WWE Fans Still Not Happy?

Cena sucks


As the old adage goes lets pay our mortgage before we pay our gym membership and get the obvious out of the way………….the majority of WWE fans do not like John Cena, in fact to a minority and certain cities its downright hate. The picture above is not an unfamiliar sight at WWE events and contrary to what Michael Cole will tell you Cena does not get a general “mixed” reaction. Fact is no face or heel is booed as ferociously as John Cena on WWE programming and this has pretty much been the case since 2006. [Read more...]

Can You Be Too Dominant?

I think we all knew that Brock Lesnar was walking out of SummerSlam as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. What I doubt everyone expected was the beating John Cena received in that squash match. I mean, it can’t be said enough that the beating John Cena got was one of the worst beatings someone has received in a high profile match. With the destruction of the face, and the streak under Brock Lesnar’s belt, I begin to question whether Brock Lesnar is too dominant?

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You Call That Creative?

Dafuq So, heard any good jokes lately? There’s one out there right now that got a hearty laugh out of me this week, lets see if you find it as funny as I did. So, WWE pitches a storyline, then they completely change course roughly an hour later, in the process they push a solid veteran while devaluing a promising tag team, dismissing a newly popular patriot, and losing a giant in the shuffle all along the way…and this is all called “creative.” Funny, right? Wait, you didn’t laugh? What’s wrong? You don’t like being jerked around and screwed with constantly while two high powered rich men get caught up in a pissing contest and treat you like an idiotic simpleton? Well CLEARLY the problem is with you, there’s no way that it could be from high above looking down on people and essentially treating you like an insolent, moronic, unthinking child, you should be happy they even let you watch their shows. It’s getting a bit ridiculous that we as fans are being shit on, pardon the language, by WWE because Vince and Triple H are engaged in a prick measuring contest, trying to show one another up and prove they know more than one another what the fans want. In all honesty, it seems Triple H has the actual inside track with the fans, while Vince has steadily slipped further out of touch. Unfortunately it may be about time for someone to step in and push Mr. McMahon out of the control position, if not for his health, for the health of the company he’s built into THE wrestling industry. [Read more...]

Now It’s Time To Appreciate Cena

Sunday at Summerslam saw one of the most brutal and uncomfortable main events I can ever remember watching as a wrestling fan when John Cena was completely dominated by Brock Lesnar. I don’t even quite think dominated is a strong enough word because it felt more like a massacre. After the show had gone off the air it was reported fans were chanting “thank you Brock” and “nar nar nar nar hey hey goodbye” as Cena sold the beating and had to be helped to the back. This is where I begin to have a problem with some fans as that really wasn’t needed considering what Cena just put himself through for your entertainment and I find it disturbing there is actually a minority out there who wanted to see Cena legitimately get hurt by Brock, which absolutely disgusted me and was the trigger for this article. [Read more...]

Early Predictions For Best Superstar


Tonight I will be telling all you lucky readers my early predictions for who will receive the Slammy Award of Superstar of the Year. The Slammy Awards happen every year in December, and the winners are chosen by a fan vote. Some of the categories include Best Moment, Best Match, and Superstar of the Year. I have decided on four gentleman that are in the hunt for this prestigious award. Just like in every awards show, there are snubs and surprises nominations. Tonight is no different, because my picks may surprise you or rub you the wrong way because your favorite superstar wasn’t chosen. Now there is still a couple of months left before voting even begins, so my picks could change depending on what occurs. So if you don’t see your favorite wrestler, don’t panic because there is still a chance they can end up being nominated for the award. Last year, Daniel Bryan won the Slammy. Unfortunately, he is not on my list. The reason for this is because his injury has caused him to miss a couple of months of action, and it seems like he’ll be out for the remainder of the year. If Bryan does come back this year and wins in a few big matches, then he will definitely be in consideration for the award. Now that I have broken everyone’s hearts by not nominating Bryan, let’s get on with the nominees.
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Funny Questions From Raw 8/18/14 I Still Want Answers To

There are always plot holes and questions we never had answered in WWE.  Most of the time you just have to shake your head and try and focus on the bigger picture.  I, however, thought it would be amusing if we started asking these questions.  It’s always important to ask questions, so after this weeks Raw, here are my funny questions, I still want answers to: [Read more...]

Mick Foley Comedy Show Review


On August 1st I received the opportunity to meet a legend and a man who I have admired for years upon years, a man who has helped shape the course of my life, Mick Foley. I say this with no exaggeration, that I have read all 4 of Foley’s biographies and the words laid down on those pages deeply affected both my morals and my goals in this life. It was Mick Foley that told me to get a degree prior to trying to become a professional wrestler and I am now one year away from finishing that degree and moving away to wrestling school. Let me be clear that it was never the heroic falls or the bloody brawls with thumbtacks that caused me to idolize Mr. Foley; it was the fact that in a world such as professional wrestling, with so many greasy and devious individuals, Mick Foley is a genuinely decent person. He has unrelenting passion, to the point where he would do anything and everything necessary to achieve his dreams; and yet never lost his moral compass along the way. So with how highly I think of this individual, the opportunity to see him perform his entirely self-crafted show live and three feet in front of me was a no-brainer; and when his Canadian tour rolled around my town I knew there was no option but to see him. [Read more...]

Summerslam Look Ahead: 2014

wwe summerslam 2014

Over the past couple of days I posted articles where I have relived my experiences from past Summerslam events that I have attended 2009, 2010, 2011. Since I will be attending Summerslam tonight in this article I am going to talk about what I expect and hope to see. The past two years I did not attend the event. In 2012 I had no desired in going to the event because the main event was Lesnar vs HHH. At the time Lesnar had only signed a 1 year deal and I wanted that year to hurry so he can leave, and HHH well I have never cared about HHH. 2013 financial reason kept me from attending the event. This year I am excited. While the build to the event could have been a little better, it hasn’t been extremely bad, but looking at the card, on paper it looks awesome. [Read more...]

The Five-Count: Countdown To SummerSlam

The Five-Count

SummerSlam is finally upon us! It’s an exciting event and I look forward to every year. This year’s event has nine matches scheduled. We will see two divas matches, former friends face off in a Lumberjack match, two passionate wrestlers will battle in a Flag Match to prove whether America or Russia is stronger. And finally, John Cena and Brock Lesnar will clash in a must-see main event. It isn’t necessarily must-see for the ring work, but for the fact that the next several months lie in the decision of this match. So let’s break down this last week in WWE, shall we? [Read more...]

Summerslam Look Back 2011: Summer of Punk

Summerslam 2011 cena vs punk

2011 was the last time I attended Summerslam. It was marked the third year in a row that I attended and this show was awesome. A few key things happened in 2011. First right after Wrestlemania Edge had to retire. This opened the door for Christian to become World Heavyweight champion which he was heading into Summerslam. Also probably the biggest thing to happen in 2011 was CM Punk’s pipebomb promo on the Raw in Vegas. Needless to say I was excited for this Summerslam. Punk had returned has the WWE champion to face John Cena. Christian was defending against Orton and Daniel Bryan was facing Wade Barrett. I couldn’t wait to get to the arena to buy the new CM Punk T-shirt. [Read more...]

Is Stephanie Vs Brie Best For Business?

Steph vs Brie

No doubt SummerSlam has a great build this year. With Network (re)subscriptions looming WWE has gone all out in its promotion of the biggest event of the summer. Naturally John Cena vs Brock Lesnar has received the lions share of air time, and rightly so. The onscreen verbal dual’s between Cena and Paul Heyman have been nothing short of mesmerizing. Next up in terms of match size would be Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton though in terms of promotion Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella has received more than any other match main event aside. However has putting this match above all others really been best for business?

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SummerSlam Look Back 2010: Nexus Or Forget Us


My last article I look back at my experience when I attend Summerslam 2009, read here. This article I will look at my experience at Summerslam 2010. This event skips my mind. I know that I attend 3 Summerslams in a row but I always forget about 2010 for some reason. If it wasn’t for the network I would have forgotten everything that happened at Summerslam 2010 and I was in attendance. When I looked up the match card I immediately remember that I went and the only two matches I remember taking place was the Team WWE vs Nexus and Rey Mysterio vs Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship. When I watched Summerslam 2009 on the network I remember every feeling I had about that event. I remember minor details about the matches and things that were said between me and my friends, for 2010 even watching it back I still don’t remember. [Read more...]