Are His Hands Tied?

This Sunday the best in the world is going to be competing in a Hell in a Cell match and for the fourth time now I am being very let down with his situations. His first Cell match I was pumped, it was against The Undertaker and had the potential to be a career making match for CM Punk. Unfortunately this is not what we got, the match wasn’t exactly bad, but it just was not anywhere near the WrestleMania match we would see just a few years later. Two years later, following the classic summer feud of CM Punk and John Cena, we saw those two, along with Alberto Del Rio in the first ever triple threat Cell match. Again this match wasn’t awful, but it should have been a one on one between Cena and Punk. The next year, Punk the champion again, feuding with Cena again, what would have been the perfect time for a Cell match, but due to injury we got Ryback Vs. Punk which was a truly lackluster cell match.


This year we have CM Punk Vs. Ryback (again) along with Paul Heyman; which presents plenty of problems, so this is more or less my coming to terms with this match. Last year, as WWE Champion, CM Punk was decimated by Ryback in the cell and only able to pick up the win with the help of a crooked referee, Brad Maddox. So this year Punk chooses to face Ryback along with Paul Heyman, where Punk is now the good guy, so won’t bribe a ref. Will we perhaps see Big E Langston break into the cell to save Punk? Well if he needs someone to come break in and help him, why did he demand this cell match in the first place? So instead we need to believe that Punk can take care of Ryback, and get his hands on Paul Heyman, without the numbers being too much for him. The only way that this is possible, following the story, is that Punk has been so enraged that he will have the adrenaline to manage this feat.


But surely we aren’t going to be expected to believe that a barrage of kicks will keep Ryback down forever, so some other ways out need to be considered. Like Ryback some how finds himself locked out of the cage, honestly this seems likely considering where this storyline is coming from. But what I also see as extremely likely is the introduction of handcuffs, if for nothing else but as a callback to the match from Night of Champions. I just don’t know if this is something that really accomplishes anything for anyone. I mean if Punk does handcuff Ryback to the Cell and beat up Heyman, well then the story’s over, but Punk doesn’t look all that tough, having to use handcuffs, when again he asked for the match. I know he used cuffs at NOC, but obviously he didn’t need to against solely Heyman, but in the Cell it makes no one look stronger.


Then of course if Punk does not use cuffs, it makes Ryback look incredibly weak by being able to be disposed for long enough for Punk to satisfactorily destroy Paul Heyman. So let’s then go under the assumption that Punk is not going to get his hands on Heyman conclusively and not going to win the Cell match on Sunday. Well first I’m going to be upset that Punk loses yet another PPV match, though I suppose Punk has nothing to prove; having defeated Ryback cleanly (sans low blow) last month. But more importantly, what can make this story go further than Sunday logically at this point, and why should it? At this point Punk has been able to beat Curtis Axel and Ryback, even hold his own against Brock Lesnar, he strictly wants to beat up Heyman and this Sunday is in the Hell In a Cell, if it continues to Survivor Series; how can they up the ante?


The only thing that makes any sense following what we’ve seen on our television screens is yet another Paul Heyman guy being brought into the fray. Now the immediate problem is that essentially Paul is building a stable of big guys who people don’t care about. But certainly that could change with the next addition, what if we get a surprise Lesnar appearance leading to a Punk Lesnar rematch at Survivor Series? Yeah that would be cool Nick, but I DO NOT see that happening. Maybe we’ll see Big E Langston quickly take a turn back to heel and help Heyman beat down Punk for another month, but in all honesty I’d rather it stop. Punk and Heyman don’t even necessarily need to be broken up, but something crucial needs to change for me to care anymore and leading into WrestleMania.