Debuting With A Title Win


Big E Langston has become a dominant force in the WWE since debuting on December 17, 2012. Langston entered the main roster in a big way, laying out John Cena with a thunderous power slam. Since then, he has acted as the bodyguard for Dolph Ziggler, helping him to pick up cheap victories and assaulting his opponents post-match. In the three months since his debut, though, Big E has yet to have an official match. 

In two weeks at Wrestlemania, the WWE audience will finally get to see the debut of Big E Langston. Along with his partner Dolph Ziggler, he will challenge Team Hell No, Daniel Bryan and Kane, for their WWE Tag Team Championships. Big E is not the first superstar to debut in a title match, and he could become a part of those few superstars to win in a debut. While it does not always guarantee future success, many stars that have started off their careers with a title win have also gone on to do great things.

Christian christian lw champ

Christian made his in-ring debut on October 18, 1998 at Judgment Day: In Your House. It was here that he defeated Taka Michinoku to win the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship. Christian continued to find success as a WWE superstar, winning the European and Intercontinental Championships. He also held nine tag titles, seven of them with his best friend and tag team partner, WWE Hall of Famer, Edge. After a successful run with TNA, he returned to the WWE and won his first world title with the company, the ECW Championship. Within a few years, he would go on to hold the World Heavyweight Championship twice, having one of the best feuds of 2011 with Randy Orton for the title. While Christian is currently sidelined with an injury, he is sure to come back and find the same connection with the crowd that he had when he left.

Carlitocarlito us

In a match against John Cena in October 2004, Carlito made his debut and defeated the now “face of the company” for the United States Championship. For the remainder of his WWE career, he would stay in a mid-card role, but not without success. Carlito would also go on to win the Intercontinental Championship and hold it for three months before dropping it to Ric Flair. In 2009, Carlito would team with his brother Primo to become the first tag team to unify the World Tag Team Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championship. After they lost the titles, he would go back to being a mid-card heel before being released in May of 2010.

Santino Marella Anthony-Carelli-aka-Santino-Marella-WWE-Superstar-9

In one of the most interesting debuts in WWE history, Santino Marella was “hand-picked” from the crowd by Mr. McMahon to take on the Intercontinental Champion, Umaga. With an assist from Bobby Lashley, Santino went on to capture the title in his first match. In addition to a second Intercontinental Championship reign, he has only held one United States Championship and one Tag Team Championship so far in his career. While Santino has not found much success in the title picture, he has won over the crowd, becoming a fan favorite as a comedy act. It is unlikely that Santino will win a world title, but there is no doubt he will be loved by the audience for years to come.

Ted DiBiase, Jr. Ted_DiBiase_901102a

Teaming up with Cody Rhodes at Night of Champions in 2008, Ted DiBiase, Jr. captured his first title in his first match, winning the World Tag Team Championship when Cody turned his back on his former partner, Bob Holly. Ted’s only other title win would be another World Tag Team Championship, regaining them with Cody in a rematch against John Cena and Batista. The time spent in Legacy would be the only time he would get close to the main event picture, however. Since then, he was stuck in a developmental role until he suffered multiple injuries and as of late has rarely been seen on television.

Whether it is numerous championships, reigns, or the love of the crowd, winning a title in their first match can help catapult superstars into a bright future as it has for Christian and Santino Marella. It can also unfortunately turn to nothing but a small blip on the audience’s radar; much like the careers of Carlito and Ted DiBiase, Jr. Big E Langston has shown his dominance with his attacks on Ziggler’s opponents, so it is not hard to believe that he could win his match at Wrestlemania 29.

Not to say that Big E is definitely going to win his first title in two weeks, but if he does, it does not hurt that his partner is almost guaranteed to be a World Heavyweight Champion in the near future. By aligning with Dolph Ziggler, he has secured himself a place in the main event picture for the time being. This is always a beneficial way to stay relevant to the WWE fans, and could even provide a chance to turn face if he gets tired of being bossed around by Ziggler and AJ. He also benefits from having the right look to be an intimidating force in the WWE, and could even carry a world title himself somewhere down the road if he is continued to be booked properly.


  • Bob Cavicchioli

    Granted, it was WCW at the time but what about Big Show?

  • Bob Cavicchioli

    Nice blog though, by the way…

  • George Waldman

    Don't forget Gail Kim.

  • Noodles

    Big E is already the NXT champ

  • Evan_Burke

    Thanks for checking out the blog guys. I just wanted to take the time to address some concerns that you have brought to my attention:
    1. While yes, The Big Show did win a world title in his debut match, it was with WCW, not WWE. While his debut with WWE was memorable, it did not involve him winning a title
    2. I chose to leave out Gail Kim. Both of her runs with WWE were not very memorable, as she only held that one Women's Championship for about a month and never made a splash (fun fact: Gail Kim's debut and final match with WWE were battle royals).
    3. While Big E is the NXT Champion, he did not win that title on regular WWE programming. His reign is also never mentioned on WWE TV, just like Seth Rollins