Buried Alive?

Many fans throw around the term “Buried” when referring to certain Superstars. Do fans understand what the term actually means?

"Woo Woo Woo!...I'm A Jobber!"

“Woo Woo Woo!…I’m A Jobber!”

Let’s start off with the pro wrestling  definition of being “Buried”. Some think that if you look up Buried in a dictionary you will see a picture of  Zack Ryder hugging Dolph Ziggler. This isn’t true, but it would not be shocking if it were.  In wrestling a performer is buried when that person is saddled with a horrible gimmick that he or she cannot overcome, or booked in a story-line so ridiculous that the fans no longer take the performer seriously. This can come in the form of a long losing streak (usually to seemingly inferior opponents) or being booked in nonsensical situations (See Damien Sandow in Magneto pajamas).

Based on this definition; the following WWE Superstars are currently six feet underground:

  • Damien Sandow
  • The Miz
  • Kofi Kingston
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Zack Ryder

Not many would argue with that list. Unfortunately almost all of the individuals listed are very talented and have connected with the audience in one way or the other. Zack Ryder managed to do it with his YouTube show before he was destroyed by Kane and disappeared. Damien Sandow won Money In The Bank before falling into a hole and climbing back out as a mid-card punch line. Dolph Ziggler is probably the most disappointing name on the list. Ziggler had things going his way before he took a kick to the head from Jack Swagger (crap, forgot to add him to the list) that derailed his World Championship run. Then there’s The Miz, who defied the laws of physics and reality by becoming WWE Champion, earning a win over John Cena at WrestleMania and eventually marrying former Diva Maryse. Technically The Miz’s burial can be classified as “Paying off the deal he made with The Devil” and not a burial in the traditional sense.


Some believe that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan is being buried due to the strange booking revolving around his angle with Kane. That’s where confusion sets in. A performer is not being buried if he or she is featured on Monday Night Raw. There’s a difference between bad story telling and a burial. I was one of the people that thought that Bryan was booked horribly last Fall. Bryan was beaten up and left laying almost every week, and made a fool of on multiple pay per views. But he was still main eventing, he was still focused on, so you cannot say he was being buried. Mishandled? Yes, but buried? No.

CM Punk was also thought of as being buried early in his WWE career, he even used it as fire for his character (or at least the DVD about his character). Punk being the perpetual malcontent that he is, would probably think a rainbow was giving him the stink eye when he looked at one, so it’s difficult to tell if he was right. This is the same man that walked away from a WrestleMania match that most would kill for because he didn’t agree with who his opponent was.

"I've got 2 words for ya! Buried Alive!"

“I’ve got 2 words for ya! Buried Alive!”

What causes one to get the shovel? Who knows. Sometimes its as simple as Vince McMahon deciding that you don’t have “It”, that special something you need to become a star. Other times it is backstage politics that can do one in. Forget to shake a guy’s hand backstage and next thing you know  you’re in the dog house. Take Ryback for example, his decision to use some of Bill Goldberg’s moves in an effort to generate interest in a possible feud ended up in disaster for him and he is only now recovering slowly from it. Other times wrestlers get stereotyped; I think that’s the case with Kofi Kingston. Kofi is talented, and like-able. Maybe too like-able and he’s forever stuck with the “Look at me I’m the happy jumping smiley guy that loses!” gimmick.  For every Kofi there is a Curtis Axel, a human charisma vacuum that somehow gets chance after chance to succeed.

Who do you think is getting the shovel? Or who deserves to? Sound off on Twitter to @WWENews_Net or to me @RedEmpyre and let your voice be heard.

  • mike

    Id argue that Kofi has not been buried. With one exception, Randall k Orton. Kofi has made a good living as an ic and us champ. He is consistently on wwe tv and he has a ton of fans. Alot of the greats kept to the midcard because we need good workers at every level to have a great show.

    • Mark.C

      I agree Mike. I remember when Orton threw a wrench in Kofi’s push. I wouldn’t say Kofi’s is being buried as much as being limited. He has potential to do more.

  • Jamie

    Nice piece Marc. I can’t argue against any of the names on that list at all. Although he has won 5 matches since February I feel like Alberto Del Rio is suffering some old fashioned shovel treatment at the moment.

    • Mark.C

      Thanks, I was going to include ADR, but he gets the occasional inexplicable win so I left him out.