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WWE Missed The Boat: Goldust Vs. Cody Rhodes


As a wrestling fan, I know you’ve seen it time and time before. WWE misses the boat on a feud or a segment and then tries to make up for it later. They’re in the process right now with a certain tag team. The match that they are building towards was discussed pre-Wrestlemania, and had it climaxed there, it would have been on a much grander stage than say, Extreme Rules. Either way, I feel like WWE has missed the boat on fans caring about Cody Rhodes facing his brother Goldust.

A Dark Day Is Coming.

The day Vince McMahon dies will be a really sad day for WWE and the wrestling community as a whole. Say whatever you want about him, there is no denying his is the greatest promoter in wrestling history. He took his father’s WWWF which was a successful promotion in its own right in the territorial days, to turning it into the Megaconglomerate that we see today. WWE stands alone essentially as the only game in town today. Yes there are little indy companies with TV deals like ROH and TNA but they will never be able to step up and compete with the machine the way WCW did or the old territory days when you had 20-30 different successful territories.

Ultimate Pay-Per-View of Michigan

I’ve written these series based on certain pay-per-views like Wrestlemania. I decided to try something different and do pay-per-views based on location. Since I am from Michigan, I’ll start there. Michigan has hosted 11 WWE Pay-Per-Views, Wrestlemania III and 23, Survivor Series 1991, 1999 and 2005, Summer Slam 1993, Royal Rumble 2009, In Your House 3: Triple Header 1995, Vengeance 2002, Over the Limit 2010 and Night of Champions 2013. (more…)

The Journey Of Wade Barrett

If there is one WWE superstar right now who is in need of a rocket launcher to the top of the card, it’s Wade Barrett. The hard man from Preston, England has proved since he joined the WWE that he is a unique talent and for me it’s time to pull the trigger on his push to the top of the card. They did it with talents who deserved a chance like Dolph Ziggler before he suffered a concussion, and it looked like that’s the way they were going to go with Damien Sandow until he failed to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase against John Cena and went on a tremendous losing streak. Wade Barrett is one of the few talents WWE not to get his moment yet, but I get a feeling it’s coming soon. I trace Barrett’s WWE journey and give my thoughts on these moments and his WWE future. (more…)

Ready To Ramble: Evolution and The Shield








Welcome to another edition of Ready to Ramble. I tend to write about a few different topics and items that have happened in WWE recently, but this time I’m keeping it to two specific factions; Evolution and The Shield. (more…)

Legends of Podcasting Episode 11

Matt Kunka, Gesus Oliver, Zeppelin Mayers and Zack Krasney join a round table discussion on GFW, International WWE stars, Raw ratings and much, much more! (more…)

Character Progression Or The Lack Thereof


Welcome back my friends!!! After a lengthy absence tending to some family health issues I have returned and decided to grace you all with the privilege of letting your eyes see the writings of a master that would make even Shakespeare himself step to the side…Ok that was as good of an attempt to sound like a heel as I could muster because I’m just too excited to be back. Before I get started I want to give a big shoutout to Matt and Kendra for checking on me/excusing me while I was away. Much appreciated. Ok now on with the show. (more…)

Blurred Lines: The Importance of Tweeners in Professional Wrestling

In modern mainstream wrestling, rosters are typically divided into clear-cut good guys, called babyfaces, and villains, commonly known as heels. While it may seem as a cheap technique to manipulate viewers’ emotions and preferences, this separation is evident in most forms of reality television. Pay attention to shows such as The Voice and you will notice that in most formats, there is that one member of the jury who is harsh towards outstanding talent and whose opinion frequently contradicts those of their colleagues. There can be no revered characters without hated ones, and that doctrine forms the core of professional wrestling. The main purpose of a heel is to be a stepping stone for the babyface to garner a positive reaction from the crowd. (more…)

The Future Of Bray Wyatt


A couple of times in each generation, a wrestler will come along who will eclipse being “just a wrestler”. That person will become an enigma and be remembered forever as someone who changed the game. No, I’m not talking about Jeff Hardy. I’m talking about Bray Wyatt. (more…)

The Evolution of The Hall of Fame

Recent fans of the WWE product may consider the the WWE Hall of Fame to be a time honoured tradition that has always taken place the night before WrestleMania. But those of us old enough or well learned enough know that the Hall of Fame is a relatively new celebrations that we have been treated with. The ceremony became tradition in 2004 the night before WrestleMania 20 and has since become a staple of WrestleMania week. The ceremony is generally blasted for being but a promotional tool for WrestleMania, but this really is only logical, as it adds another something special to WrestleMania and would be an odd sell if they were trying to sell it by itself. In 2004 the WWE actually did release the Hall of Fame as it’s own product on DVD, however following this the ceremony became the third disc in the WrestleMania DVD set each year after.



Who Should Hold the Intercontinental Championship in 2014


This article is a follow-up to my previous article which you can view here, if you haven’t already read it.  I haven’t changed since the last article.  I still want everybody to know that with the WWE Network going live 24/7 there’s a lot more opportunities in the main event for newer talents.  But with the amount of potential TV time the WWE Network provides, a lot can be done to not only load the main event but to restore the former glory of one of their two secondary titles.  Of course I’m referring to the Intercontinental Championship (the US title is hopeless), remember the epic days of Shawn Michaels & Razor Ramon, or Bret Hart & Mr. Perfect?  These are all people who are looked back at as some of the best in the business, and they’ve all made careers out of Intercontinental Championship matches.  Back then holding the Intercontinental title was a huge honor.  Though it’s still somewhat of an honor today, I wouldn’t consider it nearly as much as it used to be.  But if WWE decides to actually rebuild the title now would be the perfect time to do it.  But, the bottom line is as simple as this, they have to protect the champion.  Over the last few years WWE has gained a bad habit in putting champions under in non-title matches.  If you want people to take your champion serious, you can’t let them lose matches that have no storyline significance.  It’s as simple as that.  So this article will feature the wrestlers who I think are capable of saving the Intercontinental title from becoming as much of an afterthought as the United States championship.  One last note, these aren’t in any particular order.  This is just a list of who I think should hold the title, at no point will I talk about what point in the year I think they’ll win it. (more…)

Yes! Now What?

Daniel Bryan has finally reached the mountaintop of the WWE. More specifically, he lasted more than one day as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. What happens next now that Bryan’s supporters have what they’ve been begging for since August?


Could Tough Enough Make One Last Comeback?

In June 2001, the WWE introduced a new reality show on MTV, with the aim to find new superstars for the company. That first series saw Maven Huffman and Nidia Guenard crowned as winners, and both had reasonable careers in the company without making a major, lasting impact on the company.

In the 13 years since, we have seen 4 other series of Tough Enough, with only Maven and John Hennigan winning championship belts after winning a series. Of course, the most successful contestant in Tough Enough’s history is Mike Mizanin, who as The Miz, won the WWE Championship and headlined Wrestlemania 27.

However, when Tough Enough was brought back in 2011, the show struggled to create any kind of star, with only Ariane Andrew, who performs as Cameron, reaching the main roster. So does that mean that Tough Enough should be consigned to the closed file of WWE history?


John Cena Heel Turn

There isn’t a single wrestling fan (read: smark) that wouldn’t love to see this happen.  In truth, it’s been a long time coming.  For roughly a decade, Cena has been stuck in the same stale gimmick.  You know the one:  Salute the crowd, run to the ring, give passionate promo, end up with the title eventually, etc., etc.  His ring work?  Far better than he’s ever been given credit for.  He’s constantly derided for the “five moves of doom” (I won’t mention them; you already know what they are.)  However, there’s far more to him in the ring than those boring moves.  He’s proven it repeatedly and those that hate him refuse to see that.  Their loss, really.  Having said all of that, those moves are incredibly boring and they don’t even register with this writer anymore.  His gimmick is incredibly tired and it needs a change. (more…)

The Five-Count: Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler, Evolution and The Shield, Overused Matches, Daniel Bryan’s Extreme Rules Opponent

The Five-Count

Superstar of the Week: Bad News Barrett

After week of speculation, Barrett is back to working in the ring. The “bad news” gimmick is alright in my opinion, I’m just not all that crazy about the name change. Bad News Barrett beat Dolph Ziggler on Raw to advance to the semi-finals of the #1 Contender’s Intercontinental Championship Tournament. In addition to that win, Barrett went over Sin Cara on Main Event. (more…)