Examining Fandango Vs. Chris Jericho


The Chris Jericho, Fandango match at WrestleMania is not overly anticipated from what I have seen on the Internet Wrestling Comunity and had you told me a month or two ago I would have entirely agree. Admittedly I have seen very little of Fandango except a few shots of Johnny Curtis wrestling, but the Fandango gimmick had me infuriated before he ever came on TV. I couldn’t get over the lack of logic in the character, it seemed Fandango was doomed to fail before ever starting. My thinking was that if it’s not a gimmick that could potentially main event WrestleMania, I don’t see the idea of having the character introduced and Fandango fit that description, a ballroom dancer turned wrestler sounded like a slap in the face to true wrestling fans. However over the past few weeks the program between Fandango and Chris Jericho has wildly impressed me. Beyond an extremely entertaining build, the actual match, if given proper time on the show has more than enough potential to deliver a classic bout. Further this match has the ability to leave the crowd impressed and both competitors looking as a more serious threat. This is Fandango’s first real feud on TV and due to the talents of both men I have grown much founder of him, much to my surprise.

Fandango was brought in with a strange gimmick, he wouldn’t wrestle until his name was pronounced correct, which served to upset crowds all around the United States of America. Personally this tactic did not personally get me mad at Fandango in the sense I would pay to see him get beat up, it was angering me in a way that made me want to change the channel just hearing him talk. Enter Jericho. I will go on record and say that Chris Jericho is one of my biggest personal heroes  so I’m probably pretty biased, but he brought a whole new energy and dynamic to Fandango. Jericho used to mispronounce names when he was coming up in the ranks and was on Dancing With the Stars after he had reached the pinnacle, making this match a very wise pairing that I did not see coming. Chris Jericho’s original promo butchering Fandango’s name was some of the funniest material I’ve seen in weeks on WWE programming. The physicality between the two took me off guard and displayed Fandango as much more of a bad ass than I would have imagined possible. Also combined with the obvious athletic ability displayed by Fandango and I am genuinely excited for this match after complaining of Fandango for some time now.

Chris Jericho is one of the greatest in-ring performers of all time and the evidence of that is the fact that Chris now creates and work only the schedule he chooses. He’s able to come and go as his band permits, and not only that, but when he does come back, he tears the house down every match he has. Jericho works house shows, something no other part time worker does, and if you look at strictly the matches he has had since coming back, the rumble, the chamber, The Shield, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, 2 matches with Swagger, probably some others I’m forgetting, but each one was a 5 star affair. Fandango has been praised as having tremendous in ring ability and considering the fact that he hasn’t been released over all the ears he’s spent in development, clearly people think he has huge potential. The athletic ability I’ve seen from Fandango including his top rope leg drop has thoroughly impressed me, simply the way he moves his body when connecting a move, incredible intensity and athleticism. The abilities of these two performers should blend well and establish Fandango as a serious contender.

There has been talk that Chris Jericho deserves better for WrestleMania than simply a match against Fandango, an unproven talent. Jericho however has gone on record saying he prefers to put over young talent instead of winning matches himself, and this situation sets this up perfectly. Jericho beating Fandango at WrestleMania is irrelevant, would not make Jericho a bigger star in any way, but Fandango beating Jericho cleanly could establish him as an upper middle card talent, with only one match under his belt. Personally I wanted Dolph Ziggler to beat Chris Jericho and then cash in the briefcase, winning the World Heavyweight Title. However that would leave Fandango off the card, and this amtch has the ability to fully establish both him and his character. I expected Fandango to be teased until after WrestleMania, so with him now set up to move in as a serious talent, and Jericho and Ziggler also set to have matches, this seems to be the best possible match. Either way I think at this point in history Jericho needs to lose, at this piint he needs to be there to help create the next generation.

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    I was lucky enough to interview Fandango’s very first trainer. I’m in the process of transcribing it, and will have it posted before Mania.

    You will learn a whole new side of the man we know as Fandango!


  • Jim

    I agree with the role of Jericho. He is proving that he is a company guy and wants to mentor the next generation and will “take one for the team” to put a new guy over. Like the aging superstar quarterback who take the back up role to the young draft pick so he can teach him the intracacies of the pro game, Jericho assures that he gives the new talent a chance to shine. Where I disagree is with giving Fandango a WM match when he has not even had an actual match on TV yet. I hate the character and the hype, reminiscent of the delayed hype for Brodus Clay, whose character I actually loved when he finally showed up. I especially don’t like the fact that WWE bumped The Miz and Wade Barrett to the per show for a title bout. Of course anyone wants a WM match no matter what card it is but Mid and Barrett are proven wrestlers and if Fandango does not live up to his potential or cracks under the pressure of WM being his first WWE match it could hurt WM and Fandango. If he bombs it will take a lot of work to get him accepted, especially because fans are already tired of the schtick, myself included

  • Jerichoholic 4eva!!!

    Fandango has potential, he is Vince's new chosen one lol