Top Three Challengers To Beat Brock Lesnar

With the WWE World Heavyweight Championship seemingly being held off WWE Television till possibly December the question needs to be asked who will finally defeat the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar for the title? The favourite names put out were The Rock, who Vince McMahon wanted to se face Lesnar, and Roman Reigns, who Triple H wanted to see face Brock and end his dominant run on top. But I don’t think it should be either of these men. I look at the three names I believe probably hold the best chance of defeating Lesnar and bringing back some prestige to the World Heavyweight Championship. [Read more...]

Explaining Why Hell In A Cell Finished Perfectly


If you watched Hell In A Cell Sunday, it was to see Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins if anything else. These two were going to guarantee us a sight to see when they went toe to toe in that cell. Everything was perfect. The build, the participants, the gimmick, all primed to highlight the night. Obviously WWE management knew this as well, because they booked it over the #1 Contenders Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, that also took place in Hell In A Cell, and included John Cena and Randy Orton. They met all of our expectations, but the one thing no one expected was the twist ending. It has made a lot of people upset, but allow me to explain why this is a perfect ending.

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Hell In A Cell: Ambrose Has To Win

Ambrose Hell In A Cell

This years Hell In A Cell (HIAC) PPV has seen a fair few changes leading into tonight’s big show with fans very rarely sure of what is going to take place at the American Airlines Centre in Dallas Texas. Indeed along the road to tonight we haven’t always known if Brock Lesnar would defend the WWE Heavyweight Championship and even when matches were booked for the event it only took a Randy Orton strop backstage to change plans once again. However now with the event just hours away, one plan that should be made and not changed is Dean Ambrose going over Seth Rollins in the main event of tonight’s show. In fact I would go as far to say as it’s imperative that Ambrose walk out of HIAC the victor.

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The Five-Count: Raw Ends In Hell, Ziggler/Cesaro, HIAC Predictions

The Five-Count

Stars of the Week: Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are the best things on TV right now. Rollins opened Raw, appeared at the top of the third hour, and closed Raw by standing on top of the Hell in a Cell. Rollins went on to pick up a win over Jack Swagger on Main Event. To end the week, Rollins was in the opening and closing segments on SmackDown. Ambrose did the destroying this week as he viciously assaulted a dummy on Raw. Ambrose closed SmackDown by executing an elbow drop onto Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury through a table! On top of all of this, Mick Foley warned both of these future World Champs what risks are involved with Hell in a Cell. You know you are in an important match when you get put in a segment with the one and only Mick Foley! These guys are going to tear it up on Sunday and I can’t wait! [Read more...]

Hell In A Cell (2014) Fantasy Card


With so much top talent out, you would think this would be the time that WWE focused on the new rising stars, but it seems they are caught in limbo.  They want to push a small fraction of the new blood they have, and keep the others stagnant or non-existent. They also have a problem with the WWE World Title picture, so I will be addressing all of this in my version. As usual, I can’t use any superstars or divas that are injured or unavailable. I must use the results from the last pay per view as well. So Let’s get booking.

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Hell in a Cell Nursery Rhymes

Hell in a CellWe are heading into Hell in a Cell.
So I have some nursery rhymes to tell.
So here is what I’m going to do.
I’m going to give each match a little preview.
I hope these rhymes give you a little smirk.
You can watch Hell in a Cell on the WWE Network.
For a low price of $9.99.
I’m sure you’ve heard that line.
So let’s look at each match one by one.
As my introduction is done. [Read more...]

Top 5 Loved & Hated – Current NXT Stars


It has been a while since I wrote this series, but I feel it’s a good time to bring it back. With NXT being one of the only good things produced by WWE these days, it seems like a good time to discuss what I love and hate about it. This particular countdown isn’t what is the best and worst, because this list is based on my personal opinion and not facts. Some of my picks may line up with popular opinion, but others may not. I made my picks based on entertainment value or lack of, whether I like their style of wrestling, and character. With the criteria set in place, let’s start with the #5 Hated.

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WWE Should Go Old School Next Month

wweThe WWE World Heavyweight Champion is Brock Lesnar. He is also a part-time wrestler. He will not be defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Hell in a Cell. But this article is not about Brock Lesnar. Zack Krasney just wrote an article on here about Brock Lesnar. My article is about WWE going old school. [Read more...]

WWE Needs The Olympic Hero Back


Kurt Angle is one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the history of the WWE. We all know of his credentials, and of his historic career. He is the hottest free agent right now, and it’s apparent he wants to return to the WWE, even though a certain McMahon does not want him back. The company would benefit from having Angle right now, considering the turmoil they are currently involved in. Should Angle be allowed back into the place that made him a household name? Some say yes, others say no. But regardless of how you may feel about him as a person, the company could sure use The Wrestling Machine.
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Classic Nursery Rhymes With a WWE Twist

wweAre you a WWE fan? I’m going to guess , yes. Otherwise, you wouldn’t come to a site about the WWE. Are you a WWE fan with children? That I cannot answer. But if you did answer yes, are they younger children? Are you tired of the same old nursery rhymes? Well I have rewritten some classic nursery rhymes and I added a WWE twist to them. So when you are going to sing a nursery rhyme to your younger children, you can use one of these. [Read more...]

Cena Vs Orton Yet Again?

Hell In A Cell

13th November 2005, you may ask why is that date so important? well it on that Monday, during the Eddie Guerrero tribute show, that John Cena faced Randy Orton for the first time on the main roster of WWE since their OVW days. At this point both had already been WWE Champion, indeed Cena was at that time, and were very much supplanted as main eventers. On the night Cena won via DQ in less than 4 minutes and although Orton was firmly a heel and in the midst of a feud with The Undertaker, it was Cena who rather unsurprisingly received the boos on the night. Fast forward 9 years and both are still very much supplanted as main event talent and are preparing to face each other at the upcoming PPV Hell In A Cell (HIAC) and I ask do we we really have to see John Cena vs Randy Orton yet again? [Read more...]

If I Could Make A Few Suggestions?

WWE Suggestions 1


It would appear that the general consensus among fans is that WWE, product wise, is about as poor as its been in a long time. No matter what site you get your information from or whatever social media you prefer the message boards are littered with fans complaining about Raw and Smackdown. Even the PPV’s, once a safe haven for the company, are now in the firing line with the lack of a world title match at the upcoming Hell In A Cell. So what exactly is WWE doing so wrong to create such an overwhelming feeling of negativity towards to shows and what can they do to turn the tide and get fans excited about watching WWE again…………..remember that feeling? [Read more...]

Ultimate Texas

wweI have already done the Ultimate Hell in a Cell. However, Hell in a Cell takes place in Dallas, Texas. This will be the 20th WWE Pay-Per-View to take place in the state of Texas. Houston with 9, San Antonio with 6 and Dallas will be hosting their fifth. So I now present my Ultimate Texas show. [Read more...]

ECW: The Company That Changed Wrestling

Everyone claims the Monday Night Wars changed wrestling. If you ask WWE, they were the company that revolutionised wrestling, and that’s a fair statement to make considering Vince McMahon’s vision obtained huge success on a worldwide scale with the boom of Hulkamania, and again with the Attitude Era, both of which are thought of as ground breaking. The NWO was thought of as ground breaking for WCW and helped put them on the map. But it was after one night in Eastern Championship Wrestling that the face of professional wrestling was changed forever and ushered in the creation of one of Wrestling’s most ground breaking promotions, Extreme Championship Wrestling. It was this promotion that kick started a wrestling revolution and helped shape the most successful eras of the two biggest companies in professional wrestling. If it wasn’t for ECW then I’m not sure the wrestling industry would have experienced the boom it did during the late 90′s. [Read more...]