Dream Matches That Could Still Happen

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For the past two Wrestlemanias, the WWE fans have been treated twice to a match that three years ago many people thought could not and would not ever happen, John Cena versus The Rock. While many felt that it was overkill having the same main event two years in a row, it helped to show that anything truly is possible in the business. While certain dream matches such as John Cena versus Hulk Hogan or Big Show versus Andre the Giant will never happen, there are still some matches that could happen if the WWE is able to secure some part time talent.

Batista vs Brock Lesnarbatista

This match would be an opportunity for the WWE to correct the mistake that was Brock Lesnar versus Goldberg at Wrestlemania XX. With rumors that the WWE had been talking to Batista for a short-term return, this could be an easy match to do. The easiest way to book this match is if Brock Lesnar defeats Triple H at Extreme Rules next month, prompting Batista to return and seek revenge for his friend. The best time to do this match would be on one of the b-level pay per views of the year, such as Hell in a Cell or the newly added Payback. If it were on the card for a pay per view such as Wrestlemania or Survivor Series, it has the chance of getting lost in the shuffle; on a less popular event, however, it could be the main event and have the show built around it.

The Undertaker vs John Cena at Wrestlemaniawwe-the-undertaker-wrestlemania-29_display_image

This is a match that could be the biggest match of either man’s career. For The Undertaker, it is the biggest test for The Streak, as none of his opponents at Wrestlemania have ever been the “face” of the company. For John Cena, it is the last thing he has left to accomplish in the company. This could potentially be the match that The Undertaker retires after, especially if he wins and is still undefeated. By beating the biggest guy in the business, he will show that he can truly take on all comers and has nothing left to prove. John Cena would not gain anything from a win and would not be completely buried with a loss. It could actually be used as a catalyst to change John Cena’s character, whether heel or still as a face. This is a match that could be booked for Wrestlemania 30 and would give The Undertaker his much deserved main event slot on the card.

Stone Cold vs CM Punkstone_cold_steve_austin11

This match has been talked about for years now but has never ended up happening. If recent reports are true, however, Steve Austin is in good enough health for one more match, making this match all more realistic. The one big factor that has held up Stone Cold’s return was the fact that he did not want to be in the shadow of The Rock. Now that The Rock is possibly not working Wrestlemania next year, the door is open for Austin to headline the event against CM Punk and give the fans the match that they have been begging for. CM Punk would have to win this match as if it is to be Austin’s only match there would be no pay off for him to pick up the victory.

Evolution vs The Shieldevolution

If there is one team to help The Shield reach their full potential, it is Evolution. This would require the returns of both Ric Flair and Batista, which are both very realistic. Ric Flair could be the team’s manager, with Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton competing in the match. These three superstars can make any of their opponents looks good, and The Shield already looks good on their own, so there is no doubt that this would be a tag match for the ages. The Shield would have to be the winners for the match as there is no payoff for Evolution if they win. With this win, The Shield would solidify their place in the main event not only now, but in their future singles careers.

What possible dream matches would you like to see? Leave your ideas in the comments section.

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