What If Nations Combined?


You might be wondering what the title of this article means. I’ll just jump straight to the point, watching Battleground had my creative juices flowing, and one crazy idea I had was the formation of a new tag team between Jack Swagger and Rusev. It is a very far out idea, but trust me, your Connoisseur of Creative (Yes, I am officially making that my title), has a logical and awesome direction for this. [Read more...]

Why Wrestling? Mark Moore


Welcome back to another installment of Why Wrestling? Today writer Mark Moore answers the question that we have been asking all week, Why Wrestling? Personally I have probably had the most conversations with Mark then any other writer. We both started writing for TNANews.com me in February and him in May. When he started so did our conversations. Instantly we would agree on most things in the business. I believe a we would disagree one or two times but that is what makes the business fun and helps all of us look at the business differently. I love hearing the different view points and at times it can change my mind on some topics. It seemed as though as soon as  I posted a tweeted Mark was right there with his opinion. I can always count on him to have an intelligent conversation about wrestling. When I started the Fantasy Match Up, Mark was one of the first to jump at the opportunity.  He is always right there with my crazy ideas for the both websites. I then told him I started writing here at WWENews and next thing I know… SO IS HE! I thought that was really cool and shows his passion for the business. Taking the time away from his family to write for two websites. The only question I have left is Why?
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NXT Review (7/24/14) – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back


The Ascension……. (2:36)

The Ascension goes over another pair of local jobbers. Come on! We have seen this gimmick for more than two years now. It’s time to do something different! If WWE plans on pushing these guys on the main roster like this, I just won’t watch them. I don’t even care at this point. NXT has several good tag teams, so why are they not putting them up against this “dominant force”? I will be highly disappointed if this is the team that takes the WWE Tag Titles off The Usos. Do something else!!! [Read more...]

Why Wrestling? Logan Howell



If you have read the previous Why Wrestling articles then you probably know that I believe wrestling brings us together better than any other form of entertainment or sport. For me wrestling is what molds and shapes my personality. Reading the articles and joining in the discussions about wrestling I get the sense that it is the same scenario for the other writers. My question to them is Why Wrestling? I feel that if they can answer this simple question I will learn more about them then if they told me their life story. Why is that? Since I have lived through these same wrestling moments that have shaped our lives I can better relate to person then anything else they can tell me. Each of us have different moments that have shaped our lives, I am curious to know what these events are for everyone. In this edition Logan Howell answers the question Why Wrestling? [Read more...]

So… NOW They’re Mad?


I know there are plenty of us that are very tired of hearing about CM Punk and the fiasco that is the relationship between him and WWE. He walked out. At this point, that should be enough for us and WWE for that matter but it doesn’t seem to be. Unlike when Stone Cold walked out back in mid-2002, Punk had and still has no plans of ever setting foot back in a WWE ring. At least that’s the way it seems at this point. Now there are rumblings that backstage in the company, they’re a little peeved about this and want to exact some sort of revenge. I find this hilarious and ridiculous. Allow me to explain.
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Did Lana Cross The Line?

Lana cut a promo on Sunday at Battleground that has sparked a large debate both within and outside the worlds of WWE and wrestling. While she didn’t refer directly to the specific “recent events” she was talking about it felt clear to most people that she was referring to the MH17 Malaysian Airlines flight that recently crashed just outside of the Ukraine, which was supposedly shot down by a Russian missile in an area near the Russia and Ukraine, in a territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists. With recent accusations being directly pointed toward Russia and Vladimir Putin, many wondered if WWE would scale the gimmick back that Lana portrays. We got our answer on Sunday and it seemed they had decided to push it harder than ever which is what brings us to this point today. [Read more...]

The Most Historic Rivalry Ever


In case you missed it, Gesus Oliver and I have a difference of opinion on the results of the Tag Team Title match that took place this past Sunday at Battleground. In the Live Blog for the ppv we were challenged to do a debate article which you can read here. But what you may have missed is the epic battle that took place between us on Twitter over the last couple of days. Below is epic rivalry that could only be compared to Austin vs McMahon. Click each pic to view the back and forth action of Adam Eaton “The Savior” of WWENews and Gesus “The Brain” Oliver  of WWENews.   [Read more...]

Why Wrestling? Jamie Welton


Thanks to the Internet we are able to easily talk to people from all over the world. Thanks to wrestling we automatically have something in common. Having wrestling in common is more than listening to the same type of music or watching the same tv shows. Wrestling is for some of us the very foundation of us. While we all may view each moment differently and each moment will mean more to us than others, we all have witnessed those same moments. We all understand what it was like to see Hogan slam Andre or Austin winning the King of the Ring, or just recently Brock Lesnar ending the Streak. All those moments have affects us writers in some way and have changed us because it changed wrestling. Why does wrestling have this affect on us to be able to change our lives? Fellow writer Jamie Welton explain to us Why Wrestling.. [Read more...]

Smackdown Needs To Sizzle Again


For those fans that watched wrestling between 2002-2004 will mostly look back on Smackdown, like I, with fond memories. Indeed during most of the period Smackdown was the best wrestling show being shown anywhere on live TV. Boasting a roster featuring Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Edge, Chris Benoit, Rock, Hulk Hogan, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio Smackdown was the show to watch if you were a real wrestling fan. Sure RAW at the time had HHH, Goldberg and Shawn Michales along with a more storyline/segment based show but Smackdown was the premier show to watch, pulling in ratings of around 4million. Fast forward to July 2014 and the first Smackdown of the month pulled just 1.88 million viewers. Granted it was Independence day, and the average Smackdown pulls about 2.5million people, but that number is still alarmingly low and makes me wonder when did Smackdown lose its sizzle? [Read more...]

Brand Extension Is What WWE Needs



WWE is stockpiled with wrestlers, and it seems like they just keep getting more guys and girls to compete. If you’re a fan of guys like Cena or Orton, you will more than likely see them on television every week. But if you’re a fan of guys like Ryder and Big E, then chances are you will not see them too much on television. To me, I’m saddened by this. Take Ryder for example, who is basically a no show in WWE right now. He was once winning the United States Championship at TLC. He has fallen to about as far as you can without losing your job. Another prime example of guys getting left out is Heath Slater. Heath was a part of the Nexus group and even 3MB, yet now he’s wrestling in matches that don’t make it on television. There are too many wrestlers in the locker room to allow the majority of them to participate on both shows. That is why I want WWE to go back to the brand extension. For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s when Raw and Smackdown were two separate shows and had their own selection of wrestlers compete. Wrestlers could be switched to different shows thanks to the draft lottery, and of course picking which title they wanted to fight for if they were winners of the Royal Rumble. Everyone deserves a shot to show the world what they have, and it would help get more wrestlers on television and just show the world how great they can be. In this article, I shall explain how I would make the Brand Extension work and how it would benefit to the WWE Universe.
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Why Wrestling? CJ Blaze

CM PUNK Goodbye

The thing I love about being a wrestling fan, and I stated this in my version of Why Wrestling, is that wrestling connects me with many different people. When I wear my wrestling shirts out and I see another adult wearing theirs, there is always a head nod and a smile because we both know what that shirt means to us and we both know that we are apart of something bigger. I have had a special connection with people over wrestling and the whole friendship is based on our love for this business. In February I started writing for TNANews.com and in May I started writing here at WWENews. The thing I love most about being connected with these sites is the people. During the PPV we gather for the Live Blogs and chat together, even when viewing a horrible PPV we still have a great time just chatting and talking about the one thing we know we all have in common. Understanding that all the writers give their time to this site, meaning they give countless number of hours to the greatest business in the world, professional wrestling, my question is always the same.. Why? Why do we make time for this art form? Why do we write about it? Why have we let it consume our lives? I answered these questions in a previous article you can read here. Today fellow writer CJ Blaze when explain to us Why Wrestling… [Read more...]