Fans Petition The White House…Really?

In the world of wrestling occasionally we all come across and hear some very bizarre stories, be it about fans, wrestlers, or even potential story lines. But not in my memory can I recollect ever hearing about WWE fans petitioning the White House of all places in regards to what WWE is doing with it’s talent. Are these fans just being extremely passionate about something they believe in? Or have some people finally taken things that one step too far and past the accepted level of absurd.

White House Petition Website

Reports first surfaced of a petition appearing on the White House petition website late last week appealing for Daniel Bryan to be given a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania 30. The same news then came in the last day or 2 that a petition had been created by fans for CM Punk to protest against his apparent departure from the company. Both petitions were of course rejected by the White House and have since been taken down from the website. What really gets me in all this is that someone actually thought this would be a good idea and that it would somehow magically change WWE’s stance on both men.

At the end of the day the calls on the direction of the company, like them or not, stop with Vince McMahon. He owns the company and he runs the company. The White House cannot tell the man what to creatively do with his talent. Whether or not we agree with the creative direction of WWE, and we all know that we sometimes don’t, there is nothing anyone can really do to change anything. I think the whole Daniel Bryan saga has proved that no matter how over one guy is in particular that if WWE doesn’t want to push him to the level we see him at they will not do it. Some might say they are finally listening with him being booked better since the Royal Rumble but we all know in reality that is just WWE’s way of keeping the fans quiet and trying to cover up the whole CM Punk situation, which didn’t really work considering the crowd microphones ended up being turned off by the end of Raw to minimise the audibility of the chants.

Daniel Bryan

The question really remains here of why on earth did these petitions even get started? We know what their overall aims were but it’s behaviour like this that can make people on the outside look at wrestling fans as just a bit weird. Granted that one happens anyway but this kind of story coming out surely isn’t going to help our reputation. It’s one of those moments where your not sure whether you want to laugh or cry. I must admit when I read the stories I just shook my head and very quickly moved off the page I was reading in case any of my work colleagues saw. I can’t even begin to get into the frame of mind the people who created these petitions were in but if anyone can give me some insight I would love to hear it.

I’m all for fans speaking their mind and trying to voice their opinion but come on, was a petition really the right answer or way forward? I would sooner these people spent time at live events chanting for CM Punk to come back or shouting out Yes! at every opportunity. At least they would be with a majority rather than a minority looking daft. I’m not even sure how it would have been handled at the White House or WWE offices if these things had somehow got through and were actually taken further. I’m pretty sure if news of the petitions got back to the higher ups at WWE, and I would imagine by now it has, they have probably been having a good laugh at the expense of those involved.

CM Punk

The biggest thing that gets me out of either of these is more the CM Punk petition. While I don’t know the exact wording of the petition I expect it would probably be demanding that CM Punk be part of WWE again. The biggest flaw in the petition is the fact that Punk actually walked out and quit on WWE, so unless the petition was to try and get WWE to treat Punk with the respect he deserves, and believe me that petition would still be a total joke, there no way this would even hold up given that the person they are demanding be back in the company is the one who doesn’t want to be there right now. The chants on Raw were bad enough when people knew Punk wasn’t there but at least that doesn’t seem as crazy compared to a petition.

If anyone was part of these petitions then I really am sorry but you need to realise that no matter how much kicking and screaming you do it isn’t going to change anything. All you have done is make a laughing stock of yourselves. It does actually make me wonder how much further fans are prepared to go to get what they want. While I admire the spirited devotion to trying to change things for the better this really wasn’t ever going to be the answer. If you want to do something more contact WWE directly and make your opinion known. It most likely won’t change a thing but at least it isn’t going to cause embarrassment to the rest of us who think you’ve gone one step too far by creating a petition for something that your not going to be able to change.

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