Fandango Versus Chris Jericho: Why Fandango Needs To Win

jericho fandango

Fandango is a talent that the WWE has been teasing their fans with for quite some time. After a month of vignettes playing on Raw and Smackdown at the end of 2012, nothing was seen of him until vignettes started appearing again in February. Fandango finally made his onscreen debut on March 1, when he was scheduled to have his first match. This would kick off his current gimmick, refusing to compete until his name is pronounced properly. The talent he has not gone on to face includes Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, and most recently, The Great Khali. While the gimmick has gotten a bit repetitive, it has helped him get over with the audience as a heel and will make his inevitable debut that much more meaningful.

On Raw this past Monday, a feud was teased between Fandango and Chris Jericho. Jericho was in the midst of a backstage interview with Josh Matthews when Fandango approached and stopped the conversation. From there, Jericho would go on to mispronounce Fandango’s name several times in classic Y2J fashion, calling him Fan-Django and Fan-Dumbo, before Fandango left out of anger. According to the Smackdown spoilers, another interaction occurred between the two that helped move their feud forward. The program seems to be leading into a match at Wrestlemania 29, which would be the perfect stage to have Fandango debut and pick up a major victory. johny-curtis-pictures-8

Even though he competed in NXT as Johnny Curtis, since the start of his Fandango gimmick, he has never had a match on live television, only wrestling in dark matches and at house shows. Although this makes his in-ring skills unknown to a large portion of the WWE audience, his experience so far has shown that he has the ability to put on an entertaining match. If the WWE really wants Fandango to get over, his first match should be a show stealer, and who better to help steal the show than Chris Jericho.

cm-punk-chris-jericho-rawSince his WWE debut in 1999, Chris Jericho has won six world championships, and holds the record for most Intercontinental Championship reigns at nine. He has also found success in tag team action, holding the Tag Team Championships with the likes of The Big Show, Christian and WWE Hall of Famer Edge. In all of his success, Jericho has also seen many losses, putting over many up-and-coming stars by putting on amazing matches, including Dolph Ziggler, and C.M. Punk. His connection with the fans has never fallen despite losing several high profile matches in his most recent runs, proving that he is a talent that can be counted on to help get other stars over.

If the WWE truly does plan to have Fandango face Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania, the smart decision would be to have Fandango go over Chris Jericho, either clean or dirty. A victory over Fandango would do nothing for Jericho’s career at this point. With all of his success, a win over a rookie star would just be another notch in his belt. For Fandango, however, the victory would be a very good start to his career. By defeating one of the best ever on the biggest stage, he can easily find his way into the mid-card title picture, perhaps even helping to restore some prestige to the titles if he can remain over with the audience. One can only hope that the WWE does not drop the ball when it comes to booking Fandango, as he has the potential to have a great future in the company. Who knows, maybe somewhere down the line he could be a main event star (most likely with a different gimmick).