WWE Should Go Old School Next Month

wweThe WWE World Heavyweight Champion is Brock Lesnar. He is also a part-time wrestler. He will not be defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Hell in a Cell. But this article is not about Brock Lesnar. Zack Krasney just wrote an article on here about Brock Lesnar. My article is about WWE going old school. [Read more...]

WWE Needs The Olympic Hero Back


Kurt Angle is one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the history of the WWE. We all know of his credentials, and of his historic career. He is the hottest free agent right now, and it’s apparent he wants to return to the WWE, even though a certain McMahon does not want him back. The company would benefit from having Angle right now, considering the turmoil they are currently involved in. Should Angle be allowed back into the place that made him a household name? Some say yes, others say no. But regardless of how you may feel about him as a person, the company could sure use The Wrestling Machine.
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Classic Nursery Rhymes With a WWE Twist

wweAre you a WWE fan? I’m going to guess , yes. Otherwise, you wouldn’t come to a site about the WWE. Are you a WWE fan with children? That I cannot answer. But if you did answer yes, are they younger children? Are you tired of the same old nursery rhymes? Well I have rewritten some classic nursery rhymes and I added a WWE twist to them. So when you are going to sing a nursery rhyme to your younger children, you can use one of these. [Read more...]

Cena Vs Orton Yet Again?

Hell In A Cell

13th November 2005, you may ask why is that date so important? well it on that Monday, during the Eddie Guerrero tribute show, that John Cena faced Randy Orton for the first time on the main roster of WWE since their OVW days. At this point both had already been WWE Champion, indeed Cena was at that time, and were very much supplanted as main eventers. On the night Cena won via DQ in less than 4 minutes and although Orton was firmly a heel and in the midst of a feud with The Undertaker, it was Cena who rather unsurprisingly received the boos on the night. Fast forward 9 years and both are still very much supplanted as main event talent and are preparing to face each other at the upcoming PPV Hell In A Cell (HIAC) and I ask do we we really have to see John Cena vs Randy Orton yet again? [Read more...]

If I Could Make A Few Suggestions?

WWE Suggestions 1


It would appear that the general consensus among fans is that WWE, product wise, is about as poor as its been in a long time. No matter what site you get your information from or whatever social media you prefer the message boards are littered with fans complaining about Raw and Smackdown. Even the PPV’s, once a safe haven for the company, are now in the firing line with the lack of a world title match at the upcoming Hell In A Cell. So what exactly is WWE doing so wrong to create such an overwhelming feeling of negativity towards to shows and what can they do to turn the tide and get fans excited about watching WWE again…………..remember that feeling? [Read more...]

Ultimate Texas

wweI have already done the Ultimate Hell in a Cell. However, Hell in a Cell takes place in Dallas, Texas. This will be the 20th WWE Pay-Per-View to take place in the state of Texas. Houston with 9, San Antonio with 6 and Dallas will be hosting their fifth. So I now present my Ultimate Texas show. [Read more...]

ECW: The Company That Changed Wrestling

Everyone claims the Monday Night Wars changed wrestling. If you ask WWE, they were the company that revolutionised wrestling, and that’s a fair statement to make considering Vince McMahon’s vision obtained huge success on a worldwide scale with the boom of Hulkamania, and again with the Attitude Era, both of which are thought of as ground breaking. The NWO was thought of as ground breaking for WCW and helped put them on the map. But it was after one night in Eastern Championship Wrestling that the face of professional wrestling was changed forever and ushered in the creation of one of Wrestling’s most ground breaking promotions, Extreme Championship Wrestling. It was this promotion that kick started a wrestling revolution and helped shape the most successful eras of the two biggest companies in professional wrestling. If it wasn’t for ECW then I’m not sure the wrestling industry would have experienced the boom it did during the late 90′s. [Read more...]

The Five-Count: Teddy Long Returns, SmackDown Anniversary, Is WWE Being Too Consistent For Once?

The Five-Count

Star of the Week: (Tag Team) Teddy Long!

Teddy Long returned on the 15th Anniversary edition of SmackDown this week. Needless to say, I was quite shocked. Why? Well, he left the company this summer and I just assumed he was kind of gone for good. But Tag Team Teddy returned for an encounter with Big Johnny and we had somewhat of a WrestleMania rematch from 2012. Teddy of course captained the babyface team and ultimately won to even the score between them. Will we see a rubber match down the road? Only time will tell. [Read more...]

75 Random Things

wweThis is my 75th article I have written for WWEnews.net. So I thought why not do something with the number 75. So I decided to list 75 things in wrestling that I like, miss, random thought and questions. This is random; the order is nothing in particular. So I give you 75 things. [Read more...]

My Frustrations With WWE

My passion for WWE as of late is being called into question and this article has been brewing and brewing inside me for weeks. There is a lack of interesting storylines, titles are almost now meaningless, no one can beat the current WWE champion who no longer appears to be on television, the company refuse to push the right talent for fans to care about, and some of the segments lack any kind of imagination, intelligence and creativity. I’m not going to hold back in this piece and if anything I was worried I may not be able to get all my frustrations in, but after thinking about it I thought the best way to go was to just let my fingers flow and do the talking. The only interesting thing in WWE right now legitimately to me is the Ambrose and Rollins storyline. Without that there isn’t really a story that jumps out and grabs me in and giving me that feeling of wanting to watch the show each week again and again. If this piece doesn’t end up in any order then it’s because I’m calling it on the fly, something WWE appears to be doing as of late with Monday Night Raw. [Read more...]

Where Did They Go Wrong?: 10 Worst Gimmick Transitions

When a worker comes into a promotion, a gimmick can either make or break them. But sometimes, it isn’t the initial gimmick that causes the problem or success of the worker, but a transition in it that makes all of the difference. In this, I hope to shed some light on what constitutes a positive or negative change. Admittedly, the inspiration for this came from two of TNA’s stars and my Honorable/Dishonorable mentions in each part of this series, Samuel Shaw and Willow. Also, I want to thank Zeppelin Mayers for the format in which I will be doing this blog! As for the rules to this, the transition has to have happened within the same promotion, with one semi-exception. There can be a time that they were back in developmental, but they must not havegone to a competing organization in the time frame. Thus, you won’t see Diesel to Kevin Nash or any others like that.

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Ultimate Smackdown

SmackdownSince Smackdown is celebrating its 15th anniversary, I decided to write an article about Smackdown. I have written articles called the Ultimate Series. So I thought why not do the Ultimate Smackdown. Now this isn’t Smackdown shows, but pay-per-views that were for the Smackdown brand. [Read more...]

The Devalued Mess of the Wyatt Family


The entire WWE product just feels like it is one discombobulated mess. Every week, and sometimes even with-in their own shows they find ways to contradict the storylines they had wanted to put into place because there are so many cooks in the kitchen as well as the owner of the whole operation who seems to flip flop worse than a politician when they get their hands caught in the cookie jar. The matters get even worse when you have claims that the outside parties who don’t know anything about wrestling write their own horrific material that didn’t even want to be involved with the product to begin with in Kathie Lee and Hoda! The entire roster has been victimized by this revolving door…but I think we know some of the biggest victims of their disorganization. [Read more...]

Hell In A Cell Could Be The Breaking Point


It’s that time of year again! We are a few weeks away from the Hell in a Cell pay per view, and it’s shaping up to be awesome! I hope a lot of you caught my sarcasm there, because I am NOT looking forward to this at all. If it goes the way I am expecting it to, then I will he highly upset with the way WWE is running. As a matter of fact, I’ve been upset with WWE for a good while now. My patience is wearing thin, and they did not help the situation by announcing Lesnar will not even be competing at the show. Here is why Hell in a Cell could be the breaking point for me.
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