A Dark Day Is Coming.

The day Vince McMahon dies will be a really sad day for WWE and the wrestling community as a whole. Say whatever you want about him, there is no denying his is the greatest promoter in wrestling history. He took his father’s WWWF which was a successful promotion in its own right in the territorial days, to turning it into the Megaconglomerate that we see today. WWE stands alone essentially as the only game in town today. Yes there are little indy companies with TV deals like ROH and TNA but they will never be able to step up and compete with the machine the way WCW did or the old territory days when you had 20-30 different successful territories.


Vince McMahon is 68 years old and still works as hard today as he did 30 years ago, maybe harder. As sad and cold-hearted as it sounds, Vince is going to die and it’s probably not too far away either. Vince is the kind of person that will work himself to death and will do it in a literal sense. I don’t see Vince ever stepping away while he is still breathing. Yes, he has giving more responsibilities to Triple H over the recent years but he also has taken some back such as the control over creative that he took from Stephanie. As much as I hate to say it, my fear is that one day Vince McMahon will be found dead at his desk holding a pen in his hand when his body finally gives out from all the stress he puts on it with everything he has ever done in his life with his family’s business.


Vince’s Baby Wrestlemania just celebrated its 30th event. The crown jewel that helped start the Evil Empire’s takeover of the Wrestling world and turning it into Sports Entertainment. He put everything he had on the line for the success of the event and with the success he was rewarded handsomely behind the engine of the machine known as Hulkamania. Cable Television helped transform the WWF into a household name and Vince was among the first to realize its potential and tap into it thus beginning to slowly kill off the territories one by one buying them up as they either couldn’t adapt to the changing landscape or were too proud to change with the times and were swept away by The Monster from New York.

In the 90’s once the territories were dead all that stood between Vince and owning the Wrestling world outright was the rival promotion called WCW. WCW was owned by one of the few that could not only match Vince McMahon in money but exceeded him. Ted Turner had the money but the reason WCW did not win the war was not Money but it was passion for the business. Vince had the passion in spades just as he expected of his talent to have it to survive and to will his company to become better. Ted Turner I believe might have been a wrestling fan but in the end he was just someone I think that wanted to own a wrestling company to say he owned one. He left the decision making to guys that had no experience or passion for the business or in Eric Bischoff’s case no respect for it. This combined with the tight ship Vince ran in WWE allowed WWE to conquer the competition and grow its brand. WWE never was concerned with running WCW out of business but they were forced to change and adapt to continue to play the game. Eventually all the bad decisions came back to haunt WCW and they folded.

You would think Vince would relax some after winning the war and in some cases he might have since WWE no longer needed to go all out to be able to run the company. However Vince continues to work just as hard as he ever has. The passion Vince has for the business will be sorely missed when he is gone. Vince is not just a highly successful promoter; he was also very good announcer. He is often forgotten about or overlooked when people name the best in WWE history but he is right up there with them. Is he the greatest no but I don’t think he should be forgotten either in that role. Vince though will always be known as one of if not the greatest HEEL Authority figure of all time in Mr. McMahon. Mr. McMahon was the perfect foil for WWE’s greatest star in the Attitude Era “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The boss and Austin’s rivalry stands the test of time and was the launching pad for the WWE to take off in the late 90’s and ultimately leading to the winning of the Monday Night War.

We should cherish Vince McMahon and honor him while we can. As we have seen especially over the last few weeks it can end for even the healthiest looking individuals in a blink of an eye. The Day Vince McMahon dies will be one of the saddest days in pro wrestling history and will close the book forever on the pre-Sports Entertainment era of Pro Wrestling. Thank You Vince McMahon for everything you have done for WWE and Wrestling and Thank you for being passionate about the business.

  • Matt

    As ominous of an article as this is, it’s glad to see you back. I love this article and agree that we need to love and cherish McMahon every chance we can.

  • rschell21

    I truly will miss him when he does die nobody has done more for the wrestling business and nobody probly will. He is the greatest villain in wrestling history

  • MrSnaps

    It’ll be a sad day indeed. keep in mind, though, 68 isn’t really that old. plenty of people live well into their 80s, and the vast majority of those people have a tiny fraction of the resources vince does. vince works very hard, I’m sure, but how detremental could running a business really be to ones health? I mean, vince doesn’t strike me as the kind of person with a drug problem or anything. medicine isn’t my field of expertise, but vince has always struck me as the type to take pretty good care of himself. I would personally be surprised if he wasn’t around 10 years from now.

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