Five Wrestlers Who Deserve More Recognition

Pretty often the internet wrestling fan base likes to complain and say that certain wrestlers are doing a bad job. Being critical is important for progress, but wrestling fans can be overly critical all the time. It is important to commend wrestlers when it is earned. I thought I would shell out some praise to the guys who are doing their job well and might not be getting the credit they deserve. Either the company or the fans might be short changing these superstars, so here it is. Just a few guys who are doing a great job and deserve a push or at least some recognition.

Dolph Ziggler


In case people haven’t noticed, I am pretty biased toward Dolph Ziggler. He is a tremendous athlete and can work as well on the microphone as he does between the ropes. Ziggler makes anyone he works with look good, especially due to his fantastic ability to sell. What is particularly frustrating about The Show-off’s career is he gets so close to being at the top of the card. Then for whatever reason the company looses faith in him as a worker. He slides right back into midcard madness and has to fight his way back up the card. Ziggler is without a doubt a main eventer and deserves the spot more than most.  Several months ago Dolph Ziggler was finally building momentum, he won the Money in the Bank Contract, won the World Heavyweight Championship, and was a main event wrestler.  Then he suffered concussion and his spot ended up being handed over to Alberto “I’m so boring it hurts” Del Rio. It is time Dolph was back where he belonged, in the main event scene with a title on his waste or in his grasp.

The Miz

Talk about falling from grace! Miz went from headlining Wrestlemania with John Cena and WINNING to a midcarder at best. I will say that I think Miz turning face was a poor choice for his career, not that it was his idea. Miz was born to play a heel, he just does it beautifully. It is a real shame that WWE views Miz the way they do, as a reality star turned wrestler, that isn’t worth the recognition he deserves. Miz works a good match, nothing Daniel Bryan level, but a solid match. I think if Miz were to be paired with a guy like Paum Heyman it would do wonders for his career. Miz can work a microphone better than a decent amount of guys. He is a damn good wrestler and definitely deserves a spot towards the top, maybe not main event spot, but one of the top slots.

Drew McIntyre

drew mcintyre
Now this is a tragic waste of a superstar. Does everyone remember when Drew started, how talented he actually was? Well guess what, that talent didn’t go anywhere!  Drew had some problems with his ego backstage, but the 5 year burial treatment is not the way to handle it!  Drew really was put in the doghouse for allegedly having his ego need to be put in check backstage, but he was put there and forgotten. It hasn’t helped that he has had some injuries since being put in the doghouse many years ago. The former “chosen one” was thrown into 3MB, the three-man band, which is, at least, a decent sign for his career. I am not saying 3MB is going to take off or even be more than a 3 man job team, but getting TV time at all is a positive for someone’s career.  McIntyre is a good wrestler, works the mic. well and has a good look. He might not be a future world champion, but he definitely should be higher up than he is now. It would be good to see 3MB break up and have him branch off into the Intercontinental or United States title division.

Antonio Cesaro

Antonio Cesaro


Pound for pound Antonio Cesaro is the strongest man I have ever seen. I mean I have seen some strong guys in my time, and Antonio Cesaro is scary strong. What is more impressive is that he doesn’t even LOOK like he should be that ridiculously strong! He had a great physique, but he isn’t a huge guy. Cesaro hasn’t had a real chance to prove himself on the mic. but I don’t think he has a problem on it. Cesaro can work a good match and is plenty entertaining. I am not sure why he was stuck in a tag team division with Jack Swagger. I get he is part of the Real Americans, which is pretty well recognized, but he is above his current spot in the company. I am excited to see where he goes in the next few months and how his career progresses. I certainly hope they utilize him better than they have been because he’s a home run waiting to happen.

Zack Ryder

zack ryder

I have no idea why the WWE decided that Zack Ryder wasn’t worth the push they had him on, but it is certainly frustrating. Ryder went out of his way to garner the attention of the I.W.C. and many other WWE fans through his own YouTube channel. Zack had the support of John Cena, the marks and the smarks. I still can’t understand why he lost momentum in the company. Ryder will occasionally make an appearance on Raw, but just to do a job. Ryder has what it takes to be, at very least, a great midcard talent.  He is a guy I would very much like to see take his spot back in the United States title hunt.

There are obviously many other talents that could have an argument made for them, but these are the few guys that I really wanted to tip my hat to. I understand in the wrestling business there are only so many spots at the top and people have to wait for their moment in the sun. That said, with Raw being 3 hours long there is no reason for wrestlers like these shouldn’t be featured more than they are. There are plenty of opportunities to go around, why can’t we share the wealth (or better yet the air time). If WWE put more effort into storylines that weren’t the main event, maybe more superstars would become legends.

  • CJ Blaze

    Great job Zack! I'm glad to see someone besides me still wants to see Ryder back on TV, or featured on something other than Superstars. I would love to see everyone on this list get pushed, but it may be awhile if it ever happens.

    • Zack Krasney

      Thanks CJ! Ah another member of the Zack Pack (his not mine lol) It would be nice to see them all get a run where they deserve.

  • Ed

    I was kinda with you (kinda with McIntyre) until you got to Ryder. He attempted to get himself over by being the "Twitter guy" and it worked…until he revealed himself to be the whiniest wrestler who ever put on trunks. He got frustrated that he wasn't getting as far as he thought he should and he cried about it every chance he got. For his troubles, we turned on him. Now, we kinda don't care anymore and he gave us all the reasons we needed to cut bait on him. He's nothing special in the ring and there are better talkers. I'm ok with his current lot, personally.

    • Zack Krasney

      Yeah I understand where you're coming from Ed. I still really like Ryder, I do think he got a bit whiney. At the same time I can understand his frustration so I let it slide.

      • David F

        It didnt help Ryder that WWE made him look weak with Kane and Eve stroyline. Eve was horrible on the mic and glad that she is gone. I agree with you on Miz and I thought he was more natural fit as heel as face. He works his ass off in media for WWE and he has gotten better in the ring. I would like to see him move to top of card

        • Zack Krasney

          Very true. I was waiting for the pay-off to Eve screwing Ryder over, and he just never got it. They were more interested in pushing Eve than Ryder which blows my mind.

          • David F.

            also with Cena giving Cesaro big props on recent European Tour maybe WWE will elevate him up the card. The big swing has gotten Cesaro over with the crowd

          • Zack Krasney

            We can only hope right! I was happy to hear about the Miz working as a heel and Cesaro getting support. He is truly impressive and deserves the support.

  • Dukes

    Even though I don't regularly follow wrestling, you made it worth the read. Great article!

    • Zack Krasney

      Thank you dukes! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  • Kiddlover12345

    I agree with everyone but Ziggler as I feel he had the recognition and lost it with his big mouth. Although he has a rite to speak, you don’t badmouth cena AND orton. I wish Kidd or Gabriel made an appearance. Anyway, nice article

    • Zack Krasney

      I actually wanted to put Gabriel in there but ultimately went with Ryder instead. I absolutely think Gabriel is under appreciated as well.

  • Drew4DaWin

    I have always been a Drew McIntyre fan. I really hate the fact that his talent is being wasted as a jobber!

    • Zack Krasney

      I do too! He had such a strong start and he's being wasted!