Birth Of A Warrior: Tonga Fifita

Tonga I’ve got a habit lately of trying to come up with ideas for the use of developmental talent are either being underutilized or used in a manner that doesn’t make sense. One of my top projects at the moment is the man going by the name Camacho. Anyone who doesn’t know it already, Camacho is portrayed by a man named Tevita Fifita. This is a big deal because of the history attached to the Fifita name, his father was none other than Haku, the Tongan warrior and one of the toughest men in the history of pro wrestling. It may be the smark in me but it’s very difficult for me to separate the fact that this man isn’t Latin from the character he is playing in the ring. He’s a bigger guy who could easily play a bodyguard role similar to his father’s Meng character during his WCW run. While I understand that’s what Camacho is supposed to be, I just can’t buy the man as Hispanic, you might as well be putting a white guy playing the role of an Asian; it makes just as much sense.

Last weekend I watched a match between Mason Ryan and this man at an NXT live event, it was a pretty solid match between two big guys, so it’s not like he’s horrible in the ring or anything. I would love to see them completely overhaul the character of Camacho, maybe pick someone else to come in as the bodyguard for Hunico when he returns, if he even has a bodyguard this time around. The Camacho character did get Fifita on television, which should be a great moment for any up and coming prospect, but at the same time it’s a character that is very easily forgotten in the wrestling world. He could make a massive mark, but I don’t think that this Latin thug bodyguard is something that works in this case. Speaking of cases, maybe the whole gangster Latino gimmick is something we’ll see put on the back burner in light of a certain murder trial involving a certain New England Patriot tight end. Right now may not be the best time for such a character, about along the lines of an Islamic terroristic type character kidnapping someone around September Eleventh.

There’s a tag team on the rise now, finally, of Samoan descent and from one of the grandest families in the history of the business. The Usos are on the rise, but they’re one man short of being able to actually take on The Shield directly and expect to win the tag titles, as we all know that Ambrose will somehow be involved to keep the belts in the faction. This is where a repackaged Camacho comes in handy, while you could play him as a Samoan character, you could also let him be himself while stating he grew up with Jimmy and Jey and they brought him in to watch their back. This would allow Fifita to climb immediately into a midcard title feud against Ambrose for the US title as well as allowing the three man groups to feud for more than one month. While there is a presumption that The Undertaker will be returning to team with Kane and challenge The Shield at SummerSlam, I would actually prefer that match be held off until Survivor Series. While in FCW Fifita used the name Tonga for a while, they could bring this name back and let him run with it, both as a nod to the land of his ancestry as well as a tip if the hat to his father.

I personally see the Tonga character similar to Haku in WCW, he doesn’t really have to speak or anything for a while. Meng didn’t speak, but he sure as hell made an impression while on WCW television, Tonga could just as easily pull this off by playing the powerhouse who keeps an eye on the Usos. I would have him wear gear similar to Jimmy and Jey in the ring, conversely they would all wear “hip hop” styled clothing when not working in the ring. While this isn’t too terribly far off from the wardrobe of Camacho currently, it could be tweaked just enough to make this character stand out more than his previous run on the main roster. I’m fairly confident that Fifita could easily handle the mic; I don’t think it’s something he NEEDS to do in order to get over. I have felt for a long time that psychology would get someone over, and I think that Tonga could sell an entire angle just with his facial expression (or lack thereof) instead of having to carry the entire feud on the mic. I have faith in the son of a legend to carry on his father’s legacy, it seems I was right about a guy named Curtis Axel, I’m certain this one could work as well.

As I’ve said before, I am on a kick of trying to repackage many different wrestlers on their way up into the company, this man is one of my top projects at the moment and I would love to see him given this chance to shine. It’s time for Camacho to fade into the background and Tonga to step up and take his rightful place on WWE television. The tag title feud has been far too short, and it makes me worried that Jimmy and Jey will fall off the map once again after their match at Money in the Bank and they don’t deserve that fate. Right now Tevita Fifita is stuck in that void, he needs to be given a chance to step up and shine as the proud warrior that he has the potential to become. I won’t lie and say that his having been born just up the highway from where I’ve lived my entire life, in Kissimmee, Florida doesn’t sway me at all as that would be dishonest. While that has some bearing, it’s nowhere near as big a part of things as the fact that Fifita isn’t being used in a believable role currently. With any luck we’ll see this change occur soon, it would be nice to make the Tag and US titles matter once again, and letting loose Tonga on the WWE audience would be a major step in making sure this happens.

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  • Eric Garcia


  • Sione

    Thank you sir. Well written and I agree 100%. As a Tongan, I am proud to see Tevita making it onto the WWE roster, but it sucks that he is being saddled with a terrible gimmick. Wrestlers are are at their best when they are allowed to be an extension of their own personalities on TV. Why WWE feels the need to not acknowledge the family connection of these second generation performers is beyond me.