Daniel Bryan…as a heel!


Well, it happened.  I predicted for the last PPV that he’d turn heel and, while I was a little too quick on the draw, it finally went down last night:  A very broken Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt Family!  My boy Pepe and I were marking like school girls.  You should have seen the texts that were flying between the two of us while this was happening.  It was riotous!

There are varying opinions about how this can go.  Some think this is an absolutely horrible idea.  They feel that Bryan was built up for so long and now he’s being torn down.  While I understand what they’re getting at, I disagree completely with this line of thought.  I think this could be great!  There are a few reasons for this and I’ll enumerate them.

1. It will bring further dimension to Daniel Bryan.  So far, all we’ve seen is Daniel the underdog.  Last night, while we watched him emotionally crumble in front of us, he did so incredibly well.  He was at times pained, beat down, disillusioned, and numb – sometimes all four at once.  While he was talking, you could have heard a pin drop at the Richmond Coliseum!  He had everyone in the palm of his hand.  As he stood at the top of the catwalk, the fans began chanting his name loudly and we watched him go to war with himself.  The nuance Daniel displayed sucked us all in.  We have all been in that place for one reason or another – battling internal disillusionment – so it’s something we could all relate to.  This change in direction has already broadened Bryan’s palette and I can’t wait to see how much further this goes.

2.  It will give Bray someone new to play with.  We’ve seen him silently yet decisively hold sway over Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.  Up until now, Bryan has been feuding with all of them and doing so in all the expected ways.  While watching Bray diabolically come after him in his own creative and menacing way has been fun, watching him control Daniel could bring something else out of Bray we haven’t yet seen.  Undoubtedly, Bryan will continue to battle with himself and Bray will be there to make sure he doesn’t backslide.  Luke and Erick never put up a fight so he never has to worry about them.  Bryan’s not yet an absolutely sure thing.  He’ll have to work at him and I think it’ll be a lot of fun to watch the indoctrination.

3.  Luke and Erick as middle children.  Up until now, it’s just been Luke & Erick.  With Bryan, will they shift to the back burner in Bray’s twisted mind?  Will they become brothers to him?  Will they vie for Bray’s attention?  If they do, what form will that take?  I’m curious and I know I’m not alone!

4.  It will give the crowd something new to engage with.  Did you see the crowd last night as Daniel cracked?  They were almost totally silent!  This shift in direction rattled all of us.  There are many different directions this could go in and the crowd will eat all of it up because their beloved Daniel Bryan won’t feel heel; he’ll feel lost and the crowd will take pity on him.  It’s totally different from anything else that’s going on.  No other feud feels the least bit like this and I think that, in an uneasy way, we’re all excited to see where this takes us next.  Will Punk or Cena swim in and save him from Bray and from himself?  Do we get, as my man Pepe surmises, “The Battle for the Soul of Daniel Bryan” at a PPV?  Only time will tell.

In short, I think there’s far more to gain from this than is lost.  Yeah, it takes Bryan away from the fringes of the “main event” picture and away from the title hunt.  I honestly don’t believe this will destroy him, though.  There’s time to get back to that.  This is a far more interesting direction to travel in.  I don’t remember the last time they did anything this potentially dark and interesting.  Gonna miss “Raw” next week?  Me neither!

  • Johnny Ace

    I'm unsure were this story line is going and although it could be one of the best ever we could also see another promising stable be destroyed too early like Cena and the Nexus. The only way this can work is if Bryan fully commits to being a Wyatt family member and doing Brays dirty work if its another case of bringing the stable down from the inside then it could destroy their momentum.

    • http://www.wwenews.net Ed

      I agree. Destroying this "family" too fast would be awful. This family is the vehicle through which Bray demonstrates power. They also aid in his overall weirdness – though he could certainly be every bit as weird on his own. Bryan has to, at least half-heartedly, go through with this. He can be conflicted but he's got to really "go there" is this going to work. I think this angle is absolutely brilliant and can't wait to see where it goes.

  • Tony

    I think a main event talent like Bryan, falling behind an unproven current mid carder like Bray makes the situation a stretch of imagination. This definetly holds Bryan back from what he has acheived in recent months. I love the Wyatt family but they do t need members. That’s why the shield has been so good. They teased adding a ‘leader’ for months and never did meaning the three ‘rookies’ had to step up.
    I think the crowd was silent on Monday because it made very little sense. Every week the crowd want to cheer for the most over wrestler in years, not wonder why he has ‘cracked’.

  • drew

    do you think that bryan joining the wyatts could turn them face and have them bring down the authority and then we would have the dream match of the wyatts vs the shield?!

    • http://www.wwenews.net Ed

      It'll be interesting to see how they handle this going forward. Bryan is as over as he'll ever be so we'll see if any of that accidentally rubs off on the Wyatts. You can't control how an audience responds. Monday should be quite interesting.

  • Mike

    Other than the fact that you had two number 3s (LOL) I loved this. Amen to someone who actually provides some meaningful input into a story as opposed to the typical “Daniel Bryan is buried omg!!!” BS that is spewed by most

    • http://www.wwenews.net Ed

      LOL! I have got to stop typing articles when I'm as tired as I was. It looks unprofessional. I promise to do better in the future. Thanks for catching the typo. All fixed. I don't know why people have a problem with this. Bray is, without question, the most compelling character in WWE right now. That Bryan got to the point where he felt like he couldn't get any further on his own makes total sense to me. He realized he simply couldn't get ahead, realized Bray was right, and joined him. As I said in the article, I thought it was handled brilliantly.

  • BigMike

    Has anyone been hearing the pop that Bray gets? The fans WANT to cheer for him BUT they could not when he was beating up D.B. BUT NOW D.B. has joined him , it could bring Brayy against the Authority and bring Brayy to face level.