Fantasy John Cena Wrestlemania 30 Heel Turn


Part of the joy of watching WWE programming is watching with other people who like it as much as you do. It’s exciting to talk about what each person wants to see and what they think should happen with “so and so’s” storyline. I had the privilege of discussing a scenario with my father recently and it was fun to joke about because we both know it would be such a long shot for it to happen. Now, I’m not normally a Cena fan but this particular conversation related to him and something I had learned that Hulk Hogan had said recently. Let me elaborate…

Hulk said in an interview that he did with Cena by his side that now would be the perfect time for Cena to “pull a Hollywood” and turn heel. So that got me thinkin’… If I was going to book Cena’s heel turn for this weekend at Wrestlemania 30, how would it be done? My father had some ideas, I had my own and this is the amalgamation of the two.

To start the scenario, we would have to go back to earlier in the evening to the match between HHH and Daniel Bryan. To the dismay of the crowd, HHH would go over in this match. Not without some reservation from the referee and a little help from his old trusty sledgehammer though. HHH would be on the brink of being beaten when he finds his sledgehammer underneath the ring and proceeds to counter one of Daniel Bryan’s moves and lays him out with it. As the ref is calling for the bell because at this point it would be a disqualification, HHH would stop the ref and tell him to count because he’s the authority and he calls the shots. The ref hesitantly does so and HHH celebrates after the match while the crowd is in absolute dismay. Queue Hulk Hogan. Here’s Hulk’s chance to save the day and he does so by saying that he’s flexing HIS authority as host by entering Daniel Bryan in the title match as well to make the main event a fatal four way.

Now we come to the final match of the evening. From my perspective it would be standard fare for a fatal four way match. There would be some great wrestling between Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and HHH along with some chaos because there can only be so much order when there’s four guys in the ring at once. There would come a point where it would be only HHH and Daniel Bryan in the ring while Batista and Randy Orton are fighting on the outside. Daniel Bryan proceeds to do his usual kicks to the chest and head of his opponent and then he would line up for the running knee. As he goes to hit the running knee, HHH grabs the ref and puts him in harm’s way rather than himself. Sounds like something he would do right? Daniel Bryan is in shock only momentarily and then proceeds to continue the beat down on HHH leading to him successfully hitting the running knee this time around.

Right about this time Hulk has made his way back to the ring. Since he’s not in physical shape to get in the ring and make any sudden movements, he begins to call for another referee while he is attending to the one currently knocked out. After some time we see John Cena come to the ring wearing a referee shirt. Odd? Yes, but it is Wrestlemania and Hulk would allow it. As Daniel Bryan lines up for his third running knee, he charges at HHH and successfully hits the mark. Bryan crawls over to HHH and Cena gets down to make the count. 1…2… and he stops. Bryan looks up, Cena makes his “You Can’t See Me” motion to Bryan, picks him up and delivers the AA to him. From there he proceeds to drag HHH over the top of Bryan and counts 1…2…3. The PPV would end with HHH celebrating and John Cena walking up the ramp looking back at the chaos that he just caused with that grin on his face.


Would this be the way it would happen? No. Should this happen at Wrestlemania 30? No. I honestly feel Daniel Bryan deserves the pay off, but would this cause EVERYONE to tune in to Monday Night Raw the next night and have the ratings go through the roof? In the words of Vince McMahon, I guarandamntee it! Everybody and their brother would be watching Raw to hear why Cena decided to do such a dastardly deed. Wrestlemania 30 would be considered this generation’s Bash at the Beach 1996. Hogan said that now would be a good time for Cena to turn, and if I’m the one writing the story, this is how I do it. It may not be the payoff that everyone would be hoping for, but it would be one hell of a story. I look forward to the day that John “pulls a Hollywood” and I’m excited to see how it’s done. Until then, we can only imagine. Thanks for playing along with my fantasy booking of John’s heel turn.