Does Sting Need WWE?

Recently news has come out that Sting has put the word out that he is considering a run in WWE to end his career. This could potentially, if pulled off, be one of the greatest moments in WWE as Sting has made it known he would like a match with Undertaker, which means a match at Wrestlemania is potentially on the cards. But does Sting really need to go to WWE to finish his career? I take a look at Stings achievements and consider if a run in WWE would benefit his legacy.


Sting began his wrestling career back in 1985 and went on to sign for NWA/WCW in 1987. He established himself as not only as a top performer, but as a multiple time champion and became one of WCW’s biggest drawing performers with legendary feuds with The Four Horsemen, Vadar, Hulk Hogan, and most famously Ric Flair. When WWE purchased WCW Sting chose to move over to TNA in 2003 and has been with the promotion ever since.

There’s no question that Sting has established himself as a first ballot hall of famer, even if he did not come to WWE I think somehow Vince McMahon would allow him to enter WWE’s Hall of Fame. So what would coming to WWE really achieve for Sting? The man has been there and done it all when it comes to wrestling. Most people are of the opinion that you haven’t made it until you’ve been to WWE, but I don’t really think this always applies. Sting is a fine and rare example that you don’t always need to go to WWE to make it in this industry and in his career this has not done him any harm.


The easiest answer is it achieves one of Stings dream matches, as well as a dream match for most things, in that if it was done at the right time you could see Sting face Undertaker at Wrestlemania. This was heavily rumoured back in 2011, even with the above image being spread rapidly around the internet. WWE began airing mysterious vignettes to added fuel to the fire, but those vignettes turned out to be for Undertaker in the end. Sting has acknowledged that if he could have a dream match with anyone his choice would be Undertaker. With fans screaming out for it, could Wrestlemania 30 be the stage for it to finally happen?

It also benefits Sting in that by signing with WWE he will finally shake the monkey off his back and it will mean the speculation that now comes out every year will end. Would Sting have anything to offer to WWE? Despite his advancing years I think Sting can still bring plenty to the table for WWE. He would be a huge draw as I have already stated, and he could prove to be huge in developing up and coming talent in the WWE ranks.


But does Sting really need to come to WWE? My personal opinion is actually no. Sting has achieved so much in an industry that sees WWE as the benchmark of success that it could even have a detrimental effect on his career. If the dream match of Sting versus Undertaker were to occur and it turned out to be a huge disappointment (I know this is unlikely) then people are going to get on the bashing bandwagon and claim Sting is past it. Sting has made a huge success of himself without help and he does not have to come to WWE to prove anything to anyone. In fact, it would be better for someone of his stature in the business to be unique and say they never set foot in WWE.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks I can foresee is this is potentially going to be another part time talent on WWE’s books. Sting is going to probably command a large contract similar to that of someone like Brock Lesnar. Sting was close in the past to signing with WWE so clearly the money was available then, but how much is available now? With Rock seemingly not being around for the foreseeable future it does free up some cash so I expect it’s not out of the question. Another thought is will Sting work strictly TV’s and Pay Per Views only? I would like to see him work house shows too in the deal similar to how he does now in TNA but this is entirely up to what WWE and Sting want to agree.

Sting is no doubt a legend that will go down in wrestling history as one of the true greats. He will perhaps go down as it’s biggest success story for the fact he established himself in the industry without working for Vince. If he does agree to join WWE then his legacy will still go down as one of the truly greats success stories, but it could also become a hindrance on his career if it all goes wrong.

What are your opinions on Sting and going to WWE? Does he really need to work for Vince or do you think this would be something his career could live without? As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading the article as much as I did writing it.

  • Mr. A.k.A.

    I think it'd be bad for him because he would have to go under to Taker. What good would that do his career?

    • Jamie Welton

      In all honesty Mr. A.k.A I don't think it would do any good for Sting's career to come in and go under to Undertaker. But equally, are WWE going to want to bring him in and be the one who ends the streak? That equally benefits no one and makes the WWE roster look a bit weak. It's a tricky situation and one WWE would have to handle carefully should Sting decided to join

  • Daniel

    I believe that the man is close to retiring anyway. It is ultimately up to Sting what he wishes to do. If he wants to have a retirement match against Undertaker, that is ultimately up to him. If he wishes to do it he can. I do believe it would be a dream match for me. Sting and Undertaker would NOT refuse to do a subpar match, they would go above and beyond to the point of injury for the both of them.

    Does Sting need WWE? No, he does not. But, if WWE is willing to pay him well, it's up to him. I would love to see Sting do a 'True Once in a Lifetime Match" at Wrestlemania. A match I believe would not only cement an already Wrestling Legend career, but it would be a treat for all wrestling fans.

    • Jamie Welton

      I agree Daniel, Sting vs. Undertaker is a dream match and a true treat for all wrestling fans – Will it happen? Only time will tell I guess at this stage. I have no doubt in my mind they would put on one hell of a match and I would love to see it too

  • David

    No Sting don’t need WWE and WWE don’t really need Sting.

    Sting is a wrestling Icon, he is big as Flair, Hogan or taker, going to WWE wouldn’t change his status, even want it or not thanks to WCW library Sting has become a WWE product as his former performance can be seen. So even if he’ll never working for WWE, WWE is promoting Sting as a WCW trademark.

    Does WWE need Sting? With Brock and Rock going back (maybe Austin) the message is new talents are not enough to draw money and PPV selling. In other words your roster sucks. In order to keep the WWE roster under control, WWE has to bring as GM figure but nos as performer

    • Jamie Welton

      I would be willing to say Daniel that in my opinion Sting could be bigger than Flair and perhaps bigger than Hogan. Sting will always have a place in WWE thanks to the WCW name as you say, and the thought of him coming in as a GM is an interesting idea I would like to see

  • Alan Keen

    Great article, Jamie! Really got me thinking too. Sting is a HOF wrestler for sure, but I feel if he jumps to WWE he may have to prove himself to earn that spot instead of using his reputation.

    • Jamie Welton

      Thanks Alan, glad you enjoyed the article. Sting coming into WWE would for me mean he's going to come in as a top draw – For me Sting would have little to prove to anyone, just look at his career. However, I wouldn't want him jumping into the main event and getting a title shot at the drop of a hat

  • Chris Owen

    Yeah nice article mate. Really going well with these. I have some reasons why Sting should move to WWE and some why he should not. I think it would be something the Undertaker would actually want to happen. There has always been a mystique around Sting and we all know what the Undertaker is all about…..Sting I believe has always wanted to be in WWE but I think he feels he will be underused why else is he at TNA (Lighter schedule?), given his age now I think that will be an option to move, he does not want to be working as much as say Cena and I feel it is the time for him to wind down. I suppose he could even retire on the match and I imagine it will be the best match in their careers. In TNA he is one of the main draws and does not really have to share the limelight, maybe he has a big say in what happens however, in WWE he won't be at the front of the queue. I don't believe he will come in as a top draw mate. He will be in the eyes of the fans but if he felt he would be in the main picture if he came, do you think he would be in WWE by now? There has to be a reason why he has not yet… It has been said that unless you wrestle at WWE when you have wrestled at TNA or WCW you can't cement your legacy! What do you think? Sting should wrestle for WWE, whether that is in one last match against Taker or come in part time but I don't think for one minute he will hold a title or be in the title picture. I am sorry to say I don't think he deserves to or do I want him to!!!! HOF is a deffo for me and he will be in there but without ever holding a title in WWE. Sting has to be in WWE by next year otherwise he might as well stay in TNA as a dream match against the Undertaker is looking slimmer and slimmer by the minute. Maybe a lot of people will not agree or maybe you do but in the end I always have a lot of time for wrestlers who get on with it and show what they can do in the ring, unfortunately Sting can't do it day in day out and there is only so far that his reputation will take him at his age…

    • Jamie Welton

      Thanks for replying Chris, glad you enjoyed the article. I agree part of the reason Sting stays in TNA is the lighter schedule but the biggest thing is out of loyalty to Dixie Carter, that's what I think stopped him signing in the end last time. I have to disagree slightly out the top draw in WWE bit though – He may not come in as a main championship contender, but if he comes in for Wrestlemania and challenges Undertaker to a match for the streak, do you think that match is NOT going to be the biggest draw? We've sat around and said before that the biggest match on any Wrestlemania card now seems to be Taker and the streak. After Mania, I don't think he would be top draw in the sense you are thinking but hen who's to say he would stay on once that match is over. He could come out on Raw the next night and retire.

      • Jamie Welton

        I would seriously disagree with the point you NEED to have been in WWE to cement a legacy – Look at Sting's career and tell me that man hasn't made a Hall of Fame career? He's had a career I would confidently rank up there with the greats such as Hart, Austin, Rock, Kurt Angle, HBK and Taker, and he never needed WWE to once get to greatness. The same can be said for guys in TNA like Roode, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, or Magnus – Not been in WWE under contract but are all greats. If Sting came to WWE would I make him a champion – Actually, I probably would. He doesn't need it but a brief run as World Heavyweight Champion would be a nice touch of respect. I would insist he work house shows as champion though as I slated TNA for not bringing their champion to the UK on their first big tour here. Sting has a history attached to that title, and he could help launch someone like Barrett by having him beat Sting for the title.

        • Jamie Welton

          I agree he needs to do it sooner rather than later as time will catch up with Sting but I still feel confident if he took time off from TNA and came to WWE early March time there's a chance he could still pull out a great match – Sting isn't the kind of guy who's going to come in and want to let the fans down that's for sure

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  • vantheman77

    Sting has proven that you don't need to be in WWE to make it. The concern I have is how the WWE would utilize him. Sting has spoken about wanting a match with Undertaker, but does Undertaker want it as well?