Fixing the Broken

Since the Royal Rumble, the entire community of wrestling fans; smart and casual alike, are coming together to express their disbelief and discontent with the choices the WWE has made. They made a mistake. Quite frankly, they made many mistakes, and they are continuing to do so. The entire last couple of months of programing has been a headache to try to comprehend. Not only with booking decisions, but convoluted stories and a lack of focus as well. The following article will attempt to explain the current situations of the company’s storyline and why they don’t add up. WWE is going to have some difficulty getting out of the hole they have dug themselves into, but I see no attempt to get out either.

Daniel Bryan: Bryan was the clear favorite to win the Royal Rumble Match this past Sunday. After the crowd tirelessly cheered for him, during his on-and-off feud with The Authority and WWE World Heavyweight Championship Randy Orton, Bryan was the most over face in the company. During his feud, he would capture the WWE Championship twice, and hold it for an total of 1 day. After countless screwy finishes and endless promos against him, Daniel never got the revenge he deserved on Orton or the Authority. From a character standpoint, the underdog trope is fine; but repeatedly beating this dog doesn’t get either party anywhere. Daniel still has yet to see any redemption, as he was rushed into a feud with The Wyatt Family.

When Daniel joined the Wyatts, he said “The Machine” did not want him to be in the main event and ignored the Universe’s cheers. Bryan’s purpose for joining the family was to help ensure the goal of bringing down the machine. However, wasn’t Daniel set on getting revenge regardless? Bryan wanted to get his hands on Orton and Triple H before, but after he joined the stable, he was in matches against The Usos. Daniel was acting seemingly heel. Which brings up another point, the whole reason that Bray initially attacked Bryan was because “the devil made him do it;” which we still have yet to know what that was all about, but I digress. Daniel was attacked because he put Shawn Michaels, Triple H’s friend, in the Yes Lock. The Wyatts were underbosses of sorts, like The Shield, yet they wanted to bring The Authority down?

The Wyatt Family: As previously stated, The Wyatt Family was assumed to be working for the Authority based on their attacks of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, and the most recent, John Cena. As the reasoning for Bryan’s attacks were stated, Punk was assaulted due to his off-handed comments about Triple H and John Cena was attacked to preserve Randy Orton as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. However, The Wyatts have to be the most infamous for leaving unanswered questions. Who was the Devil? Is the Machine the Authority? Where’s Kane? They never seem to follow up with these guys.

A while back ago I wrote an article on The Shield, and their importance as a group to the WWE. I feel this is where this trio is at now. They can attack anyone (John Cena, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, etc.) and it can be fully justified. At the very least most of them feel as if they make sense, however, when The Wyatt Family got involved in this past Raw’s main event, things got more confusing. The match was an Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match, where Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and John Cena faced The Shield. The first question that is to be brought up, why is the Shield, whom are also working with The Authority, in a match to qualify to face Randy Orton? Besides that, they attacked the faces knowing the implications of those attacks. They knew that Bryan, Sheamus and Cena would qualify for the match, so why as goons of The Authority would they put Orton against the odds even more? Now that this match is set for Elimination Chamber, I question where the groups are in terms of allegiance anymore.

The Shield: One of the few good things to come from the Royal Rumble PPV was Roman Reigns breaking Kane’s record with 12 eliminations and be one of the final two against Batista. Everything else aside, this was an incredibly exciting moment for Reigns, and I wonder why that didn’t immediately follow up with it the following night.

Instead of Roman confronting Batista, like he should have, he continued with the group as if nothing even happened. Roman could have easily faced Batista until ‘Mania, but I can’t comprehend how they can make Roman so impressive, first at Survivor Series and now Royal Rumble, but continue to leave him where he is. If they wanted to keep him stagnated, they shouldn’t pretend to elevate him. They teased cracks in the Shield, but those are on the back-burner for now so they can get the Wyatt feud out of the way. Which means now they are done with CM Punk, whom they attacked simply to get him out of his feud with The Wyatts to begin with…

Continued in Part II?