What Defines Being Buried In WWE?

WWE Buried

We as wrestling fans do love our own jargon don’t we? Using words such as pushed, face, heel and snug always makes us feel like were on the inner circle…were in the know. Another word that fans have branded about for sometime now, though more recent than normal, is “Buried”. Social media and forums are filled with endless messages about certain talents being buried on screen and backstage but what exactly does buried mean?

See in a world as subjective as wrestling even the language used can become subjective as its words used to fit a meaning. Example being the word “Pushed”. Now this would mean a talent being promoted from their current spot but again if your current spot was below being on Superstars and you were elevated to that show not many fans would consider that a push. However by the very nature of said words usage it would technically be a push. So where does that leave us with the word buried? Exactly what constitutes a burial and why do fans seem obsessed with the word?

Dolph Ziggler

So starting at the top and most popular, when one talks of WWE burials, lets address Dolph Ziggler. For almost a year now fans have been claiming that Ziggler was being buried by WWE for crimes which no one can confirm or indeed state what they are. Now this is where it starts to get grey as Ziggler has still been a regular on WWE programming just not in favorable positions. So are WWE really burying him? Sure he has lost matches but who hasn’t? Has he always been in a premier spot on Raw or Smackdown? No but at least he was on them. Add to that Ziggler has appeared on PPV’s as well within the last 12 months. Surely if WWE wanted to bury someone then paying them more money (PPV appearances) seems an odd way to go about it. See there is a big difference between burying a talent and just not booking that talent well. Its the difference between murder and manslaughter. Of course WWE could/should do a better job of booking Dolph but compared to say a Zack Ryder I wouldn’t complain too much about Ziggler’s position on the card.

Damien SandowSandow impression


Damien Sandow is another talent who fans claim is being buried yet there he appears on Raw every week without fail. Again why would WWE waste air time on a talent if they genuinely saw nothing in them and wanted to bury them? It just doesn’t make sense. Again Sandow could have been booked better but actually his previous gimmck was nowhere near as over as he is now. WWE has always made room for comedy and with Santino now retired the position of WWE clown needs filling and what better candidate than Snadow who is copying all sorts of characters. On a side not if WWE really want  Sandow to pick up steam then maybe he could impersonate John Cena on week, his stock would instantly rise.

The misconception among wrestling fans seems to be that so and so aren’t where I think they should be so WWE must be burying them which simply isn’t true. There will always be talents that could be better booked but that is not burying. Again the simple rules of wrestling are that there can only be one champion and x amount of challengers at any one time. That does not mean that everyone else is being buried just they have to wait their turn. That’s how wrestling has and always will work.


Now if you want an example of what a buried talent looks like then look no further than the picture above. Can anyone remember the last time JTG appeared on Raw or Smackdown let alone a PPV? Released last month from WWE, JTG now has to try and work the indies after not being visible for 2 years, unlike a Dolph Ziggler or Damien Sandow who have been seen by millions each week. See that’s the difference between burying a talent and having a talent take a break in a mini feud. So next time you’re watching a wrestler and think that they are being buried, remember that if they were really being buried…….you wouldn’t be seeing them at all.


What do you guys think?

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  • victoria burt

    I really enjoyed reading this article. Completely agree with your opinion about what the term “buried” means. Shame WWE wont do this to Bo Dallas

    • Mark M

      Thank you for reading and glad you enjoyed it. While I would never condone the burial of any talent WWE will naturally move talents up and down the card. However if you do feel strongly thenmaybe just BO….LIEVE in WWE to do it for you lol.

      • victoria burt

        Oh I really won’t lol. They are good at that, i’ll keep my eyes open

  • http://eireplusalba.wordpress.com Séamus Kennan {-73}

    Maybe the term “buried” basically means two sides of one coin. Or different fans use them differently. I understand “buried” like it is: the one or two appearances per month and never seen again after a while. What happens to Sandow at the monent I like to call “ridiculed”. And I think it’s self-explanatory. Word is, that Sandow and Adam Rose are axed from the Battle Royal for the IC – that’s more like “buried” again.

    • Mark M

      Thank you for reading. I think all too often fans seem to confuse bad booking with buried. Totally see what you’re saying about being ridiculed though.