Dissecting The Extreme Rules Main Event

When I originally learned that the main event of Extreme Rules this year was going to be Daniel Bryan defending his title I was absolutely furious. But as the storylines have progressed and the show has played, it seems that Daniel Bryan may not even be getting the main event spot at the upcoming Special event. The Shield and Evolution could very well end up headlining the event and closing out the show; and to be fair these are 6 world class caliber athletes. But they simply have not earned that main event spot, that final booking, that top paying position compared to Daniel Bryan. I do not want to simply be a Daniel Bryan fanboy, but without him WrestleMania could have been entirely destroyed this year. And yet despite this only a month after that event Daniel Bryan is in a feud that has barely been featured on WWE television and against none of the people involved in the WrestleMania match.


Generally at the event following WrestleMania there is a rematch of the main event, with the exception of The Rock in the previous two years. Yet this year Daniel Bryan does not get that and instead is relegated to wrestling Kane while Evolution on the other hand has distanced themselves from Bryan since holding him down for over half a year. WrestleMania was the only night where Daniel Bryan attained clean victories over any members of Evolution and yet they are moving on. While to some it may be a nice change to get away from The Authority storyline that’s been playing out since SummerSlam, it seems disrespectful. Especially when considering Bryan pinned HHH at WrestleMania and made Batista tap out. If there were a rematch Randy Orton could take a pin fall loss and everything would have been fine with any combination of Evolution making anything from a normal match to a fatal 4 way.


There were rumours of Kane and Evolution facing Daniel Bryan and The Shield in the ressurection of War Games at Extreme Rules and my god that would have been fantastic! Now obviously that was probably internet dreams more than talked about plans, but that would have made for a event so much more exciting and original than the one that is currently booked. I want to be clear that I don’t think there is anything wrong with these two matches booked for Extreme Rules, I’m sure they’ll be great; I just think that there were much better options to have chosen. Even delaying the Evolution reunion to have Daniel Bryan face HHH one on one for the title and having Randy Orton face off against Batista would have showed a lot more respect to the efforts and hard work put in by Daniel Bryan.


The problem I have with Daniel Bryan facing Kane at Extreme Rules is the fact that Kane is past his prime and everyone knows he’s more or less used as a space filler at this point. Now Kane is probably the best to have ever been in a position like this, but he’s simply not in that top bracket of talent, that Daniel Bryan has the ability to break into. And to do that Daniel Bryan should be facing younger, meaningful names so that Daniel Bryan continues to look like a credible champion inside of the ring. Kane and Daniel Bryan should have faced each other last year as Team Hell No broke up, in a feud that could have helped Bryan mature and get ready for SummerSlam, but they blew it. Now Daniel Bryan is the champion and should be moved well beyond Kane; it just continues to seem like WWE doesn’t trust Bryan as the champion. On a slightly unrelated note, both Kane and Daniel Bryan has significant run-ins with The Wyatt Family, but no connection was ever made and that really seems like a waste.


Now realistically with the way events have unfolded, it is probably better to blow off these feuds here at Extreme Rules and try to start fresh the day after, possibly working towards that War Games match, God I want to see that. Daniel Bryan was off for the week after WrestleMania due to his wedding and good for him, but that left a week without build to the match. Then tragically Daniel Bryan’s father passed away and at last week’s Raw Bryan was involved only minimally, leading to a fairly lackluster build to the Kane and Bryan match. The match is literally this Sunday and has received very little attention; this will be Daniel Bryan’s first title defense despite being a three time champion. So it’s better really that Extreme Rules came quickly and things were busy this month, leaving Daniel Bryan to have a great match on Sunday and start on a fresh page for his title reign after the event.