Daniel Bryan’s Short Term Future

In unison the internet cheers as on the biggest stage in the world for professional wrestling, Daniel Bryan is being pushed straight to the top. And CLEARLY no one else deserves it more than Daniel Bryan, all you have to do is look at the last couple weeks in the WWE, his matches are far and above anyone else on the roster. Even his promos and segments are more entertaining and magnetizing than anything else currently being served in the WWE, with possibly the exception of The Shield. So in the midst of what looks like Bryan’s first push with real confidence, when Daniel has been exceeding expectations in every situation, it strikes me as a strange decision to put Daniel Bryan in another tag match, as every Pay-Per-View match of his has been for some time, with a different partner in Randy Orton.


Now obviously I’m not expecting these two to beat The Shield this Sunday, so logically that means that these two are going to have a problem in or after the match and get physical with each other again. Perhaps this will start a push for Orton as a heel and Bryan as a top good guy, both of which I’d be in favour of, but not against each other. I believe Orton needs to be a heel and try for the World’s title and I would love to see a series of matches involving Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, but this is not the time. Daniel Bryan and Kane need to have their feud, Team Hell No cannot be brushed aside and we move on, the team needs to explode. This would present the problem of turning Daniel Bryan full heel, I believe the days of Kane being a believable bad guy monster maybe over. And even though I will not be shocked if we don’t get the Daniel Bryan Kane feud, I think it will be an injustice to the wrestling world.


At this point it is almost a given fact that Daniel Bryan is the hardest working wrestler with the best output on each broadcast of Raw. But we have to remember that the best weeks of Daniel Bryan’s WWE career have been while CM Punk has been out. Is this a coincidence or is there more to the fact that Bryan’s game has been stepped way up since the self proclaimed Best Wrestler In The World has been rehabbing his body? Regardless that would be a tremendous feud to see in 2013, Daniel Bryan going against CM Punk if we’re simply not going to see Kane and Daniel. Yes I am aware that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan had a feud last year over the WWE Championship that produced some of the best matches in WWE history. The problem with those matches is that they weren’t in the main event and the biggest star walking out of that feud was AJ Lee.


In 2013 with Punk now the bad guy and Bryan now the slightly deranged good guy, and both men the much more determined and based off Punk’s last match, both men bringing more intensity than ever before in their career, a new series of matches would be more than welcome. However WWE may be reluctant in doing the same series of matches this summer as last, but they certainly do seem to be pushing Bryan as a good guy. So that rules out a feud with Kane, and let’s say he doesn’t go after either Randy Orton or Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Title, what would that leave for Daniel Bryan to do on this push? Well the names Ryback and The Shield come to mind, but The Shield is also on a winning streak and have fought Bryan repeatedly; Ryback wouldn’t really be an impressive defeat for Bryan beyond the original pop. But what about the champ?


With WWE running with the star that Daniel Bryan is determined to be, would they possibly put him up against the current WWE Champion John Cena? And if Daniel Bryan got put into that match, he would have to win to complete his push and solidify him as a megastar. Theoretically anyone can be WWE champion, if they want it bad enough, if the fans love or hate them enough, if they work hard enough, and Daniel Bryan is currently leading the league in all present categories. But do we believe it; does the internet possibly think that it could happen? Do we believe that the WWE could ever possibly let Daniel Bryan beat The Champ John Cena and take the WWE Championship? Personally I don’t think they ever will, but it would be an incredible story, match and moment. However the possibility of Ryback winning the title under suspicious circumstances and Daniel Bryan beating him, that still exists.

  • jazi

    "…..but they certainly do seem to be pushing Bryan as a good guy."

    I really don't understand this statement. If it was Kane who was acting this aggressive before/during/after a match we would all be saying that he was turning back into the monster heel that he always was. But with DB we see him as a "slightly deranged good guy". Why is that ?
    Is it because they are feuding with the Shield and they are the heels ? Would we say the same if it was Kane who was acting aggressively (Of course, he won't consider himself the weak link but may be angry about losing the title or something..)
    Or is it because the crowd loves DB and pops for him ?
    I am really confused about this. How do we know that they are not turning DB heel ? (That's what I feel is more probable)
    My guess is that he is gonna snap and turn heel very soon.
    I would love to see a face DB. But is that likely ?

    • Nick Wildey

      I was looking at the reactions for Bryan, he's making himself the underdog in every situation and generating more sympathy and reactions from the audience than anyone else going. Which makes me believe he's moving more merchandise than anyone else, which makes me believe they'll push Bryan as a slightly deranged good guy until that goes stale and they move him back into a heel. I would also be upset to see him teamed with Orton if he's the one who is going to walk out with a heel turn.

  • http://www,facebook.com/chloe.n.bell Chloe Bell

    Daniel Bryan has been booked to headline Money in the bank ppv next month against John cena for the wwe title. so there ya go

  • DeityofInsanity

    DB could go either way at this point. It has to be considered what WWE wants to do with Kane and Orton (who wants to be heel again). If I was booking it I’d have Orton turn at Payback, then on Raw Kane and DB start to feud and DB goes heel from there.