A Tale Of Two Sin Caras

Sin Caras This week saw the return of the Sin Cara character to WWE television. As with everyone else watching at home, two things stuck out about the man in the ring. First off, he looked crisp and there was very little botching that occurred in the match. Secondly, he worked an entire match without suffering an injury. With those two facts (and the whole tattoo sticking out above the sleeve) staring everyone in the face, it was obvious that the man under the mask was NOT the original. I immediately took to social media asking if anyone knew about Hunico having more body art with his recent return, it turned out my suspicion was correct. The viewing public seems happy that someone who can handle the demands of the ring and has a ton of talent has taken over the role of the heir apparent to Rey Mysterio. I’ve been hoping that something would come along that would allow the man known as Hunico a chance to shine as he is a truly talented worker, but I’m one of these weird people (probably the only one alive) who doesn’t believe that the man who originally wore the mask should be let go either.

The Sin Cara gimmick is very marketable and the mask is going to make, and probably already has made, a ton of money for WWE. Having the man under the mask that they now have will help this cause, Hunico has proven to be talented in the ring, and capable of working under the Sin Cara hood, so putting him back in the role makes complete sense. While I’m now worried about what could happen of the man known as Camacho, a talented worker in his own right, it’s good to see a huge character handed over to a deserving worker. I am looking forward to how this plays out; there was more chemistry between the Sin Cara character and Alberto Del Rio this week on Raw. Where Del Rio has had a pretty rocky relationship with the original man under the mask, it appears he’s on better terms with the current worker. This is the first time in quite some time I actually watched an ADR match all the way through, and the first time I’ve EVER watched a full Sin Cara match outside of the Money in the Bank match he was in a couple years back.

My idea for the original Sin Cara, Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, is that you send him back to NXT and make him learn the entire system of working in WWE from the bottom. I think the biggest reason he kept getting injured was that he came in directly from Mexico into WWE and pretty immediately jumped to the main roster. This is a tough task for even the most talented workers, yet he was thrust into the spotlight with very little ability to get accustomed to the new style of in ring work. The style of wrestling in Mexico is a lot different than in the United States, you could almost say that the “territories” of the old days are now spread out worldwide instead of just across the United States. I believe the man could thrive in the WWE if given a solid opportunity to learn the new style, he has talent, he’s just had one massive on the job training session and the WWE is probably the most difficult place on the plant to try learning on the fly. Whether he’s put in a new mask or not would be up to creative, but I would send him to NXT and repackage him as a new character entirely. Teach him to work a mic, teach him to work the WWE style, and build him from the ground up, this is the opportunity to take a massive international star and completely rebrand him as a WWE created superstar.

I could see a feud between the former Sin Cara and the man who took his place, if everything played out properly, especially if the original is forced to go sans mask in his new role. While in NXT he could take on a name like Luis Ignascio, it actually has a pretty cool ring to it, without the mask, working as a heel character who feels he’s been wronged by the system. He build his way back up to the main roster, by that time the new Sin Cara would have established himself as a major player and an important character in the business, working “rough” with different people while he tries to send a message that he belongs. He would work matches, with a dark look, full of anger, never speaking. He would work the matches, either win or get disqualified due to losing control of his anger, then one day about three to four months into his run he would speak. One week he comes out of the crowd and stares down Sin Cara who slowly backs out of the ring and walks away. After a month of building, this he would finally get on the mic after winning a match and simply say “Sin Cara…I’m coming for what’s mine” then he drops the mic and walks out of the arena. This would eventually set up a match for the Sin Cara mask between the two workers.

If things play properly then Luis Ignascio would become a star on his own and could be the Taskmaster to the Hulk Hogan of Sin Cara. They would have the match for the mask with Sin Cara ultimately winning and keeping the character to himself, but there would always be that underlying anger and jealousy from Luis Ignascio that would keep their feud alive. I believe we could see great work between these two men as well; they’re similar in build and have similar move sets, which would play well off one another as they go down the road interacting over the years. The Sin Cara character would be built up as a protégé of Rey Mysterio, which would lead to Luis Ignascio taking out Mysterio at some point, giving him that main event heat that is needed to reach the top of the business. If the cards a played properly this could lead to a ton of money for each worker and the WWE as time runs forward, you’re bound to have the anti-Sin Cara crew just as you do with Cena as he’s the over the top good guy, the cartoon character in a mask. His counterpart would be the Randy Orton to his Cena, the guy with all the talent in the world who squandered it all and is pissed that he’s not the man in the spotlight. The possibilities are endless, if they just worked it out properly, we could see the next Hogan/Savage, Austin/Rock, Cena/Orton style feud, at least that’s my two cents.

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  • Ty

    lol you lost me at taskmaster.

    • http://WWENews.net Chris

      Could have said Zeus, just felt Kevin Sullivan was an easier villain.

  • Ty

    I think Sin Cara had too high of an expectation out of everybody. Although his arsenal is somewhat entertaining when he didn’t botch (happened waay too frequently) it just doesn’t fit with anybody else’s skill set. Personally I couldn’t think of anything about him that said “champion”.

  • decarlos

    Hunico is def the right way to go…me personally im ready for Kalisto to make it on tv he hasn’t even been on NXT yet but I cant wait till he does

  • jean

    I like your hypothesis for a sin cara vs sin cara feud. Hunico is a really great worker in the ring and I'm glad he has been given the reigns to keep the character alive and take it forward. As for the original guy, I think wwe will dump him because he is disposable to them and anonymous behind the mask(nobody really knows who he is). Not to mention the time and money needed to re-build him from the ground up and the fact that NXT already has a plethora of upcoming talent.

  • Kelvin Wyche

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