Booking CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar – Beast Vs The Best

This year’s Summerslam looks like being one of the most stacked cards in recent memory. With numerous feuds throughout the company worthy of being exposed at the biggest PPV of the summer, things are looking up for the WWE.

One of the most anticipated match for the ‘Wrestling Fan’, will be the clash between Brock Lesnar and CM Punk. In a match that has been set up around the loyalty surrounding Paul Heyman, if their clashes so far are anything to go by, then this match will be something unlike we have ever seen before. The out of the ring brawl a few weeks ago on Raw, was one of the best ‘brawls’ I have ever seen in WWE.

So with these two men promising high intensity performances in Los Angeles next month, who should win, and how should it happen?



It goes without saying that both Punk and Lesnar are two of the biggest stars that WWE has, arguably, ever had. CM Punk will go down as one of the best WWE Champions in history, setting records for an era where people don’t hold titles well in excess of a year.

Brock Lesnar has found success in almost every field he has entered. An NCAA champion in amateur Wrestling, he has hand-picked by WWE and became the youngest WWE Champion in history, defeating The Rock at Summerslam 2002. He left the company two years later, and was one step away from becoming an NFL player with the Minnesota Vikings, with a motorcycle accident and subsequent injury hampering his chances. His most famous move though was to the UFC, where he overcame abuse and claims that he ‘wasn’t a real fighter’, to become the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

But both men have been the victims of their own success in recent months. Lesnar was damaged by his opening loss to John Cena at Extreme Rules 2012, and his three match series with Triple H has only just managed to overcome that damage.

CM Punk on the other hand, has only won one PPV match this year, and needs to regain the momentum that saw him emerge as one of the biggest Wrestling stars in the world two years ago.

So whoever wins this match, it needs to be a war, where both men are taken to the limit. Both men, whoever wins, need to look like they have has a battle, a war, that has the fans unsure throughout who is going to win. The match needs the big fight feel of a Boxing or UFC contest.



So why should the Beast come out on top?

Brock Lesnar will be marketed as one of the top stars for Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans next year, and as a part-time talent, he will have a lot fewer opportunities to impress compared to Punk. On top of that, the nature of his victory over Triple H at Extreme Rules, means he has a lot of momentum.

The beast needs to win to continue that momentum, otherwise, it will be hard to believe that he is worthy of being at the top of the Wrestlemania card, especially at the thirtieth anniversary edition. On top of that, if he loses, he will be at 3 wins, and 3 losses for his return, and that wouldn’t justify the money he is on, and certainly wouldn’t make him worthy of a main event spot.

Brock needs to be sold to the WWE audience as a beast, and another loss will make that hard to believe.

And what about the Paul Heyman factor?

If Brock wins, imagine the promo from Paul Heyman the following night on Raw. The gloating, the bragging and the bravado of Heyman could easily set up a feud between CM Punk and Curtis Axel.



From being the reigning and defending WWE Champion for 434 days, CM Punk has since lost to The Rock, twice, and The Undertaker at PPV’s, as well as losing in the Money In The Bank ladder match this month. Although he defeated Chris Jericho at Payback in Chicago, Punk needs to go over a massive talent, and regain the momentum he had this time last year.

It’s not like he needs it though. His promos since his return from a two month sabbatical have been nothing short of superb, and his work with Paul Heyman has been some of the best on the mic during the PG era. There have been times where it has seemed like there is genuine hatred between the two men.

Punk needs to defeat Lesnar to set up his own Wrestlemania programme. Punk deserves to be at the top of the card next year in New Orleans, after stealing the show with The Undertaker this year, and a win against Lesnar could see him potentially headline with whoever he wants next year.

On top of that, a win against someone as dominant as Brock Lesnar would cement Punk’s place as one of the best superstars in history, and could arguably send him to a level close to that of Shawn Michaels.



For me, it has to be Brock Lesnar. There are so many fewer opportunities for him to pick up big wins, and a loss would do more damage for him than it would for Punk. Punk, I can imagine, will go on a massive roll post-Summerslam, and will be comfortably in the main event/World title picture come the end of this year.

Lesnar needs the win to prove that he still has what it takes, and to justify the money that WWE are paying him at the moment. There needs to be a degree of realism in the bout though, and I believe, despite the fact it probably won’t happen, that colour would add to the realism.

Whatever happens, it needs to finish in a way where Brock and Punk both look strong.

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  • Darren

    I agree you with that Brock has to go over. If he loses theirs no way he can be taken serious as the beast or main event guy. Look what happened to Ryback bad booking, and horrible promos led to him not winning the title. Brock has Haymen so he doesn’t have to do much talking. I would have Brock come out and destroy Daniel Bryan at the Survivor series assuming he beats Cena and still has the belt. Then Brock defeating Daniel for the title at the royal rumble. Brock tries to break Daniel arm like he did HHH punk comes in and makes the save. That would set up a epic match at wrestlemania Punk Vs Brock for the title. Then I would have Randy cash in the contract Setting up a Punk and Orton feud.

  • mukesh

    punk is a best in the world ….. i really much sure this time to win against leasner.