Bring Back The Cruiserweights


I have been watching a good bit of the WWE Network lately. One thing I have loved watching has been the Original shows such as: WrestleMania Rewind or WWE Countdown. I have also fallen in love with NXT. I am a sucker for shows that revisit history and the historic matches along with it; and NXT is just so full of amazing talent that you can’t help to be captivated. So I started thinking, what could WWE put on the network that would be both original content that can look back at its massive amount of history, and be as exhilarating as NXT. Only one word came to mind, CRUISERWEIGHTS!!!

The championship was started back in 1991, and was finally retired in 2007. The title itself has gone through a lot of mistreatment in its time. Things like turning the belt into a comedic strap for Hornswoggle, or vacating the championship without purpose have plagued this title’s history, but the wrestlers in this division have been thriving well before and after the title’s life span. Cruiserweights have been seen as a division that aren’t marketable, but look at what these type of wrestlers have done throughout wrestling: Lucha Libre Wrestling is an international spectacle, cruiserweights helped make WCW the power house it was to challenge WWE, and anyone who knows anything about TNA knows their X-Division. Money is there, and what needs to happen is this division needs its own show.


With the WWE Network, comes a lot of opportunities not afforded to us before. With so many superstars on the roster and not enough time to showcase them all, why not make a show for the high flyers in the company. It would only have to be a one hour show, and it could be similar to WWE’s old shows like Heat or Velocity. Only two matches are needed an episode, but you can also promote other shows through this one. Show recaps of both Raw and Smackdown could fit seamlessly during the event. You can also showcase classic division wrestlers in highlight videos such as: Brian Pillman, Shane Helms, Billy Kidman, and Ultimo Dragon. You could even resurrect the Cruiserweight Championship after a while if the programming is demanded enough on the WWE Network. You could have the Cruiserweight Champion appearing on Raw or Smackdown every so often and competing against the Intercontinental Champion or forming a brand new tag team. The possibilities are endless with the direction the show could take. Look at what NXT has become over time, and it started out as a weird carnival styled competition program.

Just imagine the superstars that could really benefit from this idea, Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne,  Tyson Kidd, Xaiver Woods, and Sin Cara (new Sin Cara, not old) are all great cruiserweight talents. Add in underused talent such as: Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston, and that is all you need to create some great matches. Not to mention, this show can really help rising stars like Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville get more experience with veterans of the business. With the talent competing on the show changing each week, we are left with a show that is constantly new with a  focus more on wrestling than on story. The show could really build moral for the little guys in the business by giving them a home in the giant conglomerate that is World Wrestling Entertainment.


Look at the benefits for the company as a whole. This is another piece of original content to gloat about. Like I mentioned before, you can use this time to cross promote Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and any other promotion. This show would also bring in a new group of fans that may have been lost over the years. Lovers of Lucha Libre wrestling and die hard fans of WCW’s cruiserweight division would probably buy the WWE Network knowing they can see more of this style of wrestling whenever they want. WWE has been trying desperately to find a new Rey Mysterio anyway, why not sign talent with the safety that they will be featured on this show dedicated to the high flyers. A show where they will without a doubt be the star.

My point is that great talent is being underutilized in WWE right now. I know that the WWE Network is still in its infancy stage, but eventually this is a project I would love to see get a shot. Not just because I am a fan of this style of wrestling, but because of all the amazing benefits it would bring to the company. I want to see guys like Dolph Ziggler put on 5-star matches, or new blood like Sami Zayn going up against other high flyers like Sin Cara (like I said earlier new Sin Cara). Never say never in this business, and I have a high hope that if the WWE Network is a huge success like Vince McMahon hopes it will be, then we might see more concepts like this one.

  • Matt Kunka

    I couldn't agree with you more. Watching WWE Network, I've been going back to a lot of the WCW cruiserweight matches, ECW's and some WWE. It's so exciting and I would love to see a resurgence in the division. I know we don't have as many stand out smaller guys at the current moment, but maybe reigniting the division will bring more in/back!!!! Great article!