Why Do Fans Still Chant for CM Punk?

Ever since CM Punk has left WWE the fans were not willing to accept it.  There has been a general refusal to let the idea that Punk is retired go. This reflects really obviously in the fans constantly chanting his name at live events. Some people love to do so, some people thinks its absolutely ridiculous. Our own Richard Gray has been very vocal about the fact that chanting for a guy who walked out the door is absurd. The argument being that, if Punk walked out, why cheer for him? It isn’t like chanting for Dolph Ziggler or Daniel Bryan to show the company that there is support for that wrestler and the company needs to push that worker. WWE wanted to bring CM Punk back, they tried numerous times and it didn’t work. Punk even had a major opportunity after Daniel Bryan became injured after WrestleMania to capitalize and make pretty much any amount of money he wanted. He left that money on the table and walked away. So why do we cheer for “The Best in the World” still?


The first answer that came to my mind is that Punk gave us something back. He was the voice of the voiceless. That may sound like a catchy slogan for a T-shirt, but it’s true. In an era where Vince McMahon and Triple H were doing things their way with not a lot of room for what anyone else wanted, Punk opened their eyes. The typical WWE look was a big buff guy, cut and dry. Did talent on the microphone matter? Not really, if a guy had it, great, but if not it wasn’t a big deal. Did in-ring talent matter? Same answer, it helped but it wasn’t the a big deal if they were lacking. Then CM Punk came in and showed us that talent in the ring and on the microphone mattered a great deal more than six pack abs and “24-inch pythons brother!” He didn’t just open the door for new talent similar to himself, he blew the door off the hinges. Now, we have countless guys that don’t fit the typical WWE build rising to the top. I mean just look at The Shield, they were arguably the most dominant faction in nearly 10 years and possibly of all time. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns are all fresh blood with real talent. At first one could argue that Roman Reigns was more the typical WWE build, but after his time with Ambrose and Rollins, he has really stepped up his game. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins DEFINITELY don’t fit the traditional WWE build, yet they are both heading straight for the main event. Bray Wyatt is another guy that doesn’t fit a traditional WWE look, but has talent in the ring and on the mic, and he is skyrocketing toward the main event. Wyatt is a guy that you look at and everyone in WWE says “his future is bright.” We have Punk to thank for opening the eyes of McMahon and other upper management.

the shield

Why else do we chant for Punk? WWE fans can have a pretty one-track mind, especially when we all get together at an event. A simple explanation is that CM Punk is loved. He is loved by a heavy majority of fans. Crowds will chant for things they love, and that happens to be CM Punk. They also miss him, so they chant even louder for him. It’s hard for fans like myself to let go of this incredibly talented wrestler and just be ok with it. We have to do something, so what do we do? We chant his name. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll be watching and he’ll hear us and our love for him will motivate him enough to come back. Of course, this is ridiculous thinking, but we hope. Without hope, without chanting for him, he really is gone.

CM PUNK Goodbye

The last reason for Punk chants are one that I stand behind 100%. There are Punk chants because we want WWE to know they messed up. For those who aren’t aware Punk was set to wrestle Triple H in one of the main events, but because WWE wanted to shove Brock Lesnar and Batista into the main events, there was a good chance Punk was going to wind up wrestling Kane in a throw away match at Wrestlemania. If there is anything we know about CM Punk it’s that he demands respect and wants what he deserves. “The fact that Dwyane is going to be in the main event at Wrestlemania and I’m not makes me sick!” Those are Punk’s words from his infamous “Pipebomb” promo. After establishing himself as a main event talent, and reigning 434 days as WWE champion, the longest in nearly 25 years, how do you think he took the news he was out of the main events of Wrestlemania, AGAIN, for more part time talent? Oh and those guys are getting paid more money for way less work! So Punk took his ball, and went home. As a fan, I would rather watch CM Punk year round, rather than Brock Lesnar or the Rock once or twice a year. Fans lost CM Punk, possibly forever, because WWE was more interested in bringing in part time talent and putting them in the main event, that using established workers to main event. I chant for CM Punk to remind WWE that they made a monumental mistake in judgement. I chant for CM Punk to show WWE that they had something great, a year round guy in CM Punk, who loved wrestling, and they passed him over for someone collecting a paycheck. I cheer for CM Punk because his last action, leaving the company, was the last time he spoke up for the voiceless.

CM Punk