Can The Celtic Warrior Crack the Boundaries of Legendary?

In 2009 the WWE Universe got a new character in the form of the pasty white Irish fighter by the name of Sheamus. Physically this man was quite the impressive specimen, but coming up on the 4 year anniversary has this performer lived up to his potential? More importantly, has Sheamus put himself in the position, and does he have the ability, to one day be a major name in the professional wrestling business, and go onto legendary status? Sheamus has been decorated with accolades throughout his tenure in WWE, and the word on the internet has been that he has the support of Triple H. Certainly this will set up Sheamus for success down the line, and I will agree to the point that I do believe that Sheamus will be on WWE television for sometime.


However to say that this will be an overall good thing or that he will provide the most entertaining product possible I believe is a wild exaggeration. Sheamus fairs pretty strong on the microphone, I’m not a huge fans of his promo work, but I can admit that he knows what he’s doing. But it seems that he’s almost little more than an Irish John Cena; just a generic strong man who has the odds piled against him, but continues to smile and fight anyways. I’m sure Sheamus’ promos are great for children and bring them further into the product, but personally I feel it almost doesn’t matter what he says. Sheamus opens his mouth, drops the standard ‘arse’ and ‘fella,’ and beyond that it’s the same basic stuff that he says only with a different person’s name inserted. Really think about it, was there all that much difference between his work when he was going against The Big Show, or Wade Barrett or now Mark Henry?

Turn over to his in ring work, how does he stand up, not only to his current peer group, but to the tests of time, but past and future. Well I’ve heard negative things from the internet about that Brogue Kick, but honestly I like it, it does look like he’s is legitimately hurting his opponent and it comes in the blink of an eye. The rest of his repertoire? Well I can’t exactly say that his move set is boring, but there’s just nothing there that’s new, original or distinctively his. Even the Celtic Cross, while wildly impressive, can be easily compared to Hernandez’s Boarder Toss. Originality isn’t exactly necessary in the pro wrestling business, but it is nice to see, it does give another reason to tune in. Sheamus isn’t really doing anything wrong, but beyond his look he doesn’t do anything to make him stand out in my mind.

So then let’s look at Sheamus’ overall package, let’s look at the product of Sheamus and what he brings to the table of WWE programming. Well one thing I need to mention is his professionalism, I’ve never heard of Sheamus having any legal problems and more importantly, he’s constantly in character when talking to the media, which is always greatly appreciated as it brings a little legitimacy to the business in a time when it is sorely needed. Sheamus is also capable of being both a good guy and bad guy, in that he can make children boo or cheer. However I find his good guy character far too happy, not the type of person I’d like to know. I think Sheamus’ bad guy character is much better, he appears threatening, but his presentation can still come off as unpleasant to watch. Finally Sheamus is the first Irish born WWE champion and represents a way for WWE to bring in a section of the market previously feeling alienated with no one representing them.

I want to be perfectly clear here, I believe Sheamus can be extremely valuable for WWE for many years to come, I just don’t see him being the guy as some believe he will be. I like to compare Sheamus to Kane; these are two guys that are reliable, can be counted on, can be used in the main event picture, but simply are not the main reason people are buying tickets. They could be part of the equation, they could even be a part of the best match of certain nights (Hell In A Cell 2012 Vs. Big Show comes to mind), but neither man have fans pouring money into the company. Sheamus, in my eyes, will never reach the level of a John Cena, of a Rock, of an Undertaker. Sheamus has the ability to make a lot of money and be a significant player, Big Show’s been one of the most valuable members of WWE since 2000, but he has never the biggest name on the card. Sheamus can go on to build quite a fan base and be recognized by the general public, but I do not see Sheamus ever cracking through and becoming THE main event or a legitimate legend.