Climbing The Ladder: Jack Swagger


The World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match is rife with up and coming talent.  But there is only one man with the talent, the experience, and the vicious streak to take the match by storm and win it all: Jack Swagger.  Having won the briefcase before, he is the perfect candidate to win it again this year.  And by the end of this I hope…  Wait, did you hear that?


bray-wyattI have arrived! I told all of you to follow the buzzards and they will lead you to the path of your salvation, and those buzzards still circle the barely living corpse of Jack Swagger.  You see, everyone thought that I was just a fairy tale, that Bray Wyatt was just something that parents tell their children to keep them in line!  But I am very real, as are all of the other monsters I bring.  I am the new face of fear and Jack Swagger will only be the first of many to learn that lesson.  See, Jackie Boy, you failed to grasp what ramifications your sins would have.  You thought that the demons wouldn’t catch you! But we did and now we will dance on your ashes.  And after I am done with you I will ride my pale horse into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and conquer it.  Nothing those little lambs have experienced in their lives can prepare them for the horrors that I will rain down on them.  You see, I will not stop until I have extinguished the fire from the eyes of every man in that match and then I will take what is rightfully mine.  And then the WWE will be on notice, as the Eater of Worlds will be waiting until his prey weak and I will devour the World Heavyweight Champion.  Time is on my side…

Bray Wyatt through Jesse Sherwood

  • Kiddlover12345

    Best article I have read all week

  • Alan Keen

    Very creative and well written.

  • Chris Surrency

    Interesting view, looks like you were part right, he took out a participant, but it wasn’t who anyone expected.