The Five-Count: Seth Rollins Shocks The World, Del Rio/Ziggler, Barrett & Paige

The Five-Count


Payback is behind us and Money in the Bank is on the horizon. While the summer tends to be a slow time for WWE, I usually love the angles and storylines they execute during this time. Monday’s shocker was definitely surprising and I would love to see more of these unexpected angles happening to keep their weekly programming intriguing and unpredictable. 

Superstar of the Week: Bad News Barrett

Bad News Barrett defended his Intercontinental Championship three times this week. He picked up a win over Rob Van Dam at Payback. Then in a twist of events, Cesaro left Barrett in a tag team match on Raw and even attacked Barrett on Main Event during a rematch against RVD. Barrett managed to successfully defend his title against both RVD and Cesaro on SmackDown. Inserting Cesaro into this was a little surprising to me, but I’m hoping they continue it. At this point, I would take RVD out and have Cesaro challenge Barrett for the title. The only thing I question is when this match would take place. I would like to see both Barrett and Cesaro in the MITB Ladder match, but that may not be the plan.


Match of the Week: The Shield vs. Evolution (Payback)

The Shield managed to score a win over Evolution at back-to-back pay-per-views. All six performers did a great job with this program and I think they picked the best group of guys for The Shield to feud with before falling apart. Many say that Evolution should’ve picked up the win since The Shield went over in the first bout, but I’m completely fine with The Shield winning their last match as a group. Evolution looked very strong in defeat and that makes the winners look good as well. I loved this match beginning to end and I hope you did too.

The Highlight: Seth Rollins

As many of you know, I am a huge Seth Rollins fan. He is an amazing in-ring worker and I want him to succeed as much as possible. His turn on Raw made my jaw drop and I couldn’t believe Seth was the one to turn! I always thought it would be Ambrose or even Reigns, but WWE sure did manage to surprise us. I think this turn could bring him even bigger things. We are already speculating about a possible match or feud with Daniel Bryan or being put in the MITB Ladder match. I really enjoyed Seth’s match against Dolph Ziggler on SmackDown and hope to see more singles matches like this. The sky seems to be the limit for him and I can’t wait to see what’s next for him!


The Lowlight: Alberto Del Rio Beat Dolph Ziggler!

I was rather disappointed in this week’s Raw and to top it all off, Dolph Ziggler goes under to Alberto Del Rio! Not only that, but the match was a qualifying match to be put in the MITB Ladder match! Terrible booking choice! So maybe Ziggler wouldn’t end up winning the ladder match, but we all want to see Ziggler succeed. I asked people in the Raw Open Thread if anyone was happy with Del Rio winning and one person said yes while everyone else said no! I don’t know what they see in Del Rio. He’s so careless and seems lazy at times. Dolph Ziggler works his butt off every time he is in the ring, no matter who he’s facing or what show he’s on. Come on WWE!

Prediction: Who Will Be Paige’s Next Challenger?

I was hoping AJ Lee would have returned by now to continue an awesome program with Paige, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for now. Paige has faced most of the divas in the “undercard” of the diva’s division. And by that I mean everyone who isn’t on Total Divas. Natalya, Naomi, and The Bella’s haven’t pushed for a title match and it’s possible one of them could be the next challenger. It was interesting to see Cameron confront Paige after Payback and then Paige went over Cameron on this week’s Superstars. Honestly, I’m not interested in seeing Cameron in a title match because she doesn’t deserve it. I would rather see Natalya because I know those two can have a good match after seeing them face off in NXT. As long as Eva Marie and Aksana are kept out of the title picture, I’ll be fine.


This week certainly had people talking. Sound off below on any of the topics I discussed or your thoughts on this past week. You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.