Brock Lesnar: G.O.A.T?

Lesnar If you’re a wrestling fan there’s one thing you likely have in common with everyone else who calls themselves the same, an addiction to the Steve Austin Show. Austin has taken the lead as the premiere podcast for fans of wrestling, and with great reason, the host is the biggest star in the history of the business. I’ve listened to damn near every single episode of the show and there are some serious standout guests on the show. Toward the top of the list would be Kevin Nash, Roddy Piper, one of my personal favorites is William Regal, even Little Egypt made for a hell of an interview and even served as inspiration for one of my favorite articles.. While listening to the show you’ll learn things about different people in the business, you’ll learn about the history of the industry, also you’ll typically gain appreciation for the people who step up and speak to Austin. With all the people who have been on the show, one of the better guests has to be one of the most recent, the one and only Paul Heyman. Paul let people in on some of the inner workings of ECW, he let us know about what led him to that spot, how everyone who loved their product should be kissing the ass of Jim Crockett for lighting a fire under his ass and getting him to take the reigns of a little northeastern organization and turn it into one of the top companies in the entire industry. While listening there was one thing that grew in my mind more than anything else, my appreciation and respect for Brock Lesnar.

Yes, I admit it’s hard for me to say those words being a diehard Undertaker fan and someone who absolutely hated seeing The Streak come to an end. That aside, one thing that I can’t deny and neither can anyone else if they’re honestly looking at things, is that Brock Lesnar could easily place himself at the front of the pack as the greatest worker to ever set foot in not just a WWE ring, but ANY wrestling ring. I know there are a lot of people rolling their eyes at this thought, but it’s an absolute fact. While I don’t think he’ll ever reach that point, it’s not because he’s not talented enough or capable of doing it, it’s more that he refuses to be a full time worker any more. Look at the facts, Lesnar has stepped into the ring with some of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots, except for maybe Austin. Lesnar was the youngest WWE Champion of all time, he’s a former NCAA champion, he could have been an NFL player if he had been willing to go to Europe to get some development, he’s a legit ass kicking and can lay claim to being the ONLY man to have won the WWE Championship as well as a UFC Championship, his resume speaks for itself and anyone who claims it doesn’t is clearly delusional. Like it or not, Brock Lesnar is one of the most physically gifted human beings to ever grace this planet and is easily one of the greatest workers to have ever set foot inside the squared circle. While I’m still not entirely happy that he ended The Streak, looking at his accolades and what he COULD be if he ever truly wanted to, makes it much easier to stomach.

Lesnar’s toughness is completely insane, this is a man who fought at less than one hundred percent in the UFC and was capable of winning the UFC heavyweight championship from a legend of the sport in Randy Couture. Another thing, brought to light by Heyman, is the fact that Lesnar trained with Brad Rheingans and was the last man cut from his class. On the surface that may not seem like such a big deal but when you take into account that he accomplished this with a broken jaw AND a broken pelvis. It’s one thing to try just getting through everyday life with either one of those injuries, just image trying to handle the pain brought on by these while taking bumps and training to become a pro wrestler. The man can’t be human, there’s no way. If he had been at full strength in the UFC there’s a good chance that he likely wouldn’t have ever returned to the WWE as he could have easily gone down as the most dominant man to have ever set foot into the octagon. Lesnar’s power and agility could have made him an incredibly formidable defensive tackle as a member of the Minnesota Vikings, except for the fact that he had no desire to go overseas and play in a minor league system, if he couldn’t be on the biggest stage he wanted no part of the business. The man hadn’t set attempted to play football in eight years when he tried to take a leap from the pro wrestling to the NFL, his numbers were off the charts, the man is a complete anomaly, he could be the greatest athlete to ever live. To have Lesnar in the world of pro wrestling again, even in the limited time we get to see him, is a gift and we should appreciate it as such.

Brock Lesnar will undoubtedly go into the WWE Hall of Fame one day, he would have done that without having The Streak on his resume, adding that jewel just guaranteed his placement among the greats. He’s had some of the most amazing matches in the business with Triple H, Big Show, Kurt Angle, The Rock, CM Punk, Undertaker, Mysterio, Cena, RVD, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and even Hulk Hogan. Looking at that list of names should make something pop in your mind, this is a man who can and has worked with people of all shape and size, this is a man who is built like a super-heavyweight Goliath who could step in the ring with the smallest of men and work a hell of a match. The opposite is also true, he’s been able to work with the biggest of men in Big Show and pull off a classic, capped off with one of the most iconic moments in WWE history. You can look back at Lesnar’s career and you’ll see amazing match after amazing match, be it his brutality, his technical skill, his power, or his ability to move around the ring like a man half his size you will be impressed by his ability to adapt. Triple H says that evolution means you either adapt or you perish, Lesnar can adapt to any style and can play his whatever character he needs to play for the sake of the business. Another fact about Lesnar is that he personally carried the match at WrestleMania, while the match wasn’t as good as it could have been he was able to carry one of the greatest of all time to a passable match while the man was out of it with a sever concussion, that’s an amazing feat for anyone. I’ve always been a fan of Lesnar, listening to Heyman speak about him just galvanized the respect I have for this incredible behemoth of a human being.

Yes, it stings to speak so highly of a man who essentially killed my childhood when Undertaker gave him the rub of taking The Streak. At the same time I can’t deny that Lesnar is a once in a lifetime specimen and he’s one of the most impressive men I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing ply their trade between the ropes. Lesnar is a freak and if he ever WANTED to work even a semi-full time schedule by picking up odd live events here and there and being on every Raw, the occasional Smakdown, and every PPV, he would easily go down as the best worker in the history of pro wrestling. Between his time in WWE and his time in Japan, Lesnar has one of the most impressive resumes of anyone to have worked a match. The man is only thirty-six years old, think about that, he’s in what are typically the prime years in a pro wrestlers life, he could have a good eight to ten years left before he’s considered “over the hill” except for the fact that he’s unlike anyone else to do this before. Typically the mid forties is when a worker will slow down and either fully retire or go to a more part time schedule, Lesnar could do this until he’s fifty and still be able to work just as impressively as he did when he was in his early twenties. Aside from his complete hatred of the travel required another reason I don’t see Lesnar going nearly full time again is that there really isn’t anything left for him to do in the business. I had said there was nothing left for Punk to do in the business after having worked Undertaker, except for a possible match with Austin, that has now shifted to Lesnar. Brock has worked with everyone outside of Austin, and Heyman even pitched the idea in his appearance on the Steve Austin Show, and I actually think this may be the one to get Austin back inside the ring. I welcome any feedback on this one, just make sure to bring facts to back up your stance, all of my evidence is available, just have a look at his championships and accomplishments.

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  • Matt

    Very fluid article. It’s nice seeing someone who sees through just Lesnar beating the Streak and sees the amazing body of work. Fantastic, buddy!