Break It Down – DeGeneration X Is Back 15 Years Later

DeGeneration XA very noteworthy development quietly took place this week in WWE as Sean “X-Pac” Waltman’s WWE Legends Contract was officially executed. Why is this of note? The signing of Waltman now means that the original core of DeGeneration X (minus Chyna) is back under WWE contract.

On March 30, 1998, nearly 15 years ago, Hunter Hearst Helmsley named himself leader of DX (Shawn Michaels was taken out with what was believed to be a career-ending back injury) and added The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac to the group. It was the same group that went on to declare war on World Championship Wrestling and ultimately helped the WWF become the top pro wrestling promotion in the world.

Here’s a look at DX today:

Friends ForeverA lot has been said about Triple H, the master of backstage politics, and I’m sure much more will be written about Paul Levesque, the WWE boss. However, there is one thing I will always respect him for and that’s the fact he’s a guy that looks out for his friends no matter how much money he’s made or success he’s endured. In a business that’s dog-eat-dog, everyone from themselves, this is truly worth noting.

  • Kleck

    I truly cannot wait to see what height HHH can take WWE once Vince hands over control voluntarily or otherwise. I believe HHH can and will take WWE to all new heights and profitability.

    • Chuck

      Rick rude passed away

  • marryann

    I think HHH can make WWE more gritty, exciting and watchable. I hate the 3 hours with all the ads and talking. The same guys wrestling the same guys. Get the big guys together, I mean ALL the big guys Ryback and Mark Henry wrestling little guys is NOT a match.

  • Bob

    Minus Chyne and Rick Rude, though I suppose there’s more chance of Chyna coming back than there is RIck.

    • Chuck

      Rick rude passed away!!

    • Richard Gray

      Yeah no chance of Rick Rude coming back. He died:(

  • josh

    I'm assuming Billy Gunn and Road Dogg apologised to Hunter for years of making him out to be the devil incarnate.