Feed….The People

Ryback Earlier today I had a little conversation with someone at my day job about the new pairing of Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter on WWE television. One thing we both agree about was that this setup is incredibly awkward for pretty much everyone. We both agreed that Cesaro is a hell of a talent, that the man can flat out go, and we really enjoy him in the wrestling ring. Another thing we agreed about was the fact that Cesaro doesn’t need a mouthpiece he can generate heat on his own, and if he were a face I’m confident he could easily get the crowd in his favor on the mic. While having a heel manager play a hypocrite is pretty much playing into the heel role, I feel that the boat was missed terribly on this one.

I believe it was Richard Gray himself who said he thought a pairing with Ryback was a good idea for Colter, and the more I think about it, the more I agree with that statement. Zeb needs to continue while Swagger is out deal with injuries and his failed RVD impersonation, he needs another charge to take up his cause, but I don’t think the Swiss powerhouse should be the guy furthering those thoughts. With all the American workers on the roster not being used they could have pushed forward with the likes of (don’t laugh now) Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, or even more interesting on the “racist” gimmick have him take up JTG or R-Truth as his new client. What would be more interesting for a gimmick that’s pushing veiled racism than to have an African-American as his client?

I think it’s pretty much widely accepted that Ryback is absolutely horrible on the stick, the man couldn’t deliver a compelling promo if he lip-synched over Mick Foley, the man is THAT bad. Ryback needs a mouthpiece more than anyone else on the roster right now, Mark Henry was up there but after last week the man is finally living up to his potential (it only took him 17 years), but Ryback is on a completely different level. Every time the man comes out to talk I honestly debate hitting the mute button, or even worse, turning the channel. While he’s not the worst I’ve seen in the ring, he just can’t talk, and shouldn’t, ever, I mean EVER. I’m pretty sure that the new form of torture being used in Guantanamo Bay is playing Ryback promos on a loop until the captives spill their guts, figuratively or literally.

With this string of losses it would be very easy to hook Ryback up with someone to manage him; it would also give Zeb Colter the top spot on television as the head heel manager in the company. While the political side might be a bit deep for Ryback, I think he could pull it off in this case. Colter could get a meeting with him and explain that he’s got the power, the look, everything it takes to be champion but he’s missing the focus, and that’s what Zeb offers him as a manager. Zeb could get him on his side and using Ryback he could speak his mind without fear of anyone interrupting him, if anyone steps in the ring then Ryback would rip their head off with his clothesline. All he would ever HAVE to say is “We The People,” I think even HE could accomplish that one. We saw a flat out great match out of Ryback a couple weeks back against Daniel Bryan, while Bryan was a big part of that, the man showed he CAN work at a high rate and entertain people; he just needs someone to take over the speaking role.

While Ryback is definitely a main event worker, he’s not even a dark match talker. One thing that I stress when it comes to a compelling wrestler and match is psychology, it’s impossible to get great psychology when people want to shut the TV off every time you pick up a microphone. Zeb Colter can teach him what it takes to become a great promo artist, just as he’s a guy Steve Austin has mentioned time after time as being a big reason Austin developed as well as he did during his career. I honestly think that anyone wanting to get into wrestling needs to pay attention to the likes of Mick Foley, Roddy Piper, Chris Jericho, and of course Jake Roberts and learn the art of the promo. Austin, Rock, HBK, and even The Rock were great talkers, but my top four would be the four mentioned first, with Raven just outside at number five. You could go out and put on an amazing match, but if you can’t somehow talk to the crowd, they’re not going to care. You can look like a God, without a voice, you’re useless.

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