Examining The Undertaker VS CM Punk WrestleMania Match

CM Punk vs. Undertaker

Everyone has their own opinion of the card so far announced for WrestleMania 29, personally I believe the card looks great and one of the best reasons for that is the Undertaker Vs. CM Punk Match. I’m excited for this because I see this match stealing the show, helping both men’s careers and creating the intrigue for the streak. The styles of both these wrestlers mesh quite well in my opinion, they have fought before, but this is at WrestleMania, bringing a whole new level of intensity. The Undertaker will be further established as a legend and give CM Punk the opportunity to enter into a new level of superstar. Most importantly this match gives genuine concern to the streak being ended which is essential when booking The Undertaker at WrestleMania. I believe this match has the potential to be the best part of the show, hinging I believe on the building of the match beforehand.

The Undertaker and CM Punk have had a feud in the past, and I for one was extremely disappointed with the results. At that point in time I had stepped away from wrestling for a while, had stopped enjoying the product, but had to tune back in to see the CM Punk – Undertaker matches. I was severely let down. With their first match being a submission match, I had high hopes – it certainly had good wrestling – but they decided to go with an illogical and boring finish. This was followed by a Hell in a Cell match, and again it was good, but not nearly long enough or what to be hoped for from these two men. To blow off this feud, these two were involved with a Fatal 4-Way, never giving me the Undertaker – CM Punk match I’ve always wanted to see. But with these two wrestlers style, this year being at WrestleMania, possibly The Undertaker’s last match and CM Punk now being considered a main event name, this match has the potential to be an instant classic.

I believe win, lose or draw this match benefits both of the competitors and more importantly the company/industry. The Undertaker has had one of the best careers of all time, but his time is coming to a close, and there is always the possibility that this will be his last match of all time. With that in mind, he has to be booked who can guarantee him a good match, like his last 5 WrestleManias, there’s no more putting Undertaker out there to cover up for others being awful, he needs Hall of Fame matches every time he steps in the ring. CM Punk on the other hand has the chance to bring himself up into the next level of stardom possible in the WWE. This will give CM Punk his first ever WrestleMania DVD cover, theoretically speaking, as it is built as one of the 3 top matches. Of course this is regardless of whether or not CM Punk ends the streak, either way after a classic match Punk will be considered on Undertaker’s level and get that DVD cover.

Therein lies the biggest question of this match, should/will CM Punk end the legendary undefeated WrestleMania streak established by The Undertaker for 20 years? Personally, I don’t really care one way or the other, and will be satisfied as long as there’s a conclusion benefiting both men and being logical. But for most people, they see this year as the year that would make the most sense for The Undertaker’s streak to end. And that is exactly what the WWE has to do each year they put Undertaker on WrestleMania, because there’s a very real chance that the streak will never be broken, but that’s not a very interesting match. From a booking standpoint, the company needs the fans to believe that this could be the year that Undertaker could lose, and they have achieved just that this year. I will guarantee that before the end of that match, everybody watching will be sucked in, believing that either man could win.

Finally I just want to take a couple sentences to talk about the booking of this feud so far – just my opinion of how this match has been handled so far. The week before the match was announced, CM Punk was delivering a promo where he declared himself God, I thought this promo was fantastic and creepy in a beautiful way that hit home big time. The next week, when talking about why he wanted to face The Undertaker, I felt CM Punk kind of disappointed. It just wasn’t as good as I would have expected, although Undertaker did look impressive even if he did not speak. The week after CM Punk interrupted both Paul Bearer tributes at the beginning and end of the show, which I thought was done perfectly, Punk sticking out his tongue  striking the pose and holding the urn to end the show was awesome, regardless if Undertaker didn’t speak again. Last week I felt both Punk and Undertaker gave fairly lackluster performances, the only thing notable coming from their back and forth was Punk saying ‘shit.’ I’m extremely excited for this match, but hope they can hammer the next two Raws out of the park with these two.

  • Steven

    This would have been a great Wrestlemania match a couple years ago. HHH should have gone over last year, and Taker could have left for good with his dignity. Is there anyone who truly believes he has another match in him at the same level as he has had the past few years?

    I realize I will probably generate some hatred for this, but even if CM Punk ends the streak, it does nothing for him. He beat a broken down legend at the end of his career. Jay Lethal beat Ric Flair in TNA, but it doesn’t mean as much as it did when Sting beat him in the NWA. It is the same thing with CM Punk over the Undertaker.