Five Reasons To Watch SummerSlam

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Tonight, WWE presents one of it’s biggest pay per views of the year with SummerSlam.  While in recent years SummerSlam has lacked the high profile interest that it used to in earlier days, this year’s version does have some sizzle to it.  The WWE Championship match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan feels fresh, and is leaving fans wondering what the outcome will be, which is different than most John Cena title matches.  In addition, Brock Lesnar returns to appear once again at this year’s edition of SummerSlam. This year Brock takes on former Paul Heyman Guy CM Punk, in another match that has fans guessing at the outcome of who will come out on top.  Let’s take a look at the top five reasons to buy this year’s SummerSlam.

1.  Yes! Or No!


Daniel Bryan has reached new heights in popularity this year with the WWE Universe.  He started the year in a tag team with Kane, and now has risen to the main event of one of the biggest shows of the year, challenging for the WWE Championship.  Many questions have risen around the result of this match.  Will Daniel Bryan win the WWE Championship for the first time and cement himself as a main event player for years to come?  Or will John Cena continue to reign as champion?  The roles of Vince McMahon and HHH have also come into play in this match.  Vince clearly does not want Bryan to win and attempted to place Raw GM Brad Maddox as the guest referee to screw Bryan out of his opportunity.  HHH, backing Bryan, has stepped in as referee to call it down the middle.  There’s also one other lingering question about the end of the main event…

2.  Will Randy Orton Cash In?


Randy Orton won last month’s Money In The Bank All-Stars match to earn a contract for a WWE Championship match.  Since that night he has come out during many of John Cena and/or Daniel Bryan’s segments on Raw and Smackdown and alluded to cashing in his briefcase at the most opportune time.  So the question is will Orton cash in tonight at SummerSlam?  One popular prediction has Bryan defeating Cena to win the title, and Orton immediately cashing in his briefcase to win the title and turn heel in the process.  Will that happen tonight?  Or will Orton wait until tomorrow night on RAW and allow Bryan one night of celebration should he win the title?

3.  The In-Ring Debut of Bray Wyatt


Earlier this summer, vignettes began to air hyping the coming of the Wyatt Family.  Led by Bray Wyatt and his two followers, the videos hyping their arrival were well received by most fans of the WWE.  Finally last month, the Wyatt’s debuted and attacked Kane, triggering their first feud on the main roster.  The reaction to the Wyatt’s has been ok, but Bray’s first in-ring opportunity should give us a decent idea of what to expect from him and how much stock the company has in him going forward.  Tack on that this will be a Ring Of Fire match and that adds an extra element of interest.  Expect Bray to win his debut match tonight and get some momentum going.

4.  The Rhodes Scholars Explode


Call me crazy but I have actually enjoyed this feud since Money In The Bank.  Sandow’s Money In The Bank match victory last month helped elevate his career and start a feud with former partner Cody Rhodes.  Rhodes, who starred in that ladder match, was inches away from obtaining the briefcase when his former friend knocked him off the ladder and took the briefcase and World Championship contract for himself.  Rhodes has started to gain some momentum as a newly turned babyface and Sandow has classic heel tactics that make the crowd hate him.  I thinks this match should be fun, and interesting to see if WWE starts Sandow’s push to the World Title now, or holds off and gives Cody Rhodes a singles victory to boost his career.

5.  The Miz As Host Of SummerSlam


Just kidding.

5.  Is The Beast The Best?


When CM Punk returned at Payback in June to defeat Chris Jericho, many fans were wondering how much longer he would be working with Paul Heyman.  Punk returning as a babyface meant there was a conflict there, as Heyman is one of the best heels in the business.  Almost immediately, tension arose between them and Punk told Heyman to no longer accompany him to ringside for his matches.  Brock Lesnar would appear and F5 CM Punk, causing Punk to question whether Lesnar was carrying out Heyman’s orders in attacking him.  After a few teases by Heyman of whether he would turn on Punk, he finally pulled the trigger at Money In the Bank, costing Punk a chance at winning a guaranteed WWE Championship title opportunity.  Brock Lesnar would of course then return to back Heyman in his fight against Punk.  The two have had spirited brawls on a few episodes of Raw since then, and the match has been deemed “The Beast vs. The Best”.  The question is, who will come out victorious in this match?  Punk has been on a roll since his return and a win over Lesnar would be another boost for him.  Lesnar however, is 2-2 since returning to WWE last year, and it’s hard to imagine a man built up as such a big monster having a losing record in high profile PPV matches.  It’s another example of a match outcome that is hard to predict, and another reason to watch this year’s version of SummerSlam.

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