Enough Is Enough

What could have been...

What could have been…

There are many people who are missing from the WWE Hall of Fame to this point that clearly deserve to be there by now. This list includes people like Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, Rick Rude, and even Vince McMahon himself, but there’s one person who’s far and away been the fan favorite for many years to get in and has yet to have this honor. If you haven’t already figured I am talking about Owen Hart, you are either too new to the sport or you need to just give up on watching. Owen’s widow has been in a major legal battle with WWE for years which has kept Owen from having any connection with WWE programming, that is, until yesterday.

Owen may not have had the most titles in the history of the business; he never even got to be the WWE champion in his career. Even with that one shortcoming, he was one of the most charismatic people in the history of the business. Owen was capable of making you hate him better than almost anyone, even when you didn’t hate him at all. He’s responsible for some of the most memorable quotes and moments from 90′s WWE television. From “Enough is enough and it’s time for a change!” to “I AM NOT A NUGGET!” Owen was gifted beyond belief and from all the stories you hear, far beyond what any of us fans ever saw on the screen.

Owen has been called one of the greatest pranksters to ever come into the lives of so many different workers. It’s nearly impossible to find anyone who’s ever met or worked with Owen to say one negative thing about him. In a business like pro wrestling, that’s nearly impossible to achieve, yet Owen pulled it off. I remember Mick Foley even mentioning how his son Dewey was a massive Owen Hart fan, even though his dad was a legend himself. The guy was funny beyond belief, a hell of a worker, and obviously part of pro wrestling royalty being a member of the Hart family. We’ll never know exactly what he could have been in the business, unfortunately, due to his very untimely passing.

I’ve heard multiple times that Owen was originally supposed to get the gimmick of The Game that eventually went to Triple H. It’s such a shame that he didn’t get his chance to bring that character to life in his own way. I could easily see Owen getting multiple runs as the WWE champion; he was just an amazing worker and character who could easily have carried the company for a few years. His talent is sorely missed in the business, not only could he work an amazing match, he could make people feel at ease in the ring by being a joker in the ring at the same time. Some people have said Vince was horrible for going live the night after his death, especially with the Benoit debacle, but with the memorial they did I feel that it wasn’t a that bad of an idea.

With all this said, I think it’s clear who the head of next year’s Hall of Fame class has to be now that the lawsuit has been dropped. How can you not go with the 2 time Slammy award winning, King of the Ring, Intercontinental, European, and Tag Team champion of the world? The man achieved so much in the business, unfortunately eventually losing his life in the ring. Would it be great to see Savage, Rude, and others go into the Hall? Sure, but they all need to get in line and wait for the one and only King of Harts to take his rightful place on the throne.

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  • Steven

    I just don’t get it. Other than a great match at Wrestlemania 10 with Bret and a tragic accident, what makes Owen Hart Hall of Fame worthy? His career was really not all that great. I know those of us who remember this tragedy often paint a portrait for ourselves of how special Owen Hart was, but the reality is that he was little more than a talented mid-card wrestler. Had he not died in the ring, very few of us would have been saying he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Of course, if Koko B. Ware can get in…

  • http://www.facebook.com/armoorman Anthony

    Great piece Chris! I’m a writer for TNAnews.com and rarely read the stuff here because I’m so wore out on the WWE product, but i seen your title and had to read, also read the piece on Joe Hennig, good stuff brother. Now the reason I have to comment, @ Steven, Are you kidding me? Owen is one of the best of all time! If we only induct into the HOF based on winning the world titles, you’d have to take out alot of deserving names like Roddy Piper, or Abdullah the Butcher, or Mr. Perfect, or Million Dollar Man, among many others. As for Owen himself, have you no clue about wrestling before 1999? Owen was one of the best, he had Wrestlemania X, Summerslam against Brett in the cage, his great feud with HBK, which is part of the reason HBK is the icon he is. The great team he had with British Bulldog, and the great matches they had against each other, Owen Hart was one of the greatest because he was so amazing, he was one of if not the most over heels in WWE and never needed the world titles to do it. He could make a guy a star by feuding with him and losing to him. Hell Stone Cold was just months away from being released untill Owen Hart said let me feud with him. Without Owen Hart Stone Cold doesn’t get the chance to become the biggest name in the business. Pure and simple Owe Hart is one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots. He did more without ever winning the “big” one, then most modern day world champions will ever do, and he did it with ease! That’s why Owen is an “uncrowned” Hall Of Famer!

    • Steven

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to recall “Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass” coming out at King of the Ring and Owen started “Owen 3:16 says I just broke your neck” after their match at Summerslam. Austin had already started his push before the feud with Owen.

      I am not saying that Owen Hart is not a legend in this business. All I am saying is that his accomplishments are not Hall of Fame caliber.

    • Steven

      As a fan of professional wrestling since I was a child before Wrestlemania ever came into being, I have witnessed many of the greats. To put into perspective why I don’t feel Owen deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, I will compare him to someone else you mentioned. I am pretty sure that we would all agree that Steve Austin belongs in the Hall of Fame. Did he deserve that spot before he won King of the Ring and started his path towards changing the face of professional wrestling? He was a talented wrestler in WCW, held multiple titles, and was just on the cusp of reaching main event status. Where Austin’s WCW career stopped was in the exact same place where Owen was when that tragic accident occurred. Austin always had the potential to be one of the greats just like Owen did. The difference is Austin was able to take advantage of that potential, and Owen died before he reached his potential.

  • http://WWENews.net Van Hammer

    Owen Hart was so much more. He could literally go in the ring with anyone from Kurrgan to Bret Hart and make it look like a 4 star match. If the opponent had any talent it was a potential show stealer. He also could talk and had a natural charisma about him. He was in the upper mid card because of the presence of Bret and a crowded main event scene but his potential, a younger more agile Bret who could work a program like Shawn or Austin was tremendous. Owen would have killed as the Game if they made it about wrestling and less a brawler. He was just so natural in the ring, like he was born into it (I know, lol).

  • BrooksOglesby

    I don't understand the idea of basing Hall of Fame qualifications based on kayfabe accomplishments. It's been said over and over that it's not a "legitimate" Hall of Fame, in that there's no formal voting process or anything, and such a system would be problematic anyways, since wrestling is fixed.

    I hear the same argument as to why a guy like Koko B. Ware shouldn't be in. "What did Koko ever win?" It doesn't matter! It's a fixed sport! If they gave Koko a 20 year winning streak, it wouldn't guarantee an induction. His entertainment value and longevity in the minds of the fans are why he deserves to be in, not what his character was scripted to do. People remember Koko fondly when they remember his era. I'd put down money on Santino getting an induction down the line, and people will be furious about that, but he's one of the most memorable characters of this era.

    As for Owen, not only is he beloved backstage and by fans, he's especially deserving of honor because he literally died performing. Whether you blame his death on the bookers for pushing the idea, the riggers for making a faulty harness, or Owen for agreeing to it, it is undeniable that he died trying to entertain the fans. Any death in the business is tragic, but a senseless accident that cut a great performer's career tragically short shouldn't preempt him from a non-kayfabe Hall of Fame induction. I know WWE would honor him more often if not for the ongoing legal problems, and I know they'd love to give him a Hall of Fame induction. He certainly deserves it, not for any scripted accomplishments, but for the character, and WWE knows it.

    • Steven

      Just because a wrestler dies in the ring, it doesn't mean they had a Hall of Fame career. I don't hear anyone claiming Gary Albright should have been a Hall of Famer.

  • Tyler

    i believe that Owen hart should be in the hall of fame cause she was one of the best of his era and he inspired others like tyson kidd edge christian etc so for people like martha hart to not allow it are wrong . I am a canadian wrestling fan and i hope that 2014 hall of fame class will include the likes of Owen hart Randy Savage The Rock Chyna Paul Bearer and the hart foundation