Well my wrestling loving friends of the interwebs, it seems that 10 years since his last WrestleMania (I guess you call it a match) rumors are running that Goldberg and the WWE may be close to a deal to bring him back into the fold. I’d love to write an article talking of how fat Goldberg’s got, but I imagine Goldberg will probably be in better shape than ever. I still however do not want to see Goldberg back in the ring, personally I didn’t care for his original time in WWE and don’t feel he’s going to do much more this time around. Goldberg was less than enthralling in a series against HHH, but he has only aged since then and would be considered the veteran to run the match while facing a younger talent. Goldberg was considered green and reckless when he was in his prime and has not wrestled a match since leaving WWE in 2004. I was not a huge fan of The Rock coming back, only showing sparingly and not doing too much; I see Goldberg being quite similar.


Now possibly Goldberg will come back and go with the intensity of Brock Lesnar who I enjoy having back only because he is willing to do anything in a fight, while awful on the mic he was never known for tremendous promos. Goldberg obviously was never known as an artist on the microphone, but I do not see Goldberg committing to the physicality we have seen out of Brock Lesnar, if only to come back for a WrestleMania season. Let us also think of the most probable opponent set up for Goldberg if he does make the return we’ve been  hearing such rumors of. The name that seems to be on a collision course with Goldberg is everyone’s favorite monster since The Great Khali, RyBack. Here is a character we’ve been told is a main eventer who never seems to really accomplish anything and who no one really cares for, but once again he’s going to be driven into the top of the card.


Here’s my question, what happens if RyBack beats Goldberg at WrestleMania 30 and 3 months later, nobody cares about him again. Now this apparent legend in Goldberg has come back after a decade to job to someone no is going to remember. Yes that is the most pessimistic outlook, but from how I see it, best case scenario is maybe the Goldberg chants will stop during RyBack matches after he beats him. Or maybe they’ll get louder. This match involves 2 wrestlers who are quite frankly not talented at promos, similarly they both have a style of quick dominating matches; interesting for their intensity and explosiveness. But this match will need to be a main event, so it will have to go some distance, but neither RyBack nor Goldberg have a history of 5 star 60 minute matches. Goldberg’s heavily promoted main event with Brock Lesnar was one of the worst WrestleMania matches of all time, and RyBack couldn’t get a good match out of Chris Jericho.


Last year was RyBack’s first match and he faced the world’s strongest man Mark Henry, a year later RyBack is in line to again face someone billed as incredibly strong. And if he wasn’t able to handle Mark Henry as a good guy only a year ago, losing to John Cena and CM Punk, repeatedly and not exclusively, then how could we be expected to believe he’ll present a threat to the returning Goldberg. RyBack has accomplished nothing in the year we’ve seen shoved into the main WWE picture and now he’s rewarded with a main event at WrestleMania. Here’s a bigger question, why is this match not being given to Big E Langston, I’m not the biggest fan of his but he’s about as experienced as RyBack and plenty more enjoyable. Or what about Antonio Cesaro, put him into a feud with Jack Swagger now leading to the Royal Rumble and have it play out opposing whatever way they want to bring Goldberg back as, a good guy or a bad guy. This way if Antonio stays as the bad guy, not only does he have incredible strength and ring work, but Zeb Coulter can be there to help with mic work.


Like anything else I could be entirely wrong, Goldberg Vs. RyBack could be the best WrestleMania main event we’ve ever seen. Personally though I just do not see that happening, I see Vince McMahon believing he needs to match returning star with returning star, swapping The Rock with Goldberg, thinking strictly star power sells the show. I could see an enormous pop when Goldberg originally emerges upon WWE television again, followed up by weeks of awful television. I’m no psychic but I imagine a lot of yelling between Goldberg and RyBack about who’s tougher, with very little story given beyond that. I see weak promos where neither man fully grasps what they are trying to convey to the audience and not being able perform it believably. With weeks of bad promos, as I’d be very surprised to see Goldberg get physical prior to his match, I see it all culminating in a main event match that has the exciting ring work of Lesnar and Goldberg 10 years prior; or just as interesting as any match RyBack has ever had.

  • jblack424

    Best guys to face goldberg. Top 5 roman reigns as he would benefit a lot and his stock is already high. Battle of the spears.
    Big e would be good but what hurts him is the fact he has been booked weak at points. Lost to delrio and while zigglers body guard. Ill go with cesaro as a good pick in my top 5.
    Bray wyatt if he has no fued could benefit from beating goldberg. His stable if wwe wanted beating goldberg , if needs to wrestle hogan and one more legend could be a nice side match.
    Knowing goldbergs ego if he has to comeback to win I have two options for that. Mark henry as battle of the powerful ones (henry beat ryback in one of worse matches I’ve ever saw) so if anyone sets power vs power those two.
    Last option sounds stupid but if used real storyline and hhh wants money made ( idk if it will but interesting ) hhh vs goldberg. Have goldberg face and if hhh doesn’t want to lose clean have jericho, rvd, or big show get involved setting up future match or matche’s for hhh.

  • Ed

    Rybread facing Goldberg will simply invite further comparison. With a personality as faceless and directionless as Rybread's, it's inevitable. He will come out the loser in many and varied ways. The crowd will never stop chanting "Goldberg", he will always be compared to him, and the audience will reward him with unrelenting X-Pac heat. Wouldn't the wise course to fashion an actual personality for Rybread rather than toying with the past in this way?