The Five-Count: Countdown To SummerSlam

The Five-Count

SummerSlam is finally upon us! It’s an exciting event and I look forward to every year. This year’s event has nine matches scheduled. We will see two divas matches, former friends face off in a Lumberjack match, two passionate wrestlers will battle in a Flag Match to prove whether America or Russia is stronger. And finally, John Cena and Brock Lesnar will clash in a must-see main event. It isn’t necessarily must-see for the ring work, but for the fact that the next several months lie in the decision of this match. So let’s break down this last week in WWE, shall we?

Superstar of the Week: Seth Rollins

There’s been a handful of people that Seth Rollins has faced since turning heel and breaking out on his own. This week, he beat two of those guys. On Raw, Rollins picked up a victory over Rob Van Dam. Rollins followed that win with another over Kofi Kingston on Main Event. I considered both matches to be “great” because they were! Rollins works well with anyone, something that is great to have as a wrestler. Rollins looks strong going into his highly anticipated match with Dean Ambrose at SummerSlam. I’m actually predicting Ambrose will win that match, which I talk about more later on in this article.

Seth Rollins

Match of the Week: Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match (Main Event)

The Usos successfully defended their Tag Team Titles against RybAxel and the odd pairing of Sheamus and RVD. It was a great match and I wish it would’ve been saved for the SummerSlam pre-show. When RybAxel first walked out to answer the challenge, I was disappointed. They have lost to The Usos multiple times in the last month and it just wouldn’t make sense. RVD shockingly came out. As I was trying to think of who could possibly be RVD’s partner, Sheamus walked out. Sheamus was honestly a nice choice since he’s been floating around doing absolutely nothing. I expected The Usos to retain and that’s what we saw. If you’re bored and need something to watch, particularly on the WWE Network, check out the latest episode of Main Event. It’s worth watching beginning to end!

The Highlight: John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar Preview & Hype

I love the hype Cena vs. Lesnar received this week. It’s been hyped as the biggest fight of the summer and it really is. Paul Heyman and John Cena both delivered excellent promos on Raw. The Prelude to SummerSlam special on the Network was great and really added to my anticipation of the match. I can see either man winning and I can see problems with each result. Many fans haven’t been too pleased with this feud and the build, but I loved it.


The Lowlight: Stephanie vs. Brie Takes A Turn For The Worse

Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella have been in an excellent feud basically all summer and the big match is almost here. They have done things many women in professional wrestling haven’t done, and that’s be in the final segment on Raw! This week, they didn’t close out the show but they had another segment that made the feud look stupid. Of course, Vince and WWE thought it would be great to bring in a mystery girl to cause problems between Bryan and Brie. It’s just plain stupid in my opinion and it wasn’t necessary. This certainly was the worst part of the week for me.

SummerSlam Predictions

Click here for WNW’s SummerSlam Predictions. Instead of repeating myself, I’ll let you visit the main site for mine and other writer’s predictions for SummerSlam. I’ll throw it out there that I’m predicting John Cena to somehow retain over Lesnar. Yes, I said it. But please, go and read all of our predictions and be sure to comment!

I’m definitely looking forward to SummerSlam. I’ve been angry with some things WWE has been doing this summer, but I’m trying to let those things go and just enjoy the pay-per-view. I would love to here from you below with your SummerSlam predictions and your thoughts on this last week in the world of WWE. You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.