CM Punk Gone From WWE


Let me start by saying that I am not going to speculate into whether this is a work or legitimate. I am also not going to speculate into what actually happened backstage at Monday Night Raw. Richard and the team can provide a much more reliable story that my speculation.

The most we know at the moment, for sure, is that CM Punk looks to be done with WWE.

Personally, I am hugely disappointed with this news, and I am sure that many of you reading this will agree with me. However, I am not completely surprised by it.

Over the last few months it has been widely reported that CM Punk has been frustrated with his place in the company, and the way that he had been booked. It was even noted a few months ago on WNW that he had been praised backstage for the patience he had shown while the booking had been so up in the air with regards to his character.

Patience, though, can only last so long before it starts to wear thin.

It has been well documented that Punk is an outspoken individual. He’s not one to just let things pass him by and will speak up when he disagrees with anyone right to the top of the corporate ladder.

After the “pipe bomb” in 2011, Punk was booked favourably. He became the longest reigning WWE Champion in over a quarter of a century. But since then, despite his exceptional in ring and mic work, he hasn’t seen very much of the main event scene.

This is one of the problems I have with the current direction of WWE. They have a lot of talented wrestlers there right now. The top of the card is so full right now, there simply isn’t room for everyone and too many people are being left out. This is why I have a problem with the unification of the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships as now there is even less room for people in the main event picture.

In my eyes, they shouldn’t have unified the titles and should have actually brought back the brand extension where Raw and SmackDown have exclusive rosters. At least then there would be space to utilise the large amount of talent.

I’ve read a lot on social media over the past 24 hours where people are complaining the CM Punk has taken his ball and gone home; but I don’t blame Punk at all.

I blame WWE.

They had a great talent in CM Punk. A reliable worker who could get the best out of anyone on the roster and put on extraordinary matches night in night out. Punk pretty much carried the company for a number of months while John Cena was out with an arm injury; but over the last 6 months, he has almost been an afterthought while people like Randy Orton get the nod.

Orton’s position in WWE is something that I just don’t get. He is in and out of trouble backstage for bad behaviour or wellness failures, the crowd chant boring through all of his segments and matches (which are essentially paint-by-numbers), his mic skills are awful with the same monotonous voice every line before shouting at the end of a paragraph, the list goes on. However, despite all of this, he is consistently given opportunity after opportunity at the top of the card while guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are an afterthought.

I’m not being a typical internet fan by saying that and supporting the “internet heroes”. It simply can’t be denied that CM Punk really is (at least one of) the best in the world right now, and that Daniel Bryan is the most “over” worker in recent times yet they get cast aside consistently.

The bottom line is that I am sad to see CM Punk go. He didn’t take his ball and leave, WWE dropped theirs.

Maybe things will get worked out between the two parties, but for now, I am one disappointed fan who doesn’t seem to be part of the minority.

  • j n

    All the more power to CM, he has been constatntly screwed recently! All the best wishes 4him in 2014..”Best in the world”4ever

  • Johnny Ace

    Initially shocked but still very disappointed by this news. As a massive CM Punk fan though I can see why, everything he said in the "pipe bomb" promo is still true the Rock may not be main-eventing Wrestlemania this year but another part timer in Batista has been handed the spot on a plate over Punk and indeed other year long hard workers who have been cast by the wayside with a match against Triple H which would really only put Hunter over I mean Punk's faced Jericho and Taker in his last 2 WM. HHH is not anywhere near in that league no matter how hard he believes it.

    I hope the Rumble is not the last time I have seen Punk wrestle and will continue to follow his career whatever follows next but my interest in WWE with this news and other current events has dropped enormously.