Chewing Up Ryback

Ryback has had a hell of a rookie year, let’s remember his first PPV match as Ryback was at Extreme Rules last year, this year he was facing John Cena for the WWE Title. Now I’ll be the first to admit I HATED Ryback when he came into the company and felt he dragged down the show being little more than a watered down Goldberg. However at WrestleMania Ryback gained me as a fan, I liked seeing him and saw his value and more importantly I saw his potential. The night after WrestleMania Ryback turned heel by beating up John Cena, and now we were off to the races. We now have a credible looking opponent for John Cena who was truly hungry and is legitimately determined to take John’s spot as the man in the company. All should seem good in the WWE universe in terms of new and entertaining product being created, but the problem is that John Cena just got over what is billed as the biggest win of his career.


John was essentially tied up with The Rock for two years and everything else that he did just came as secondary to his main rivalry. With WrestleMania 28 in the books Cena not only beat the one man he apparently couldn’t beat and regained the WWE Title for the first time in almost a year and a half. But the night after that The Rock was gone, now WWE has to focus on the younger talent and create new stars. WWE has done just that recently, bringing loads of talent up from NXT and giving them significant spots on the show. However even with all that they are doing for the young star, they certainly cannot quickly destroy John Cena after bringing him to what looks like will be the biggest moment in his career, aside from him possibly breaking the streak. But the simple fact that Cena has been written as unbeatable does not change the fact that the WWE Universe and wrestling audiences in general demand interesting and entertaining product or they will turn the channel.

So how did WWE handle this problem for Extreme Rules with these two men who seemingly could not afford a loss. Well they attempted to have something shown where neither man officially lost. Now regardless of the feelings on how they showed a tie, I was actually hoping for a tie, so ridiculous finish or not, they bought themselves another month before they had to do something concrete with the John Cena Ryback feud. Let me say that they should not push the fact that John Cena is hurt and that’s how Ryback beat him, HHH just did that on Raw and not only would it feel repetitive, but it would make me seriously question the health of all main event level talents. So that again leaves WWE creative to find a way to have neither John Cena or Ryback look weak or lose essentially, or at least stretch it another month.

To follow up on Extreme Rules WWE booked an ambulance match, where the rules are the first man to be placed in an ambulance with the doors closed loses. The idea I believe in booking this match is that neither man needs to be pinned to lose the match, making it easier for either man to lose. But I’d like to disagree. While it may leave some open endings and will allow the story to go another match it will still make at least one man look weak. And if Ryback can’t win, I believe he may not be able to survive, I’d go so far as to say if he doesn’t win the belt by SummerSlam at the absolute latest he may never be relevant ever again. Let’s remember his first title match came at Hell In a Cell last October, since when he’s been involved with multiple title matches. Yes most if not all these matches include outside interference or something he still could never get the job done, and that was as a good guy.

Now he’s a bad guy, now the fans aren’t on his side, and while I’m a bigger fan of his heel character than most, he’s still seemingly not able to get the job done and win the big match. With him failing repeatedly it makes fans think, why should I care about this guy? Why does he matter? And why in the green heel would I pay to this guy get beat one more time by a different person for the same belt that I’ve been watching him fail at since October. I’d even go so far as saying that winning the WWE title may not be enough to make Ryback important again. Yes he looks none of the impressive and he’s very aggressive, but he doesn’t come off as a threat really, he needs to legitimately beat John Cena. Ryback needs a title victory that isn’t surrouinded with the usual malarcky involved with a John Cena loss, or I fear Ryback may suffer to the point he can’t recover and never become relevant to the audience again.