The Five-Count: Christian’s Injured Again, Fresh Matches, A Total Divas Champion?

The Five-Count

We are a week away from WrestleMania, and eight matches have been confirmed. I will admit that the card isn’t anything how I pictured it would be walking into 2014. While a lot of people are already bashing it for the line-up, I just want to say that people need to take a deep breath and just watch the show. Don’t complain about every little thing, just take it in.

We get to witness The Undertaker fighting once again to continue his streak. The Shield isn’t in the battle royal. Deserving mid-card talent will be on the show in some form. AJ’s defending her title. The Uso’s and Real Americans get on the card. Cena isn’t in the main event, and he’s facing an up-and-coming talent. Daniel Bryan could very well be pulling double-duty. These are many things I’ve heard people talking about over the last several weeks, and fans should realize we could have worst. There’s my little pep talk for the week, now let’s get into The Five-Count!

Superstars of the Week: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

These two members of The Shield beat their three opponents from last week’s fatal four-way match on SmackDown. I think the best of these matches took place on Raw when they went over the Real Americans. I really enjoyed the work between them and Cesaro. They picked up back-to-back wins on SmackDown against Mahal & McIntyre and Ryback & Axel. I think this was good booking going into their match against Kane and New Age Outlaws at WrestleMania.

The Shield

Match of the Week: Christian vs. Sheamus vs. Del Rio vs. Ziggler (Raw)

This and the triple threat match on Main Event were both full of fast-paced action that kept fan’s attention. I chose the match from Raw due to Christian being in it and adding an extra element to the number one contender’s match. While their were a couple risky spots involved, these guys put on quite a show to get a shot at the Intercontinental Championship. I watched this match with a few family members who don’t watch wrestling and they seemed impressed by the hard-hitting action in this one.

The Highlight: Fresh Matches

With a few exceptions, I thought this week was full of first-time matches or at least something we haven’t seen in awhile. I thought the idea of the fatal four-way on Raw was a good way to get Big E a challenger for his title. And when the winner got injured, the creative team was quick to take the three other competitors and put them in a match. We got to see Big E defend his title against his former partner. Rollins and Ambrose had three tag team matches. Sheamus and Batista fought for the first time in a physical match. Jack Swagger vs. Jimmy Uso, Mark Henry vs. The Miz, and Bray Wyatt vs. Big Show were all booked for SmackDown. I think having fresh television content going into WrestleMania is a very good thing for fans.


The Lowlight: Christian’s Injured… Again!

This had to have been the worst news coming out of this week. Just when Christian was trying to get somewhere as a heel, Al-botcho Del Rio just had to kick him in the head, causing another concussion. I hate to see him come to the end of his career, but I think it may be time he hangs up the boots. I am glad that WWE through together another match and Ziggler went over. Hopefully Christian gets to feeling better and comes back with a vengeance.

Prediction: A Total Diva Walks Out WrestleMania As The Diva’s Champion

I’ve said several times in the past that I was hoping Naomi would win the butterfly title, but now I think it could be anyone from Total Divas. Except Summer Rae, Cameron, and Eva Marie who need to work on their in-ring skills before they get any other big opportunity. Brie Bella has notably improved in the ring, while Nikki has shown improvement too. I strongly think Natalya is deserving of another run with the belt. I don’t have a problem with AJ, but she’s running out of fresh competition. I also think that a Total Diva winning the Diva’s Championship at WrestleMania would make for a great story on the show.


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