Fandango: Is He Really That Bad?

FandangoJohnny Curtis has recently reemerged in the WWE under the Fandango gimmick, but it is not without its critics. Recently, the tango dancing character of Curtis has been under fire from the internet wrestling community. Does he deserve all of the hate?

Right off the get go, the gimmick has be immediately type cast as another useless comedic relief character. Many believe this will possibly hurt Curtis’ chances at ever being taken seriously as a worthy contender in the future. Personally, I doubt people are reluctant of the gimmick for the well being of Curtis’ career. Instead, I believe people feel that comedy characters have no place in WWE. They may blame the current “PG” system for developing all of the goofy characters that just don’t appeal as much to older fans, or question their intelligence.

I feel gimmicks like this represent a certain innocence we all had as young, ignorant wrestling fans. We cheered the good guys, and we booed the bad guys. We were captivated by the stories and the characters for its larger than life grandeur. So to answer the aforementioned problem of comedy characters belonging; of course they do. There needs to be a place for them. At its core, wrestling is supposed to be fun. Sometimes, you need to take yourself less seriously.

Although characters like these will always be subject to mockery, we should begin by giving each a fair chance at getting themselves over. Some prove to be successful and fit their characters, getting over in the process. There is no reason for Fandango not to. Curtis has proven he is solid in the ring, can cut engaging promos, and be entertaining. I’d say the ball is in Fandango’s court. It’s just up to us to follow his lead.

  • Stephen Wilds

    Good points. I hear he isn't bad in the ring and from what I remember from NXT he should be okay.