Examining WrestleMania 6-Man Tag

Wrestlemania 29 Match Preview

For this article I will be discussing the 6-Man Tag Team match set for WrestleMania between The Shield and Sheamus, Randy Orton & presumably The Big Show. This match has 6 huge talents in it, but more importantly represents 6 spots on the WrestleMania, that have now been filled. I think this match is smart booking, and when weighing the options, makes the most sense while still producing the best match possible. This match places 6 of the top names in WWE into one match, while still highlighting the main events. This match also creates so many opportunities of where this match can go, making for very entertaining viewing. Finally I expect this match to be one of the card with a variety of styles and should be action packed. People may talk down to this match, but I believe this could be a show stealer and represents very smart booking.

All 6 men in this match have either been in the main event of WrestleMania or posses the ability to one day do so, but this is simply not the year for any of them. Between the two world title match, Punk vs. Undertaker and Lesnar vs. HHH, the main event scene has a lot going on. This match is able to use all 6 talents in an extremely advantageous position, while simultaneously making the mid-card look absolutely jacked. Further more with having these contrasting styles in this match it gives all 6 men the opportunity to steal the show and provides more spots on the card than simply another one on one match. Ultimately this match gives the 6 talents the ability to shine on the grand stage while only needing one person to get pinned, theoretically making the most amount of people look strong by the end of the match.

The creative team did a fantastic job with who they entered this match, and with all the attacks from The Shield, the opposing team could have been made up of just about anyone. First off I’d like to say tat I think it’s great how scarce WWE has used The Shield, with me personally still chomping at the bit to see these guys wrestle more. They’ve only had one singles match, which ended before it really began, and I think this is a brilliant thing, making them more special; plus WrestleMania is certainly not the time to try these guys out for the first time by themselves on PPV. As for the other team, I also think this trio makes the most sense for the roster, we’ve seen Ryback face The Shield in every match The Shield has had, so it’s a smart move to move him onto Mark Henry. WWE, I believe, is sending a message to Randy Orton, having him in the same position as Sheamus, two men on different ends of the spectrum, but the same height, doesn’t sound reassuring. And as for The Big Show, having him in his current role, with the rest of his team unable to trust him, brilliant in its simplicity.

This match has the ability to go in so many different directions at WrestleMania, and really that’s half the fun with pro wrestling. With Big Show in his position, it seems reasonable that he could very well end up turning on the rest of his team, with his punch always only a second away.There’s also the possibility of a Randy Orton turn, springing an undetected RKO on one of his teammates, making him a heel once again. I may be stretching here, but there’ also the possibility that another Shield member could be revealed, or one of them could turn, this match just has so many possibilities. Finally with such contrasting styles of all the competitors in this match, it stands to be one of the wild cards on the show, and quite possibly the best WRESTLING match. Certainly other matches have the ability to be the most special, or grandest matches, but the pure wrestling fans, to me, will be most impressed with this bout.

People love to complain about the creative team in WWE and about some strange decisions made by the group. I think if you’re going to complain when they do poorly, you have to compliment them when they do something positive and this years WrestleMania could be one of the best cards ever, with this match being a great example of why. The use and position of this match makes so much sense given both the card of WrestleMania 29 and the current roster in WWE. The members of this team make further sense and create many possibilities of what this match could lead to in the fallout of WrestleMania. Finally the styles of the wrestlers in this match present the possibility of this 6-Man tag match stealing the show on April 7th. I think this match is a classic in the making and one of the biggest reasons why I’m looking forward to the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania.