Examining the World Title Match at WrestleMania


When WrestleMania season kicked off one of the big matches to be advertised was the World Heavyweight Title Match, with both Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger receiving major pushes before hand. This match is based on very serious political matters and had the possibility of becoming a classic feud on the card for WrestleMania. However due to different problems the build for the match has fallen flat; leaving much to be desired and concern as to where the World Title will be after the show of shows. The build had all the potential in the world, being about a topic many find controversial and designed to attain national media coverage. The possibilities however have been fairly reserved and and the results have been sub-par and lackluster to say the least. This match does have the ability to pull off a good showing with the actual wrestling, but I feel this match missed the boat on how good it could have been for the history of professional wrestling.

This match is based on an extremely serious social issue, especially in the United States, so this is a topic that can raise serious rage among the public. Serious rage can translate into big dollars for the business, but even with such a hot button topic this match has not had a significant impact on television. Zeb Coulter has done some amazing work on the mic during this feud, but he has been the only thing of value so far in this storyline. Instead of doing anything beyond the original videos from Coulter, nothing more has been added to  the show. Videos kept coming out, Del Rio barely did anything about them, and now the storyline is about Swagger breaking Ricardo’s leg, not immigration anymore. Del Rio gave promos talking of how great America was and delivered a long and fairly boring mock video in return. I felt this build should have included different actual events and horrible things done by Jack Swagger, really going overboard with immigration, but to me it feels like creative held back for what they could have done.

Looking at the WrestleMania 15 build between The Rock and Stone Cold, the infamous beer truck incident, that is what I feel this match is missing. Incidents; something beyond the basic breaking the friends leg, although I will admit it does help to legitimize Jack Swagger’s Patriot Act. Jack Swagger came back and had the opportunity to do something truly special, with his haircut and stare, he had the feeling of a psychotic. They even referenced that fact that it seemed like Jack Swagger was brainwashed, he could have played it much crazier, he could have started talking about the utopia of what America should be, he should have talked about starting America over again in the original image of what America was based on, but instead it turned into an extremely average feud. WWE should have driven in a new direction, trying something truly unprecedented and look for true controversy, in my mind they really failed in this storyline.

Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio are both above average professional wrestlers and both have the chance to be major players in WWE in the future. I hope however, that this WrestleMania will not be their finest moments, not due to their talents, but to the build they were given. These two, given the proper time, do have the ability to put on a phenomenal match, and who knows, I could be proven wrong on April 7th and these two could completely steal the show. I do not see this as something that will turn to reality though, it feels that the WWE lost confidence in this match and expect it to be sub-par. I believe that by Jack Swagger wining the World Title ir could get him over and start up a lengthy feud between the two that could take the story in a different direction. I also deeply believe Dolph Ziggler should cash in and win the World Title at WrestleMania. By doing so they could possibly get both Dolph and Jack Swagger over in one night, it would be the first time Money in the Bank has been cashed in at WrestleMania and would add a quality of surprise and excitement to the final product of the show.

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