. However I’m still very much part of the crowd that feels that both of these men have earned the right to be on the show of shows.


Now I’d like to say that there is a possiblitiy that one of these men could go on to do something inside of the actual show on Sunday, possibly for a second title defense. Stephanie McMahon said that there would be something on the pre-show that would affect the actual show when it starts. Now obviously this is an extremely vague description and anything could happen, but for any Miz or Barrett fans it could present a reason to remain hopeful. It is not fair to be rewarded by a year of hard work by being so good that you make a good teaser for the show to get buys, my question becomes how much of pay cut do they receive? Both men have made huge strides this year in furthering their careers and deserved to be rewarded accordingly, but sometimes that is just how the business of sports entertainment works.

WrestleMania 26 The Miz was in a tag team title match opening the show, 27 he was WWE champion and retained against John Cena, 28 he was in the 12 man tag match, scoring the winning pin and 29 he’s in the pre-show. What’s really entertaining about the entire predicament is that the story line going into WrestleMania last year was how far he dropped from 27 to 28, and this year he has only dropped further. Wade Barrett on the other hand  lost in an 8 man tag match at WrestleMania 27 and was off WrestleMania 28 due to an elbow injury, making this his first singles match at a WrestleMania. Well it would have been his first match, had the match made it to the actual card. Since last year’s WrestleMania Miz switched from a heel to a face and has actually done a much better job than most anticipated in that role, becoming an ambassador for the WWE. Barrett returned from the injury, reinvented himself, added the Bull Hammer Elbow and has truly developing himself as a main stay and main event player for the WWE. My point here being that both men have made significant strides this year and should have made it to the card.

I have very mixed feeling about The Miz, he’s been a very hard figure for me to make up my mind about. Wade Barret I enjoy, I don’t find him to be anything too special, but I enjoy his work, and at least I know how I feel about him. The Miz I liked as a bad guy, he was kind of whinny, a good looking, rich, prima dona, the antithesis of what most wrestling fans were, to me it was brilliant. He was also very sarcastic and I feel he’s got a real flare on the mic. But when he turned to a good guy, I still liked him, but he just seemed needy, looking for my admiration. However The Miz learning from Ric Flair is just ridiculous to me, to me it holds back Miz, not allowing him to develop his own mannerisms  plus he doesn’t do that great a job of mimicking Flair. Then I listened to a recent radio interview with The Miz where he talked about being disappointed in not having a WrestleMania match and how he was going to have the best match on the card regardless.The conviction with which he spoke again made me become a Mizfit, is it a shame that both men don’t have a match on the biggest show of the year? Absolutely, but not everyone can have a match and that’s just the business that we all love so much. I expect both men to put on a great match, and I expect both men to attempt to try and prove to the creative team that they deserve a place on next years card. Just one last comment, we need to remember that Miz needs to win to keep his WrestleMania winning streak intact.