All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

Titles The current state of the WWE in relation to titles is pretty simple, too many belts, watering down the mid card titles to a point where they’re pretty much decorations these days. Titles that once were signs of the next people in line to be the top workers in the company are no longer that important, carrying much less value than in the past. The tag team titles, while somewhat more valid than in many years, are another example of once glorious titles that have fallen into near obscurity. One of the worst things, aside from Punk’s massive reign lately, is that even the top titles have been downgraded to being an accessory in recent years. Anytime you wind up with non-title matches headlining over championship matches, you devalue the belt a little bit more. John Cena is easily the top man in the business right now, but at the same time he isn’t “bigger than the business” and shouldn’t be bigger than the title either.

It would appear that the tag titles are finally starting to get a little attention again, with the emergence of Hell No the division is not quite the joke it has been lately. While I’m usually against just throwing together two singles workers, this gimmick has helped keep two top names in a featured role, while also making the tag titles matter because they’re on a seemingly unstoppable team. That unstoppable team is coming up against two thirds of an even more unstoppable team (seemingly) this Sunday with The Shield taking on Hell No for the straps. If things go as I, and many others, are hoping then The Shield will be carrying the tag titles after Sunday and we’ll see other teams start stepping up to face them. This could actually make people care about the tag titles, maybe even get a ladder match for the titles sometime down the road similar to the old attitude days, when teams like the Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, and E&C dominated the landscape. While not a guarantee, this would be a step in the right direction after years of massive missteps.

There’s a man carrying the World Heavyweight Championship right now, and hopefully for quite a while, who has the ability to draw and get people to pay attention to that title again. Alberto Del Rio wasn’t quite what people expected him to be with the belt, Swagger is far too dangerous and unpredictable to be given a run right now, you can’t really trust Orton, Sheamus was a better heel than face so he isn’t that safe of a bet, the WHC title picture is pretty much littered with people who aren’t quite right or ready for a reign. Taking that into account, I would keep Ziggler with the title for at least the next 5 months and possibly longer. During that run you could either slowly turn him to a face, while elevating someone like Wade Barrett into contention, or successfully elevate a face to the top of the card to challenge for the gold. Maybe you finally give Kofi a shot, maybe slowly turn Cesaro and move him up, hell maybe you give Miz another shot toward the top of the card, he’s more than capable of filling that spot. I actually think a Ziggler/Miz program would go over very well and entertain a crowd; it’s worth a shot anyway.

The last title I’m going to touch on is one that’s steeped in history, dating back into the NWA days, having been held by many current and future Hall of Fame workers. The United States title once meant something in the business; it once held the place of being the exact stepping stone to being in contention for what has become the World Heavyweight Championship back in the WCW days. I remember Goldberg carrying both titles and being stripped of the US title specifically because it was supposed to be a stepping stone to the top of the card. Once you moved to the top, you didn’t need to worry about the midcard title any longer. With reigns by the likes of Santino Marella and Zack Ryder, it’s become more of a comedy prop at times than the important championship of the past. This Sunday we could see Dean Ambrose, a throwback worker if there ever was one, taking the US title. With any luck this will allow prestige to be brought back to this title. I would like to see Ambrose carry the title EVERY time he’s on television. If he’s in a match the belt comes to the ring, if he’s doing an interview he brings the belt, hell if he’s coming out to jump someone the belt should be with him as well. I would actually change up the belt and give it the old WCW appearance, in the name of doing justice to this once important championship.

There is so much gold in WWE right now that it can be difficult to keep tabs, and manage the distribution of, at times. That understandable, you have so many titles, and only so much time allowed for television, but you should ALWAYS make time for your champions. While there are some people who are theoretically main event workers, if there is someone with a title (no matter how seemingly insignificant) they should get a spot on the show to at least cut a promo, if not actually work a match with someone who could contend for their title. Having the perpetual 6 man tag matches where you throw together multiple storylines just to get the people in front of the crowd has run its course. Instead of seeing Sheamus, Orton, and Jericho taking on Big Show, Henry, and Fandango, maybe we see Kofi working at least a 7-10 minute match against a serious contender who (while not facing him for it) is clearly coveting his title. Maybe we start a transition, you have Fandango working Jericho but then you throw him up against Wade Barrett with Jericho at the announce table, having one of the greatest IC champs critique a match against the current champ. When his run with Jericho ends he can fulfill Austin’s prediction and take the title from Barrett. While this may seem hard to understand to some, it seems so simple to others. Champions are supposed to be held up, not down, maybe it’s time WWE remembered that.

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  • christopher525

    I have a feeling that Triple H is going to change this mentality. I have to admit that I am loving how he's changing the business as he transitions into his future role.

    • Chris Surrency

      If you can’t see the changes he’s making, you’re blind. Just because what we see on television hasn’t changed overnight doesn’t mean things aren’t changing. The biggest so far is the developmental change. Not to mention his willingness to take on a star from the Indies without being as worried that they made their name themselves. Changes are happening, just open your eyes.