Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Like most other internet fans, after many years of John Cena’s character I grew tired of him, wanted a change and hoped he would do the unthinkable; becoming a bad guy. Then around WrestleMania 28 something happened to me, I guess it was because of the interesting situation he found himself in up against The Rock. I started to really like John Cena again, just the concept of this uncorruptable character that runs around every single Monday Night Raw; simply trying to be the best guy that he can. The next year, John continued to have one of the worst years of his career; even losing to Tensai (it was a different time) and getting divorced. Watching him come back, winning the Royal Rumble was an absolute highlight, even if the main event to WrestleMania 29 was extremely predictable. While that was a boring culmination to the story, the year of John losing and being driven to his end, yet truly Never Giving Up, I liked it.


It may have something to do with the fact that John was playing the victim, something he has rarely ever played; asking people to hold on through the hard times because he would keep fighting if they would. It just strikes me as a lot different than him winning constantly and telling people to never give up, mixing in his real life divorce and you truly felt for the guy. Possibly what I liked about Cena facing The Rock the most was that Cena was the heel, by playing the ever smiling good guy, people got sick and booed; then paid money to see The Rock beat him up. It was extremely exciting to see what makes for a bad guy in today’s day and age, which essentially is an uncorruptable good guy; which I believe comes from the fact that the audience doesn’t believe anyone doesn’t have a villainous side. I enjoyed watching how many different positions John Cena’s character can be put in, how many different crowd reactions could be garnered; without changing him.

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Another thing that became unbelievably evident around this time was just how charitable John was, not the character, but the man. Now these lines have been blurred in the name of good television, as every character should, but I truly believe that is not the reason John does what he does, he simply sees the difference he can make by going to those visits. So there I was, happy with the product WWE was putting out, happy with John Cena again, and proud to be even slightly involved with a company that did so much good. Then the unthinkable, John Cena got injured. I say unthinkable, but I really shouldn’t, matter or dramatics, it’s actually amazing he didn’t get injured long before with the ridiculous amount of work that he puts in for the product. Especially that last year, I look to CM Punk Vs. Cena on Raw before WrestleMania specifically, works every day of the year, then a couple weeks before the biggest show of the year, he’s doing huracanronas (butchered spelling I know) on free TV.


So Cena getting injured seems like a bad thing, but then you get to think about the situation critically; it’s actually probably the best thing for all parties. Last year around this time Cena had minor surgery causing us to see CM Punk Vs. Ryback at Hell In A Cell, when it should have been against John. Instead of these half sidelined instants, to me it’s much better for John to take the full time off, rest his body from not just in ring action, but from the hectic travel schedule and mental exhaustion that must be inflicted on WWE superstars. Also for the fans, whom even if they don’t hate Cena (like me), it’s nice to get a break from the character, just to put some distance in between the two of you. It’s also extremely profitable in that not only can Cena still do charity events and special appearances, but when he makes his return, if it’s done as a surprise, will blow the roof off the building.

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There’s also the ever present fact that with Cena gone, it creates a hell of a lot of opportunities for the current WWE superstars. To me, currently John Cena is the measuring stick, and when someone starts to really become a superstar, they should be trying to surpass Cena, because there’s nothing that’s stopping them but the charisma of John. I hope Daniel Bryan becomes an even bigger star in the time Cena’s recovering and they pick up where they left from SummerSlam. As for anyone who will complain of Cena taking time off when the roster’s so thin, I’d say he’s at this point in the league of The Undertaker, two men who easily work hard enough to earn them the right to take time off whenever they damn well choose. When the time comes that Cena can only work WrestleMania every year, I hope he chooses to do so and continue to give us memories. Just as a quick final note, I think given the current layout, a great WrestleMania 30 main event should be John Cena challenging The Undertaker for the streak; it’s all Cena has left to conquer and it’s the only person believable that Cena may win, just something to chew on.

  • Dare

    I don’t miss Cena. The quality of matches on raw has improved. We’ve not been subjected to his “insert name here” promos. If he never comes back great. I like Cena the man but I don’t tune in to watch Cena the man. He’s character is stale. Cena sucks. Not as much as Ryback but he still sucks.I don’t care about Cena the face or Cena the heel. He’s still going to be superman regardless.

    • The Truth

      You really have some tension up there don't you. Do you realise how ridiculous your posts sound. Its horrifying that you think helping sick kids is bad. Did your momma not teach you that when you were younger?

  • Michael

    Wrestling should be first??? Wow. Some people on here never cease to amaze me. Cena grants god knows how many wishes for sick kids, but that’s bad because he should put wrestling first??? May God have mercy on your soul..

    • Michael

      It’s not about what it does for him, it’s about what it does for the kids. It’s called being an unselfish person, a rarity in the world these days

  • Hamon reeder

    Ten years ago you probably thought cena and orton were sliced bread!
    People are allowed to change their minds, though don’t have to be so distasteful.
    Your comment you just wrote makes you look like a fool!
    Remember why you first got into wrestling.
    Probably 20 years ago? Saw bret hart or randy savage? Maybe sting?
    They were wrestling the likes of ric flair and vader.
    You were young you liked to watch good vs bad.
    Cena vs orton one of the best feuds of the last decade.
    You’re just older and those two don’t hit your demographic.
    If you don’t enjoy cena or orton, don’t watch!!!!
    Internet wrestling fans are on the cusp of pathetic, your comments like this proves my point.
    Wrestling fans stop being negative!!!!