Bring Back The…

I guarantee that most of us on here have been fans of professional wrestling for longer than five years. For some, it will be longer than ten years. For myself, my earliest memory is seeing the Nation of Domination on Raw, my six year old self not understanding the meaning of anything they said. It moved on through the years, to the point where, at the age of nine, I was allowed to stay up on a Friday night to watch Raw, and saw The Dudley’s Powerbomb Terri Runnels through a table.

Since then, I have been a wrestling fan, and it is inevitable that things will change over time. Wrestlers have come and gone, and some have passed away far too soon. Some matches, PPV’s and Gimmicks that would have been acceptable in the 90′s and early 00′s have been replaced with a product that now appeals to a much broader audience. WWE has moved from two or three hours of original television a week, to ten hours a week, and a product that is now shown in every corner of the globe.

Despite the fact that I know things aren’t going to come back, it doesn’t mean I can’t remember the good times of childhood. Here, and these choices are my own personal picks, are what I would love to see one more time.


The only reason I want to see this match, which first time around could have described as a disaster, is because I was too young to see it in the moment the first time around.

There is no other reason. I’ve seen it YouTube and it was truly dreadful. You could also add The Punjabi Prison match into this dreadful but I’d watch it one more time category. You could not add Big Show vs Akebono into this category.



D-X, The Nation of Domination, The Ministry of Darkness, The Corporation; all brilliant factions. Since then, we’ve had Evolution, a not quite as good D-X, and very little else in terms of Factions. Bring back the ability to have a brilliant faction who dominate the company, and make a star.

Surprisingly, I didn’t mention X-Factor, 3MB, Gymini or Right to Censor.



King of the Ring, Number one contender tournaments, Championship tournaments, they only seem to be seen on NXT. Bring back the tournament to build your upper mid carders into main eventers. It would also mean that a B-Level PPV could have some meaning again. Imagine an 8 man KOTR tournament, with the winner facing the champ in the Main Event?


These are only a few suggestions, but they are meant to be light hearted.