Bray Wyatt MUST Beat John Cena At Wrestlemania

Bray Wyatt must absolutely, necessarily go over John Cena at Wrestlemania 30. While it probably won’t be hard for most of you reading this to agree with that statement, it’s my job to further explain my view points. I hope by the end of this article that I have everyone emphatically agreeing, but if I don’t, I’d love to hear counter arguments. So why should the face of the company lose to a man who seems like he’s from a different world then the one we live in? Let’s get to it…

The first reason that I feel Bray Wyatt needs to go over on Cena is because it just makes sense psychologically. I was watching a clip of Kevin Nash the other day, and he was talking about parts of wrestling that are done that just wouldn’t make sense in any situation. The main point that he was hammering home was, would it make sense if it were a shoot? If this was a real world situation, what would really happen? That’s something that I feel many fans forget, because the WWE is “sports entertainment.” In the situation we’re talking about, it just makes sense that three guys would be able to beat one. It would not be very often that one man has enough ability to ward off three attackers. So if that’s the case in the real world, why wouldn’t that be the case in this situation? Bray has been all about the mind games ever since he stepped foot on the main roster. So why wouldn’t he continue the mind games by having Harper and Rowan at ringside for this match? Especially since this is the biggest match of his career so far! With those two being able to create distractions and help beat up on Cena when the ref’s not looking, there’s no way that LOGICALLY Cena walks out with the win. I always like to stress… Is the angle, promo or character turn believable? If the crowd were to put themselves in those same shoes, would they make the same decision? If so, then you will get buy in from your audience.

The second point is, right now, any win over Cena legitimizes the other person. If you can take down the face of the company, you will be looked at differently than someone who has yet to do so. This is the reason that I understood why Cesaro didn’t beat Cena on Raw a few weeks ago. If they’re not ready to push Cesaro, then don’t put him over the biggest star you have. There’s no space for him at the top right now, so if he beats Cena and then challenges for the Intercontinental Title, that is demeaning to both Big E and the title itself. I feel like Bray’s situation is different because he is the leader of a group. He has two guys that already follow his orders and believe everything he says. Imagine how much more buy in YOU would have if you were Harper or Rowan and your leader took down the face of the company? Bray would be looked at as a serious threat going forward which is something that not only benefits him but the company as well. They need more guys to lean on, and this win would put Bray in a position to be a formidable champion when his time comes.


Finally, and the main point I have is the fact that, Bray is the future and John is not. John has had plenty of time in the sun. He’s been a World Champ a combined total of 14 times. He still is the face of the company and he will be around for a little while longer, but if he cares as much about the business as he says he does, he needs to start building up the performers of the future. What good does Cena going over Bray Wyatt do for Cena at this point? Woohoo, the good guy beat the bad guy. It works for comic books but not for building Superstars. Also considering the fact that Bray Wyatt hasn’t lost a PPV match yet, why would you start on the grandest stage of them all? If Cena really feels the need to “beat the bad guy” then put him over at Extreme Rules. Bray needs to be one of the few Superstars of the future that can say they beat John Cena. I’d say that Bray and Roman Reigns absolutely need that stat to legitimize them as future World Champions. These are your respective Heel and Face, major players 2-5 years from now. Why sacrifice the young to save the old? Especially when the old is at the end of his rope?

It might not be a popular decision for all the kids that love everything that Cena stands for, but they’ll appreciate it when they’re older and have a great character to cheer for. John can spare another loss because by now, his legacy is cemented in history. Bray winning is a win-win situation. Bray gets the nod as a serious competitor and John gets to do even more for the company by taking one for the team. Am I wrong? Does Cena really need to beat Bray at Wrestlemania? Let me know what you guys think below!!

  • Adam Eaton

    I am a huge Cena fan and supporter through all the hate Cena fab that is going on. But I do agree that it would be pointless if Cena wins. Cena can challenge for the title whenever he feels like so while he isnt needed in the championship picture he should elevate some talent.

  • Matt

    If Bray doesn’t beat Cena, it will drastically derail his momentum…BUT I don’t think he would be completely deflated from it. Cena is the closest thing to a real life superman. You can go toe to toe with him and lose, you put up a valiant effort and respect is there. However, what the heck does Cena have to gain from defeating a newbie like Bray? Let the kid get a notch on his belt!

  • David Jr.

    I don’t agree. I’m not saying John Cena should win. I just look at Wrestlemania 13. Bret Hart was the established star, like John Cena is now and Austin was the rising hot star like Bray Wyatt is. And I think a loss for Austin helped him more than a win would have.