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Razor Ramon Hey, yo… over my time writing for this site one of my favorite type of articles to write are my Defending series, this article fits right in with that same line of thought as I’m defending another worker and making a case for their inclusion in the Hall of Fame. When I wrote about William Regal, he actually took the time to read the article and even sent me a couple direct messages on Twitter to let me know how much he enjoyed my writing. While I don’t know that this one will get the same reaction, if the subject of the article takes the time to read it then I feel I’ve accomplished something great here. My articles have been read by the likes of Little Egypt, Curtis Axel, Bill DeMott, pretty much the entire NXT crew, the previously mentioned William Regal, Triple H, and even the Holy Grail in wrestling, Stone Cold Steve Austin. While all those names are huge deals, growing up in the 90′s and the whole Attitude era there are a couple names that top the list of greats in this business and one that is getting more attention (deservedly so, if not a bit overdue) lately has been the one and only Razor Ramon, aka Scott Hall.

When you think of wrestlers there are different types that come along, you have your talkers, your workers, and then you have your bodies, as Jake Roberts famously told Lex Luger’s mother before. There are people who blend in well in different degrees of the wheel but not too many who have all three at a high level. Usually you’ll get someone who can work, looks great, but they’re lacking on the mic or maybe they can talk, and they can bust ass, but don’t have “the look,” but rarely do you get all three, especially when you get into that 6’7″ and up range. Scott Hall had everything needed to be the face of a company, but he seemed to hit just a tad too late. When we finally got THE gimmick from him, Razor Ramon, which put him into the upper echelon he was already trying to compete with the Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Goldberg, and Steve Austin’s of the business. If Razor had come along maybe a year or two earlier I honestly believe he would have been the top man in WWF for a long time. It wasn’t a lack of heart, a lack of talent, or a lack of fan following, it just seemed that the timing could have been better.

We all know the stories about Hall and his battles with addiction; luckily, it appears that he’s finally winning the battle with the help of Diamond Dallas Page. I’ll admit that at one point, the infamous video we’ve all seen, I honestly thought we would only have Hall for another 6 months tops. This truly pained me to as a fan because Scott Hall was such a huge part of everything I’d watched growing up, watching a part of your childhood undo themselves is never easy for anyone. It scared the hell out of me to think that this man who seemingly had it all, the looks, the talent, the fame, everything that we “regular people” crave growing up could be have run into an opponent even he couldn’t handle. Hearing his story now, seeing everything he’s been through, and where he’s headed, it’s an amazing feeling. His story really is an “anything is possible” tale, going from the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows, and still coming out on the other end. Knowing everything that’s happened, and that he’s right there with his son Cody to help guide him through the same business, you couldn’t ask for a better teacher of what you need to get over and the pitfalls you need to avoid to make it in the wrestling business.

Hall has competed all over the world, competing in damn near every major organization in the business, at a high level, with and against some of the greatest names in the history of the business. When I think of Scott Hall there’s one name that I put right on a similar level, for me he’s right on par with Rodney Dangerfield. He’s that guy that “never gets respect” when deep down everyone respects the hell out of the man for everything he’s done and everything he’s been through. While he may have never been THE GUY in the business, without Razor Ramon or Scott Hall in any version the business wouldn’t be nearly the same as it is today. That’s a lot like Rodney, while he may have never been “THE GUY” in comedy, taking him out of the business would have drastically altered it and I don’t know that you could say it would be for the better. These are guys who were a part of some of the biggest points in their professions, maybe not as the absolute focal point but their presence made it memorable. There are few people who are seemingly universally respected in their industry with Scott Hall fitting into this group. He may not have ever carried the top title, but with everything else, he’s accomplished in his career you would be hard pressed to find names more deserving than Scott to be included in the HoF with the WWE.

Razor Ramon was huge, but to this day, the biggest memory to me is the infamous “you know who I am, but you don’t know why I’m here” promo on Nitro. If not for Scott Hall, would the NWO have been as big a deal, as it became, in my opinion it wouldn’t. Hall’s mind for the business is so great that having him involved was a massive upside for the group. The whole Wolfpac deal was based off his ideas, the black and red, all of it, he was a huge part of what made the NWO as well as what made it so special. Over his entire career, Hall has had plenty of title runs and been a part of some of the greatest moments in WWF, and THE moment in WCW, history. How often do you get a man at 6’7” and 280 lbs. who can compete in a ladder match with a man like Shawn Michaels and not come off looking awkward? Another moment burnt in my memory is Razor Ramon doing an electric chair drop to Diesel. Nash was a massive man and Hall stood up with him on his shoulders for the move, after doing something like that, he was STILL able to match up well with much smaller workers and tear down a house.

If you doubt anything I’ve said to this point about just how good Scott Hall was, do yourself a favor, go back on YouTube and check out his work. I can put on any Razor Ramon match, or any of the WCW Scott Hall stuff, even the AWA stuff and enjoy the work being put on display. Then again, when you look at the men who trained him, from Matsuda to Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham, he had some of the best back in the day to learn from, so it’s no real surprise that Hall was able to become a hell of a hand. Barry Windham was another of those rare guys who was built like a goliath but could work like a much smaller man. This may have played a lot into Hall’s ability to adapt across styles, although I wouldn’t put Windham’s mic skills at the same level as Hall, especially after coming up with the Razor Ramon gimmick. After all the battles he had in the ring, for him to battle as hard as he has outside it with his addictions, and his seeming nine lives, the man has earned his chance for immortality.

I am a major video game player and have been for years, especially the WWF and WWE games that have come out for the various video game systems. When they announce “Legends” in the games I typically deactivate them and only use them in exhibition modes sparingly, that includes people like Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, I just feel weird using those people in the season mode of games. When I saw the name Razor Ramon this year with 2k14, not only did I smile from ear to ear at the inclusion of Razor, but I also thought this could be the one guy I would activate and use during season mode. Hall’s music is iconic, the moveset is absolutely awesome, and who doesn’t love The Bad Guy? Scott Hall is a larger than life persona and seeing him included in a game again gives me hope for the chances of his being inducted over WrestleMania weekend this year. With any luck we’ll get one more “Hey, yo” one more “survey” and finally see The Bad Guy given his due. Without a doubt, Scott Hall DESERVES to be in the HALL of Fame and in my opinion its love overdue.

“Survey says….One more for the Bad Guy.”

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  • brett david

    One thing about ur article u mentioned that whrn razor ramon came out he had to deal with the likes of goldberg and steve austin in the stone cold persona..if my memory serves me correct goldberg didnt debut until sept of 96…by then razor was already in wcw as scott hall his real name…he had already been established…and austin was just beginning the stone cold persona… regards to this article yes it was good but come on man get the right history down for the newer fans…

    • christopher525

      If you noticed the placement of the names, it was purposely done. Shawn and Bret came first and Austin and Goldberg were after, if those names hadn't been around (although a could be made that Nash is in the list as well) Scott Hall could easily have been a top guy instead of a high mid-card worker. Hall actually mentioned to Austin on his podcast that he does wonder every now and again if things would have been different if he'd done like Undertaker and stayed with WWE instead of leaving back then. Michaels and Hart took the top of the card and Hall was kept on the second level, while the Austin/Goldberg deal may be a bit off (maybe more Hogan/Nash in WCW) he was limited from being the man on top because of timing. If Razor Ramon had debuted a couple years earlier I feel the character would have had at least a couple WWF title runs.