Almost Perfect

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While I’m not 100% behind the naming of “Curtis Axel”, I am ecstatic that Joe Hennig is getting a legitimate opportunity to perform in the WWE. His initial run, as “Michael McGillicutty” was border-line forgettable. As part of CM Punk’s “New Nexus”, he was a spare part… just a soldier in Punks army meant to protect him; along with the likes of David Otunga, Husky Harris, and Mason Ryan. Oddly enough, “McGillicutty” was among the last two members of Nexus when he and Otunga held the WWE Tag Team Championship. Don’t worry if you don’t remember that. It was so forgettable that their forgetableness became part of the storyline in a mini-feud with Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Perfect Father and Son

But now… The son of “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig has returned as Curtis Axel. I imagine for marketing reasons, WWE wants to assign a name to it’s talent that it can copyright and own. This is a shame for Hennig, but in the long run, it won’t matter much. It’s obvious that WWE sees immense potential in Axel. He has been announced as Paul Heyman’s newest client. Despite being part of a Stable once again, Axel will be a stand-alone Superstar. He is not going to be a side-kick, a pawn, or filler talent. With Punk injured and Brock Lesner only working on a limited basis, expect Axel to get pushed to the moon with Heyman by his side.

It is fortunate for Axel that, this time around, emphasis is being placed on his heritage. “Mr. Perfect” was an awesome performer. He had it all – the look, the ability in the ring, the promo skills, everything. His untimely death cut his career, and life, way too short. Axel may not be “Perfect”, but he can be pretty damn close. The building blocks are there, he can develop more skill in the ring, and will only get better on the mic. His limited work has shown that this guy has passion and will be able to stir up a frenzy when he speaks. Lastly, the incorporation of his father’s entrance music is brilliant. Given a modern twist, Axel will make this music his own while honoring a great man in the process.

But, one critique Curtis… for God’s sake, next time spit out and hit the gum when you get to the ring!! Then you will be one step closer to “Perfect”.

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