The Five-Count: Battleground Fallout, New Faction In WWE, Naomi’s Losses

The Five-Count

Battleground is behind us and we are now on the road to one of my favorite pay-per-views, SummerSlam! I’ve always loved SummerSlam since I started watching wrestling four years ago. We now know what the main event will be and we also have an idea of what else will be added to the card in the coming weeks. I’ve always viewed SummerSlam like the season finale to a television show. WWE sort of resets in away as we prepare for the last quarter of the year. It’s always an interesting time and things are heating up, so let’s get to The Five-Count!

Superstar of the Week: Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns had three matches this week, winning two of them and losing one. I thought he had a great performance at Battleground in the main event. I’m very glad they didn’t strap the rocket to Reigns and push him to the moon this early. We seen the gradual rise of Daniel Bryan and a few other stars lately and it’s shown that slowly building to that huge moment is so much better than giving someone too much, too soon. Reigns went on to “avenge” that loss when he went over Randy Orton and Kane in a handicap match. Reigns once again main-evented SmackDown and beat Alberto Del Rio. It seems clear we will see Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton at SummerSlam and I’m all for it!

Roman Reigns

Match of the Week: The Usos vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (Battleground)

There was no doubt that this would be the match of the week and that was clear about thirty minutes in to Battleground! The Usos and The Wyatt Family always put on entertaining matches and they clashed a month ago at MITB for the tag titles. I wasn’t sure how they could top their MITB match, but with the 2/3 falls stipulation they showed us how. There’s been some debate about whether or not Harper and Rowan should’ve won. I honestly could argue both ways but I’m completely fine with The Usos remaining champions. I had Harper and Rowan winning the titles but watching The Usos refuse to give up and overcome the odds made me even happier to see them retain. We’ve seen some lengthy tag team title reigns recently and I think this is a great addition. If you haven’t seen this match, you should absolutely go out of your way to see it!

The Highlight: Nation of Domination 2.0?

This is exciting! Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E are lost in the shuffle and stuck in the lower midcard right now. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since Woods actually won a match so this is great for him. As for Kofi, pretty much everyone wants him to turn heel. Big E has been a heel and a babyface in the near two years he’s been on the main roster. This new faction is a career-saver for all three and could actually be something big if things go well. The big questions right now are why R-Truth isn’t in the mix or if we will see Titus O’Neil or anyone else join the group. I really hope this is successful and can’t wait to see what’s next!


The Lowlight: Big Matches Fail To Deliver

WWE has held two Battleground pay-per-views and I haven’t been too impressed with either one. This year’s event was far better than last year’s. We had a strong card going into the show but I feel like we were let down. I stated before that I wish Battleground wasn’t happening so we had some serious build to SummerSlam and not have to witness a filler pay-per-view. I was hoping to see the first encounter between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose saved for the biggest event of the summer, and now we are. I was actually really looking forward to the match and then it literally was cancelled. I understand why they did it, but I don’t understand why they did it.

AJ and Paige put on one sloppy match. It honestly made me sad to see something with great potential turn into a mess. If these two clash again at SummerSlam, they better prepare for it ahead of time! And lastly, Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho didn’t live up to what I thought. Like many, I was shocked to see Jericho win. I didn’t necessarily have a problem with it. But what happened in the ring lost my interest. On Monday, I went back and re-watched some parts of Battleground. I couldn’t get interested in the match. It seems inevitable we will see a rematch of SummerSlam and I truly hope it’s better than their previous match.

Battleground 2014

Talking Point: Naomi’s Losses

Whoa… what? I had this little fantasy world all mapped out in my head where Naomi beat Cameron at Battleground and went on to chase the Divas Championship. Nope! I personally don’t like Cameron so of course I was shocked to see her win. But why? So we have to suffer through another match where Naomi avenges her loss? Naomi went on to lose to Paige in mere seconds on SmackDown after Cameron’s music “distracted” her. It looks like will see Naomi vs. Cameron again, but at SummerSlam? Naomi is one of my favorite divas and she’s very talented in the ring. She shouldn’t be stuck in this midcard feud, she should be going after the Divas Championship! What do you think?

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