Examining Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H At Wrestlemania 29

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A couple months ago, in mid-August, Brock Lesnar Vs. HHH was not only the most hyped match in WWE, but it was also one that was highly anticipated by the WWE Universe. A couple months later, the rematch has been set for WrestleMania 29, and even with a great showing at SummerSlam, it feels the air has been let out of this feud. Personally I’m still excited for this match and it’s part of the reason I’m so amped up for this Sunday’s show, regardless of how the rest of the Internet Wrestling Community feels about this card and match. The build for this match had a tremendous amount of potential, but seemed to fall flat on television, even after learning a lot from the first year of Lesnar’s return. One thing that to me seems to make this match appear less important than the first time is the multiple stipulations that have been added to the scenario. Regardless of that however, this match will be one hell of a showing and will likely add a level of intensity not found anywhere else on the card.

When this match started to get built up for the second go around, the first thing we saw was a brawl between Brock Lesnar and HHH, which opened the show, and did succeed in adding intrigue for this match. However this opening brawl had multiple things detracting from it, firstly, a small note, but has to be mentioned, it looked like HHH peed himself. Regardless of whether or not he actually did, simply seeing it distracted from the pure aggression that this brawl encapsulated. What was worse was the blood that began pouring out of Brock Lesnar’s head in the early going of the physical altercation. While this was supremely refreshing for the viewer, blood has no place in the new PG version of what the WWE has become. Having the camera stay on the side of Brock with less blood and all replays being in black and white further made this feud seem unimportant. On the other hand Brock hasn’t said anything on TV since returning, which tells me the WWE realized Brock belongs destroying people, not speaking. While in all reality this build of the feud has had more physical intensity than their previous build, this time still seems to have less hype than the first time.

Some of the reasoning behind this match seeming less important to me stems from the amount of stipulations that have been piled onto this match. The first match at SummerSlam was not billed as a No Holds Barred match, but on the show HHH told the ref not to call for a disqualification. This means that as far as the rules are concerned, this is basically the same match as before, regardless of the official card; however I do expect this match to be more physical than the first. The other stipulation is that HHH’s career is on the line, if he loses he has to retire from in-ring competition, though exactly what losing entails and how much of a role he will still be allowed to have has changed depending on who’s speaking on TV. Really this doesn’t strike me as anything overly important adding to the match, again this was basically the same story told at SummerSlam. While this still offers possibilities of HHH losing, it seems pretty evident that he will win and save his career. What makes more sense to me would have been to have the stipulation be if HHH lost, Paul Heyman would get his job. Even if the outcome would be the same, HHH winning, at least this would offer more possibilities of where the story could go, making the match more unpredictable and interesting.

While this article may have seemed negative, I can assure you that I am simply pointing out problems, not condemning the event or even the match. I think this match will deliver on the show, I think this match will be worthy of the WrestleMania billing and will surpass their original match. I can see this match being even more physical than anything we’ve seen from either man so far, possibly reminiscent of Lesnar’s Extreme Rules match, loose and physical. I also see the possibility of one of them getting busted open, and HHH making the call to just let the blood flow, which could change the entire complexion of the event. Also the parameters of this match allows for this to bring a certain genre and vibe that will not exist in any other match. This is the only match on the card that will be billed as No Disqualification and with a true intense hatred, looking to be a slobber knocker. While some of the mystique has been let out of the bottle from the first go around, this match will still deliver at least a 4 star performance and certainly belong on the WrestleMania card.